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August Unit test pdf Gujarat std 3 Environment

August Unit test pdf  Gujarat std 3 Environment

Examinations for distance learning courses are usually conducted through regional test centres. However, as COVID-19 has prevented distance learning universities to conduct exams through the standard process, UGC has suggested 3 new models for student evaluation.

Distance Learning is being perceived as a viable alternative nowadays when colleges are forced to shut their campuses and online classroom study has become an option. However, there's a severe lack of infrastructure, information and understanding of distance learning courses.

The students on one hand don't have an entire picture of how Distance Education works and therefore the educational institutions also are deciding various important aspects about delivering courses via distance mode.

Distance Learning / Correspondence is that the mode of study during which a student isn't required to go to their college or institute. Students attend classes online or study via materials delivered to their homes via post. However, one area during which courses delivered via distance mode are problematic is that the conduct of exams.

In this article, we take a glance at the detailed examination process of distance learning courses in India. Students can undergo the varied methods employed by distance education universities to conduct examinations and develop an understanding of the examination process for distance learning courses in India.

Student Evaluation in Distance Learning Courses
The evaluation of a student's performance in distance learning courses is usually supported the subsequent three parameters.

Assignments: Students are given assignments as a part of the course, which they need to submit within a specified deadline.
Tests: Universities mostly conduct online tests for distance learning courses. These tests are conducted at regular intervals throughout the course and are usually MCQ-based.
Examinations: Examinations in distance learning courses are explored intimately further on during this article.

Distance learning universities can also consider the subsequent when assessing students enrolled during a distance learning course.

Forum Discussions: Forums are a neighborhood of just about every distance learning or online course. Students are assessed on their participation in these forums.
Portfolio: Portfolio may be a student-managed collection of points he/she learned during a distance learning course. Examiners or mentors of distance learning courses may check student portfolios at regular intervals.
Evaluation supported Forum Discussions and Portfolio is never seen in distance learning universities. Mostly, the previous three parameters are the sole ones considered by universities. Now, let's take a glance at the examinations in distance learning courses.

Examinations in Distance Learning Courses
Just as is that the case with the other course, conducting exams is an important step in distance education. Universities and colleges assess candidates supported their performance in examinations. Distance learning universities even have to conduct examinations for his or her degree courses. No student are often granted a degree without appearing for an examination conducted by their college or university.



How Distance Learning Universities Conduct Examinations
In the past, distance learning universities had two ways to conduct examinations -- through the web mode or regional centres. Online exams were conducted for degree courses by many of the highest distance learning universities in India like the Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL).

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