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Pan-masala will be expensive from next month! The government may increase taxes.

The 40th meeting of the GST Council took important decisions to increase tax evasion and revenue from Uttar Pradesh. The minister, who was present at the meeting from Uttar Pradesh, said GST on pan-masala and brick kilns should be considered. It is believed that pan-masala may become more expensive from next month. Also, raising GST on bricks can make construction costs more expensive.

Pan-masala will be expensive from next month! The government may increase taxes.
News source : News18 Gujarati.

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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaram said the meeting had raised the issue of GST on pan-masala and brick kilns from Uttar Pradesh. UP is urging the council to take a decision soon to increase its revenue. He assured that the issue would be considered at the next meeting of the council. According to sources, Uttar Pradesh has demanded a cess at the manufacturing stage on the basis of production capacity. Let me tell you, GST is currently levied on supplies made from the manufacturer.

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