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10 things you should NOT DO with your smartphones

Mobile Safety Common Sense 10 effects You Should noway Do With a Cell Phone 

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Top 10 free short video maker app with music

Top 10 free short video maker app with music

Top 10 Videotape Editing Apps for Android in 2022 (Free Paid) 

There are an ever growing number of the Android videotape editors obtainable on the Play Store moment. And unless you know exactly what your conditions are, it can been come overwhelmint to zero in and figure out which is the best videotape editing app for Android. 

So in this composition, we will be supply you a low down of the top 10 best videotape editing apps for android – both free and paid, to help you make a more informed option and kickstart your videotape editing trip.. 

Then are the bones we will be covering 

1. Filmr 

2. Quik 

3. FilmoraGo 

4. Kinemaster 

5. Viva Video 

6. WeVideo 

7. Video Show 

8. Magisto 

9. InShot 

10. Power Director 

1. Filmr 

The Filmr app is the super easy-to- use videotape editing app for the Android as well as iOS- grounded phones. Perfect for both newcomers as well as advanced videotape generators-it has a simple, fast and intuitive crossing. You can been add transitions, goods, pollutants and further to transfigure a introductory videotape to commodity that's uber cool. Still, dexterity and a ultraexpensive look for your vids, Filmr is the place for you, If you are looking for speed. 

Price :- It has been a free interpretation that permit you to produce videos with an InVideo watermark. The paid plans start from$ 15/ month.

સાઉદી અરેબીયાની અદભુત બીલ્ડીંગનો વિડીયો અને માહિતી

Crucial Features 

No limit on the number of images/ vids you can been  import 

  • Smooth and unique transitions between the videos 
  • Multiple sources to make your textbook stand out 
  • Switch videotape format with ease vertical (169 and 45), perpendicular (43), stories (916), and square (11) 
  • 20 million kingliness free music library 
  • Exclusive pollutants and goods to transfigure videos 

2. Quik 

Click Here To Download App

Quik is one of the best free videotape editing apps for the Android, brought to you by GoPro. With the Quik app, you can produce stupendous vids in just a many gates. 

Automatically add transitions and goods and appeal beat-synced themes to produce stunning and shareable edits. It was does utmost of the editing automatically; However, Quik also lets you customize fine details. 

Price :-  Quik is a free videotape editing app for Android phones. 


Crucial Features 

  • Add up to the 75 prints and videotape clips from your gallery, pall storehouse, or GoPro Plus 
  • Compatible with stir prints 
  • Unlimited back- around at 100 quality 
  • GPS Stickers to show GoPro videotape’s speed 
  • AI-powered face, movement, and sound discovery for the perfect frame. Open to homemade corrections 
  • 23 themes for the any occasion 
  • Record, trim or rotate videos, add textbook overlays, change videotape speed 
  • Videos in colorful confines – forecourt, portrayal, or cinema 
  • 100 free songs for the background or add your own 
  • HD 1080p import 


3. FilmoraGo 

Click Here To Download App


A enough important videotape editor operation, Filmora go is also one of the best free videotape editing app for the Android phones which won't stamp a watermark or place a time limit on your clip. It was helps you produce decent vids with a wide variety of goods and presets. You can been fluently partake your vids with your musketeers on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp right from the platform. 

Price :- Pollutants and goods can be bought via in-app purchases ranging from$0.99 –$34.99 per item 


Crucial Features 

  • Import from the social networking spots like Instagram and Facebook 
  • Expansive library of certified songs 
  • Lip sync your videos 
  • Make videos in the colorful confines – forecourt, cinema 
  • Rear, neat or rotate videos, add textbook overlays, play with speed 
  • Multiple Fast or Slow movements in the same videotape 


4. KineMaster 

Click Here To Download App

Kine Master is a full- featured videotape editor for the Android. It has been  important tools that are easy to use. It has around 2500 downloadable transitions, goods, videos, images and transitions. The addition of EQ presets, ducking and volume envelope tools makes audios on KineMaster super immersive and important. The decoration subscription also features unlimited exports in judgments up to 4K. 

Price :-

  • Monthly Charge after the seven- day free trial    $18.10 
  • Yearly Subscription     $3.47 


Crucial Features 

  • In- erected plates, sources, stickers, transitions, clips, and more to bedeck your videotape 
  • Multiple layers of videotape, stickers, images, textbook, etc 
  • It involve a keyframe vitality tool to add stir to layers 
  • Voice overs, voice changers, sound goods, background music 
  • Produce beautiful goods with the blending mode 
  • Share on YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, etc 

5. VivaVideo 

VivaVideo is a free video editing app for Android that comes with all the introductory functions you can be suppose of, as well as some advanced features that make it a top contender. 
VivaVideo is one of the most comprehensive video editing apps, with video editing features like making videos from cinema with song, editing video with transitions, adding video to video, combining video clips, adding music to video, and much more. It features hundreds of Special Goods/ Stickers/ Adulterants/ Animated clips to transform your vids. You can be directly partake the video to your social media handles from within the app. 

Price :- 
Monthly Plan                       $2.23 
Yearly Personality Class             $11.85 

Pivotal Features 

  • Professional music video maker with the songs and goods 
  • Make videos from the cinema and songs easily 
  • Some video editing goods blur background, brake down videos, speed up videos, etc 
  • Combine several video clips to make one video 
  • Can cut, edit, combine, bury while the editing a video 
  • Import videos at your asked resolution like 720p, 1080p, 4K, etc 

6. WeVideo 

WeVideo for Android makes it easy, presto, and fun to create and partake amazing vids. It has been featured in TechCrunch, CNET, ReelSEO, The Next Web, Wired, and more. With WeVideo’s Video Editor App, you can capture remembrances wherever they be and transform them into breath- taking videos and partake them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. 
WeVideo Professional or Business plan has indeed more benefits like expanded music and theme libraries, professional- quality plates, no WeVideo watermark,etc. 

Price :-
  • Professional Plan         $41.81/ month and$249.47/ time 
  • Unlimited Plan             $14.63/ month and$86.41/ time 
  • Power Plan                   $9.06/ month and$53.66/ time 
  • Mobile Pass                  $3.76 one time pass 
Pivotal Features 
  • Create stunning videos with exceptional video themes and video adulterants 
  • With named upgrades, you can publish up to 4K Ultra High Definition video 
  • Use the blurred background to enhance your vertical videos 
  • Add your own music or use its majesty-free library for the custom soundtrack 
  • Publish and upload to YouTube, Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook, etc 

7. VideoShow


VideoShow offers excellent video editing features. It is an easy and practical video editing app & movie scene maker for both art directors and beginners. With the help of this video cutter, you can be reverse, blur, duplicate, edit, merge, trim, split, collage clips, or vids. 
VideoShow also permit you to add mottoes to any video, or to change its audio. It also lets you take any video on your device and appeal different adulterants. The app contains an force of around 50 elaborate themes for stunning music video/ slideshow/ vlogs directly. 

Price :-
  • Periodic Subscription             $135.19 
  • One- Time Purchase               $225.78 
Pivotal Features 

  • Produce artistic mottoes with the variety of text sources and styles 
  • Reduce video size directly in the app 
  • Easy and practical for professionals as well as beginners 
  • Bone can be easily shoot vids by the app and edit them 
  • Can prize audio from being videos 
  • Portrayal on video ( only in Personality interpretation) 
8. Magisto 

Magisto usessophisticatedA.I. to find the best corridor of your recording. It sharply applies editing ways involve video stabilization, adulterants object discovery, goods, and machine- crop, to create mind-blowing videos that outshine the average slideshow or collage. 
Designed as your24/ 7 particular movie editor, Magisto combines clips, prints, adulterants, music, text, and goods to help you tell your story. Formerly in a while, Magisto will present you with a fully automated private surprise movie by the converting the prints and video clips from your gallery. 

Price :- 
  • Monthly Subscription            $5.85 
  • Periodic Subscription            $18.43 Paid Yearly, ($1.53/ month) 
Pivotal Features 
  • Share your video content on social networking platforms with a single stopcock 
  • Pick majesty-free music divided by order, mood and order 
  • Add music directly from your device 
  • Combine clips, prints, stickers, music, handbooks, adulterants,etc. to make a fabulous video 
  • Turn every video into a story with the app’s intelligent AI 

9. InShot 

InShot is a important video editing app for the android in addition to being a movie maker with features like neat & abbreviated video/ movie, add music, text, stickers and glitch goods, blur background, and No Crop. It create introductory yet important video editing features, thus helping you test out your creative chops. 

It encourages you to create implausible vids with ease for TikTok,
YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter,etc. 
Review :- InShot has gained an overall standing of the4.8/ 5 predicated on the reviews from stoners. 
Price :-
After 7- Days Free Trial         $9.06/ time and 75 cents/ month 
Monthly Subscription             $2.65 
One- Time Purchase                $27.18 
Pivotal Features 
  • Video Splitter, Video Trimmer and Video Cutter 
  • Combine and join clips from two different vids 
  • Important pro video editor for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok,, etc 
  • Loads of unique adulterants and colorful backgrounds 
  • Supports multiple formats/ rates 
  • Acclimate music volume with a fade- heft and fade-eschewal point 
10. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is an Android video editor that lets you produce vids in 4K quality, edit videos with multi-timeline features, and partake them on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. 

It lets you add music, transitions, stir titles, goods, emojis, adulterants and further to enhance your vids. 

It's also featured as an Editors’ Choice app on Google Play. 
Review :- PowerDirector has gained an overall standing of4.5/ 5 predicated on the reviews from stoners. 
Price :-
  • Diurnal Subscription             $3.72/ time 
  • Monthly Subscription            $5.57/ time 
  • Yearly Subscription               $39.72/ time 
Pivotal Features 
  • Import videos with over to 4K resolution 
  • Video Stabilizer to fix shaky footage 
  • Chroma key to edit green screen background 
  • Add glitch and transition goods to make the video look futuristic 
  • Overlay clips to produce double exposure goods 
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7 Stylish Places to Visit in Rajasthan During Monsoon 

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Health: Swimming daily to stay fit and healthy will reduce the risk of heart and lung diseases

To stay fit and healthy, do swimming daily, the threat of heart and lung complaint will be reduced. 

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Indian Antarctic Bill 2022 passed by Lok Sabha- Know Key Features, Penalties

Indian Antarctic Bill 2022 passed by Lok Sabha- Know Key Features, Penalties 

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The Hubble Space Telescope took the world’s largest near-infrared image, you can also see

Hubble Space Telescope Captures World’s Largest Near- Infrared Image to detect Universe’s utmost Distant worlds 

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Bholenath Ringtone शिव रिंगटोन 2022 is a Large Collection of Shiv Songs ringtone

Bholenath Ringtone शिव रिंगटोन 2022 is a Large Collection of Shiv Songs ringtone. These sound goods bring a position of absorption in sound. Feel the magic of India with the most beautiful fantastic sounds ringtones. 

 Using this Bholenath Ringtone शिव रिंगटोन 2022 app you can set ringtones of Lord Shiv as your mobile dereliction ringtone. 

 Bholenath Ringtone शिव रिंगटोन 2021 app have ringtones like 
  •  Om namah shivay 
  •  Shankar cutter bhole 
  •  Ajab he teri maya ise koi samajh na paya 
  •  cutter shankar ko jisne pooja uska beda paar hua 
  •  Om tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim 
  •  Mahamrutyunjay Mantra 
  •  Om jai shiv omkara 
  •  Bam bam bhole bhole bam bam 
  •  Ek bar shri bhole bhandari banke brij ki nari 

Latest best Ringtones of lord Mahadev, Shiv Shankar, Bholenath, Mahakal, Shiva

Jay Bhole Bhandari Shiv Shankar, Jay Mahakal, Jai Bholenath, Har Har Mahadev, Jay Shiv Shambhu.

 This operation contains Lord Shiva- Mahadev Ringtones. We've handed the stylish unique collection of Bhole Bhandari Shiv Shankar Ringtones. Also, We'll give new features like Dhun, Mantra, Omkar Aarti, Somnath Aarti With reiteration base on the named timekeeper. 

 Time has 11 as dereliction, 21, 51, and 108 times to set your favorite dhun/ mantra. 

*** Application Features ***

 Unique 50 Mahadev Ringtones 
 All Mahadev Dhun, Aarti & Mantra with reiteration 
> Set as a ringtones, announcement & alarm 
> Offline work 
 Good sound quality 
 stoner-friendly UI 
 All Mahadev Songs 
 Share with your musketeers 
 One- click to pierce any app features 

 We'll cover all Mahadev songs like Bholenath, Shiv Shankar, Bhole Bhandari, Bahubali Shiva, Shiv Tandav, Shiv Shambhu, Mahakal, and all others. 

Special Collection of Mahadev Songs list :

* Mera Bhola He Bhandari
* Mahadev Ke Pujari
* Tere Bhakat Bhakat
* Ujjain Base Mahakal

* Aghori Shiva
* Mujhe Tera Nasha He
* Namo Namo
* Somnath Mahadev Aarti
* Devo No Mahadev
* Shravan Kero Mas
* Shankar Shiv
* Namami Shamisam
* Bhola Har Har Mahadev
* Shambhu Charne Padi
* Akhil Vishv Palan Prabhu
* Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
* Tu Dev Ma Mahadev
* Ek Baar Shri Bhole
* Shankal Maharaj Aaj Tandav Nache
* Eshi Subah Na
* Om Namah Shivay
* Shiv Shankar Ko Jisne
* Bhole Ki Jay
* Rameshwaray Shree
* Bhakto Ko Kabhi
* Mangalam Bhagavan
* Om Jay Shree Omkara
* Kal Kare Na
* Flute

Also, We have cover following list into this app
> Shiv Chalisa, Shiv Amritwani, Bahubali shiv tandav, Shambhu Shankar Namah shivay, Shiv Aarti, Shiv tandav stream, Kaun hai wo kon hai wo, Saj rahe bhole baba, Hey Mahadeva, Bum lehri, Mela bhole da, Kapoorgoram krunavtaram, Shambhoo baba mere bholenath, bolo bam bam bhole, Om Trayambhkam yajamahe, kanwariya bhanjans, Om Jai Shiv Om Kaara.
> All Shiv Bhanjan

Get all collection of shiv ringtones like shiv tandav, shiv bhajan, har har mahadev, mahadev songs, shiv mantra, shiv tandav stotram, shiv dhun, om namah shivay and other shiv ringtones.

Shiv Ringtones is a Large Collection of Shiv Songs ringtone.

You can set your favorite Shiv Ringtones as Default Ringtone, Alarm Ringtone, Notification Tone, also you can set you favorite Ringtone for particular Contact.

Shiva Ringtones New App is the best collection of top high definition quality Hindu God Shri Shiva ringtones sounds and wallpapers.

ringtones are like:

🎵 Shiv Tandav Strotam
🎸 Shambhu Shankar Namah Shivay
♪ Mela Bhole Da
♬ Jiske Andar Basa Shivay
♬ Kapoorgoram Karunavtaram
♬ Peeke Mast Bhaang Ka Pyala
♬ Shiv Kailasho Ke Waasi
♬ Kaun hai wo kon hai wo
♬ Hey Mahadev
♬ Bum Lehri
♬ Shivay Nagendaray
♬ Hey Shamboo Baba Mere Bholenath
♬ Yahi Wo Tantra Hai
♬ Bolo Bam Bam Bhole


🎵 Set the current ringtones as Phone ringtone.
🎵 Set the current wallpaper on device screen background.
🎵 Previous/Play/Pause/Next options available for audio.
🎵 High Quality Ringtones
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After a long wait of time, UIDAI has finally been able to launch its e-Aadhaar portal through which people who have enrolled for Aadhaar and have been waiting for their Aadhaar letter can easily download their Aadhaar letter online and use it anywhere by just taking a printout of the same. To download the Aadhaar letter, it is necessary to have both your enrolment number and date time of your enrolment.

If you know your Aadhaar Number then also you can download your Aadhar card online. The complete procedure for downloading your Aadhaar letter or Aadhar card online is pointed below.

  • Download E-Adhar
  • How To Download  Adhar Card
  • Download Adhar Card

1. Make sure that you have your enrollment number and the date-time of enrolment or your Aadhaar number with you in order to proceed for downloading the e-Aadhaar letter. These details can be found on the acknowledgement slip which you got from the enrolment centre after enrolling for Aadhaar.

2. Now there are two situations. First is that you have your Enrollment Id details and the Second is you know your Aadhaar Number. In Either case you can download your E-Aadhaar letter.

3. E-Aadhar Card Downloading process consists of 2 Steps

Step 1: Your Personal Details

4.(a). If you have Enrollment ID (enrollment number and date-time of enrollemnt), then fill in your details like enrolment number, date time of enrolment, your full name, your Pin Code, the captcha code (image text) and your mobile number in the respective fields and click on the ‘Get One Time Password’ button. You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on the mobile number you just entered. This is essential for verification process.

4.(b). If you know your Aadhaar Number then select the radio button put in front of ‘Aadhaar’ (second radio button on the second line yellow in colour). Then fill in your Aadhaar number, full name, Pin Code and the captcha code (image text) in the respective fields and click on the ‘Get One Time Password’ button. You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on the registered mobile number. This is essential for verification process.

Step 2: Enter OTP Received and Download your E-Aadhaar

5. Type the OTP you received on your mobile and click on ‘Validate & Download’ button.

6. After that you will be provided with a link to download your E-Aadhaar letter (in PDF format) and to open it you will need to enter your  password. following method
first 4 letter capital of your name in adhar and year of birth
ex.  DIVYESH  1989

You can then take the printout of that letter and use it for various services.

Since Aadhaar is a unique 12-digit number and serves the purpose of establishing identity, the downloaded version of your Aadhaar letter is as valid as the one you received via post. The digital signature on the e-Aadhaar letter validates it as an acceptable proof at all those places where Aadhar card can be used. Many people questions about the Aadhar card downloading process and the most common they ask is what the ‘resident name’ is? Well this is not a complex field and we would like to tell all our users that the ‘Resident Name’ is the person name who has enrolled for Aadhaar. Typing correct name as printed on your acknowledgement slip will prevent you from getting into any kind of trouble. The second most asked question is how to open the password protected E Aadhar card. Answer to this question is also very simple and the user needs to enter the ‘Pincode’ of his residential address and the same can also be found on the acknowledgement slip.



We would also like to inform our users that there are only 3 attempts to download Aadhar card so we suggest our users to be very careful while downloading their Aadhar card. One more recommendation from us is that follow above pointed steps only when your Internet connection is reliable and fast as Internet connectivity failure can also pose difficulties for you. Last but not the least is that never publish or give your enrollment and personal details on any unofficial website as it can risk to your privacy.

Download aadhaar card by UID no. / aadhaar number – easily download aadhaar card online

You can download Aadhar card online by using your Aadhar card number, there are so many reason can be happened to download E-Aadhaar card online without paying anything.

Maybe you haven’t received your Aadhaar card at your home yet, in this situation you can Download PDF file of Aadhaar online from Aadhaar card official website, because the official GOVT website provides this free service for every internet user.

Well, you can download your aadhar card by using two options, but in this post I’ll show you How to download E-Aadhaar card by using Aadhar number.

So let’s starts it, read & follow this step by step guide with screenshot carefully.

How to Download Aadhaar card by using Aadhaar number in less than 2 minutes

Step #1: First do to government official Aadhaar card website by using this link

Step #2: You’ll see a form, that you have to fill, if you are downloading aadhaar card by using aadhaar card number so first select Aadhaar option.

Step #3: Then fill the personal detail form, type your Aadhaar Number, your Full Name and Pin Code and then enter text displayed above image.

Step #4: Then click on Get One Time Password button, wait for the SMS of OTP on your mobile number, it can take 1 to 3 minutes.

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BMI Calculator Online Calculate your BMI Online


BMI Calculator Online Calculate your BMI Online

The Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator can be used to calculate BMI value and corresponding weight status while taking age into consideration. Use the "Metric Units" tab for the International System of Units or the "Other Units" tab to convert units into either US or metric units. Note that the calculator also computes the Ponderal Index in addition to BMI, both of which are discussed below in detail....

With this ad-free BMI Calculator you can calculate and evaluate your Body Mass Index (BMI) based on the relevant information on body weight, height, age and sex. Check your body stats to find your ideal weight, because overweight and obesity are risk factors for diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. It can also be used to find your healthy weight if you want to lose weight or are on diet. More information about BMI classification which is used by the BMI Calculator is available on the website of the World Health Organization (WHO)

BMI introduction

BMI is a measurement of a person's leanness or corpulence based on their height and weight, and is intended to quantify tissue mass. It is widely used as a general indicator of whether a person has a healthy body weight for their height. Specifically, the value obtained from the calculation of BMI is used to categorize whether a person is underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese depending on what range the value falls between. These ranges of BMI vary based on factors such as region and age, and are sometimes further divided into subcategories such as severely underweight or very severely obese. Being overweight or underweight can have significant health effects, so while BMI is an imperfect measure of healthy body weight, it is a useful indicator of whether any additional testing or action is required. Refer to the table below to see the different categories based on BMI that is used by the calculator.

What is BMI?

Body mass index or BMI, is used to determine whether you are in an ideal weight range for your height.

It gives you an idea of whether you’re "underweight", a "healthy weight", "overweight", or "obese" for your height. BMI is one type of tool to help health professionals assess the risk for chronic disease. 

BMI is a useful measurement for most people over 20 years. It is an estimate and should be considered as a rough guide only as it does not take into account age, gender, ethnicity or body composition.

BMI table for adults

This is the World Health Organization's (WHO) recommended body weight based on BMI values for adults. It is used for both men and women, age 18 or older.

તમારા બોડી માસ ઇન્ડેક્સની ગણતરી કરવા અહિં ક્લીક કરો


What is BMI Calculator?

  • BMI Calculator is free app that allows you to monitor BMI and percentage of fat in your body.
  • Ideal weight - app calculates the ideal weight you should gain.
  • To calculate it app uses the D. R. Miller formula.
  • Body fat percentage is estimated from BMI by formula derived by Deurenberg and co-workers.
  • All measurements use information about your body: gender, age, height and weight.
  • App is designed for people of different ages and supports for both metric and imperial.
  • Track your BMI and stay healthy!
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Instagram history timeline


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9 Oldest Streets in America

 9 Oldest Streets in America 

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Kospet Launches Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch With Up To 50 Days Battery Life, Know Price

KOSPET TANK M1 PRO Smartwatch arrives with over to 50- day battery life, heart rate examiner and Bluetooth calling 

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How To Get Rid Of Notifications Without Deleting WhatsApp

How to Disable WhatsApp Without Deleting The App 

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Jamjir waterfall VIDEO

Jamjir waterfall, people arrive with whole family to see the view, watch VIDEO

Rainy Mehr has been frozen in Gujarat and the natural beauty has also blossomed in this rainy Mehr.  Which is currently attracting tourists to itself.  The waterfalls blooming especially in monsoons are proving to be attractive for tourists.  Jamjir waterfall in Gir is very famous.  Which has blossomed due to good rains. So a large number of tourists are also reaching here to enjoy the natural scenery.  

The roaring waterfall is attracting people towards it and a large number of people come here to see the waterfall with their families. They are coming to capture the natural scene in their cameras.

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How to Start a Franchise in 8 Strategic Step

How to Start a Franchise in 8 Strategic Steps 

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The International Space Station will eventually die by fire

The International Space Station will ultimately die of fire 

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Signature Maker allows you to the create a signature with a new and the attractive in a styles.

 Signature Maker allows you to the  create a signature with a new and  the attractive in  a styles.

 hand Maker- hand Creator Real is a Now a days everybody have in his own hand in his life and the everybody desires for his stylish hand. To make a stylish hand in a digital hand Maker- hand Creator Real this is a stylish hand in a app. stylish sign in a app, Do Autographs with a different styles. hand Maker- hand Creator Real name and the style of the hand with a real designs, this is a free hand making a app with a huge collection of the sources andstyle.This new hand making a app you can use as a bus hand maker app in that offers you to.

 the write with your own fritters on a certain screen of the hand writing app you have a just write on a hand and it's a grease to the develop to an a make hand of any word and textbook you want to the write in whatever style you can use a hand art and just write a certain name, This is a hand developer designs it is a automatically add hand, produce a hand with a automatic hand in a fountain. This bus hand creator app can be a any hand name also you can save that bus hand. 

 by a using in this hand maker by a name app You can partake that created hand that's a name art, digital hand textbook through a bus hand app to anyone and partake it to anyone, you don't a need online hand maker if you have a good hand creator app. you just need to use in this hand creator app and enter in the textbook you want to the induce in the textbook rest working is done automatically by a app by a just pressing the enterbutton.this is a Cool hand creator app should with you in your androids phone. this hand delineation or a for hand in a developer 

you must be have a digital hand produce app. this is a swish hand maker break to your question of how to make a real hand. this is the rearmost and the special hand 

maker app with a veritably cool features. 

there are the following features of the hand maker app 
 * open a hand maker app in your android phone. 
 * Enter to your name in the textbook bar and elect to your colors arbitrary or a picky. 

 * choose a fountain of your choice or a click on Coming style. 

 * Save and the share to your created Image.
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If you also have Jan Dhan account, now you will get big benefit, the central government has given good news

JanDhan Account If you also have Jan Dhan account, now you'll get big benefit, the central government has given good news

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Would you like to learn languages playing with your favorite song lyrics

 Would you like to learn languages playing with your favorite song lyrics?

It's very easy and fun! All you have to do is play a song of your choice and listen closely to fill of the missing words in the song lyrics, by selecting the correct option.

With LyricsTraining, you will not only quickly improve your listening comprehension, but also expand your vocabulary by learning new words and expressions, improving your reading comprehension and boosting your grammar skills.

Forget about studying and memorizing endless vocabulary lists for a moment. Learn effortlessly and let your brain do the rest of the work. Just play and have fun while you practice.

“Learning is most successful when students are relaxed, confident and enjoying their learning”
— John Truscott

“Language acquisition does not require extensive use of conscious grammatical rules, and does not require tedious drill”
— Stephen Krashen

Thousands of teachers around the world already use LyricsTraining and recommend it to their students.

LyricsTraining really works!

Music stimulates learning and memorization naturally. It is just like when we were kids!

Listening to different accents and intonations helps our brain become more flexible and adaptable so that it can recognize different sounds of a new language.

You will not be able to keep yourself from singing along while you listen to the songs and follow the lyrics, which will also improve your pronunciation.

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This is great app to learn maths : multiplication tables. With this simple app you'll just pick a number from 1 to 100 & you'll get its corresponding multiplication table so that you can memorize all multiplications.

Gujarati Maths Tables 1 to 100 for all is a FREE educational application that helps students to learn the Tables in Gujarati Language easily.

ગુજરાતી ગણિત કોષ્ટકો (ઘડિયા) બધા માટે ૧ થી ૧૦૦ એ એક મફત શૈક્ષણિક એપ્લિકેશન છે। જે વિદ્યાર્થીઓને ગુજરાતી ભાષામાં કોષ્ટકો સરળતાથી શીખવા માટે મદદ કરે છે।

This Gujarati Maths Table app is aimed to help people to learn and/or to improve their multiplication table skills.

Read Tables Daily to Perform Calculation Fast.

Features :
√ Excellent & Attractive UI.
√ Mathematical Table From 1 to 100
√ Small in size (Low Memory Required)
√ Complete Offline app to learn math tables
√ No need of internet connection required
√ All Tables in Gujarati Language


• Multiple choice and karaoke mode. Select the difficulty that best suits your level or simply enjoy synchronized video and lyrics in karaoke mode.
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Join a great community of over 2 million users.

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Country’s Blockchain and Crypto Assets Council will be closed due to lack of regulator

Country’s Blockchain and Crypto means Council will be closed due to lack of controller 

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Anubandham Rojgar Portal Gujrat Registration At

 Anubandham Rojgar Portal Gujrat Registration At

 Anubandham Rojgar Bharti Mela Gujarat The Office of the Assistant Director( Employment) for the colorful quarter managed by the Director, Employment and Training – Gandhinagar has been organized online reclamation expositions by the Telephone, Google Meet, Skype etc for Gujarat Rojgar Bharti Melo 2022. Employers as well as campaigners who wants to share in it will have to do the mandatory enrollment on the following link. 

Anubandham Rojgar Bharti Mela Gujarat 2022

 Anubandham Rojgar Portal Released colorful District Rojgar Bharti Mela Notification For the colorfulPosts.Eligible campaigners Apply Online After the Read OfficialInstructions.All Details About This Job Fair Given Below. 

 This point has been created specifically for job quest by the Gujarat government’s labour and employment department. Later registering themselves, this gate permits job campaigners to search for the jobs. Moving on, we have mentioned all the needed details you will bear for getting yourself registered and serving from this website 

What is Anubandham Rojgar Portal?

 Anubandham Rojgar Portal is an action taken by the government of Gujarat for the Jobseekers. It works like a ground and connects Job aspirants and Job Providers at one position. This gate supply jobs grounded on the aspirant’s chops and preferences. Also, it performs automatic and professed grounded matching, along with the schedule operation and quick enrollment . 

Essential Elements and Steps of Anubandham Rojgar Portal

 Now that you know what Anubandham Rojgar Portal is, let’s take a look at all of the gate’s essential details and processes. 


 Before you begin, review the following way to have a better knowledge of the Anubandham website. 


 1. Navigate to the gate. 

 2. subscribe up/ enrollment 

 3. To get access to the point, enter your username and word. 

 4. Set/ edit the job candidate’s profile. 

 5. Look for work. 

 6. Apply for work 

 7. Give Interview 

 8. Preference for the position. 

 9. Take part in the employment show. 

 10. Change the word if necessary. 

How to Register for the Anubandham portal?

 In this section, we will go around the Anubandham Portal enrollment process. Follow these procedures to register for this job- hunt gate. 

1. Visit the official website of Anubandham Portal There will be a “Registration” option at the top.

 2. You will find the “ Job candidate ” choice by opting the “ Registration ” tab. 

 3. Enter your mobile number and dispatch address to pierce the “ job candidate ”. 

 4. To admit the critical announcement, you will necessary  an dispatch address. 

 5. also a form will appear for the inputting the mobile number. 

 6. Press the ‘ coming ’ button. latterly, You'll admit an OTP on the specified cell phone number. 

 7. Enter the OTP into the portal to admit the Common operation form. 

 8. To move forward with the operation, you will need to fill in the following information First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Address, City, Pincode, State and District. 

 9. After you have completed all of these method, select the “ Next ” option. 

 10. The operation named ‘ Registration ’ will now display. Then you must have give a Unique ID Type, a Unique ID Number, Details for login and a Phone number. 

 11. You can do the enrollment via a phone number or indeed with an dispatch address also. 

12. After that, establish a strong word and double- check it. 

 13. also press the ‘ Submit ’ button. Your enrollment will end successfully after that 

How to Edit Candidate Profile on

Follow the given steps to edit your profile on

 1. When you ’re ready to make changes to your profile, elect the option “ edit. ” The profile will open up right in front of you. 

 2. Now, you'll need to fill in some information out of which some will be bus- filled including, your first name, last name, middle name, phone number, dispatch address, Unique ID type and Unique ID number. You'll need to add the following places manually your snap, gender, date of birth, cast, employment status and language chops. 

 3. The address is formerly present in the address bar of the operation form; you'll have to fill in the megacity, leg law, city/ vill, state and quarter. 

 4. The specifics of your educational qualifications are the coming pivotal stage. All educational data, including training or any warrants, must be included in this form. The most recent academic achievement, Subject- matter moxie, parchment or other credentials, board/ university, grade/ marks, Passing time, the title of the course and name of the achievement. 

 5. Select the “ Next ” option. It’s now your time to complete the aspirant’s employmentstatus.However, it should also be noted then, along with specifics, If they're presently employed. 

 6. On this runner, you must describe your current job, the assiduity in which you work, the operation area, the employer’s name, the job bracket, the company or association’s name. You also need to include the date of registration, your current job part and plant position, your current payment, and your provocation for quitting your job. 

 7. The coming step will be measuring the physical aspects of the seeker, including their height, weight, disability, if yes, also give a instrument, volume of the instrument and the authority by which they got approved. 

 8. You ’ve reached the last phase of the enrollment process, which covers your favored work position, job kind, and projected pay. 

Procedure for Logging Into Anubandham Portal

 Let’s now look at how to log into the Gujarat Anubandham Job Seeker Portal through the internet, as seen below. 


 1. Visit the Anubandham Portal’s 

 2. On the home runner, you'll see the login option in the top right corner. 

 3. Now, fill in the dispatch address or phone number and word on the home runner. 

 4. Input the Captcha Code and press the subscribe In button. 

FAQs About Anubandham Rojgar Portal 

 Is it possible for job campaigners to modify their biographies on the Anubandham Rojgar Portal? 

 Yes, an online aspirant can make changes in their profile through the Anubandham Rojgar Yojna. 

 Is the Anubandham point accessible through the Google hunt machine? 

 Yes, you can open and register yourself on the Anubandham gate on google. 

 Is the Anubandham point truly salutary to Gujarat job campaigners? 

 Anubandham Portal has proven salutary to Gujarati job campaigners. You can acquire a job using this point if you look for a suitable position and perform well in interviews. In fact, Anubandham has employed about,445 people so far. 

  • Then press the ‘Submit’ button. Your registration will end successfully after that.


Read Job Fair Notification
Click Here
Anubandham Portal RegistrationClick Here


 The Gujarat government has taken this fantastic trouble to boost employment across the state. It's judicious for all job campaigners to go and register themselves on Anubandham Rojgar Portal. 

Important details of Anubandham Portal

Download Anubandham (GOG) Job Application

Anubandham Registration On WebPortal

1. Official

2. Employment cell number: 63-57-390-390

3. Employment cell address: Block No.1, 3rd Floor, Dr Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Old Secretariat, Gandhinagar, Gujarat – 382010

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How to Take Screenshots on Windows Laptop, MacBook and Chromebook

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows Laptop, MacBook, or Chromebook 

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5 Must Visit Temples in South India

5 Famous South Indian Temple You Should Not Miss 

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These are 11 home made Remedies are in the very useful

These are 11 home made Remedies are in the veritably useful 

The stylish home remedies for any disease remain. Whether it's the headache or a high BP in a problem. Spices used in a home cuisine come in a handy in a every time. There are veritably many a people currently who can be a pass manual fashions. But a Motor, if we can talk about a old times, our grand parents would be spend their whole life counting on this. You can also a pass in this home made a form we are showed. Which is veritably useful. But if you're have a any problem with in this form, leave it's the incontinently. 

 Because are not a everything in the suits in a everyone. So then are some are useful in the home in a remedies. 

 Menstrual in a cramps- Squeeze to a 2- 3 failures in a glass of the cold water and in the drink it's a diurnal to get a relief. 

Severe  to the headache -

 Peel an a apple and the grate it. Mix to a little swab in it and the eat it's on an a empty stomach in the morning. 

 Flatulence- Mix to a1/4 tablespoon of the baking soda pop in a water and the drink 

 Sore in the throat- pustule a 2- 3 basil are leaves in a water and in the wash with in that water. 

 Mouth Ulcers- A admixture of the ripe banana and in the honey gives a immediate in a relief. It can freak a also be a made into a paste and the applied to the mouth. 

High BP 

 Take a 3 grams are note seed greasepaint with a water in the morning and the evening. There are benefits to he taking in this for fifteen days. This is a also a salutary in a diabetes. 


 half in a tablespoon of the cinnamon greasepaint to a tablespoon of in the honey 


 Mix and eat at the night after or a ahead going to the bed. 


 Apply a camphor and the coconut oil painting. It can freak a also be a applied every night before bed. 

Hair Whitening 

 Cut a dry am- la in a half, boil it in a coconut oil painting and also blarney it into in the hair. 

Dark Circles 

 Mix to a orange juice with a glycerin and in the apply under in the eyes. 
 Taking a drug in a every small and in the big health problem is veritably dangerous to the health. So it's a better to take a drug for a minor in a health problems like a headaches, acidity etc. The home- made form of the grandparents should be a espoused so that in the problem can be a answered a snappily and no response can be a take a place. 
 Home Remedies- These are 10 conditions Can Be a Cured in a Without a medicines 
1. Applying to the coconut milk to the hair in the follicles are reduces in the hair loss. Applying to the aloe Vera gel to the hair follicles also are reduces in a hair loss. 
 2. gusto juice and in the bomb juice in the right quantum is a salutary in a headaches. Boil in the basil leaves in a water and in the drink it when it's a gets slightly in a hot. The headache will be a relieved are incontinently. 

આંખને સંબંધિત

આનુવંશિક રોગો

આંખનાક,અને ગળુ

એલર્જી સંબંધિત

કિડની વિષે

કેન્સર સંબંધિત

જન્મજાત બહેરા-મુંગા બાળકો સંબંધિત

ચામડીના રોગ સંબંધિત

દાંત વિશેની માહિતી

પોષણ સંબંધિત

ફેફસા સંબંધિત

મગજને સંબંધિત

કાલ્પનિક ભય વિશે


લીવર સંબંધિત

શરીરના અંગો સાથે સંકળાયેલ રોગો                                  

સુક્ષ્માંણુંથી થતા રોગો


ડાયાબિટીસમાં અંકુશ

હાડકા સંબંધિત


હ્રદય સંબંધિત

 3. still, apply to a little bomb juice on in the papule area at the night in a while a resting, If you have a pustules on your face. Acne will stay till morning. 


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 • Information about swine fluDownload 

 4. still, taking to a cold milk gives a immediate in a relief, If there's a problem of the acidity or a inflammation in the stomach. This is a because of the milk contains are calcium which are prevents in the conformation of the acid. 

5. One drop of the mint in a splint juice in the nose for a cold and the cough is a salutary. Mixing to a black pepper, mint and in the swab and a biting it's a together gives to a quick to the relief in a cold wave. 

 6. Mix in the right quantum of the coconut oil painting and the bomb juice and a massage it into the hair follicles with in the fingertips. 

7. still, this observance pain is a relieved, If your crush 5- 10 leaves of the mint and excerpt in the juice and the put it in the observance. 

8. Biting a Maj seeds with a black swab is a salutary in the indigestion. 

9 If there's a complaint of the bad breath in the mouth, grind in the dried are leaves of the mint and the make a greasepaint of it and the apply it on the teeth like a Manama. Doing so removes a bad breath and in the strengthens in the epoxies. 

આ પણ વાંચો:- 

10. If there is a pain in the teeth, rinse with a salt  in the water. 

આયુર્વેદ અને વિજ્ઞાન નો સમન્વય ગ્રંથ

સ્વાસ્થ્યસુધા આયુર્વેદિક ગ્રંથ PDF અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો


Home Remedies PDF

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 There will be relief in pain. Applying clove oil painting also reduces toothache. 


 Burning on the body are Burning in a anywhere on the body. If the skin is a burnt due to the extreme in a heat. still, also a applying a raw potato juice is a salutary, If there are a wrinkles on the skin or a skin complaint.

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