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VITA is a simple video editing app with trendy content.

VITA is the Easy video editing app with the trendy content.

VITA is the simple & easy video editing app with all the quality you need for the videography!
Start creating amazing videos with all the high-quality features in the VITA.

- Export videos in the full HD quality.
- Speed up & add slow motion with the video speed choice.
- Add video transitions to make your videos look more the cinematic.

- Make aesthetic videos with the dreamy glitch, glitter, and bling effects.
- Apply filters to your videos forthe  color grading.
- Choose songs from the music library to enrich your videos.
- Make  your own vlogs with quick and easy video templates.
- Use pre-made fonts and animated texts & customize with the strokes, shadows, and colors.
- Collage and overlay videos with the  PIP to make clone videos.


RIMIX is the world’s first video mixing quality. Make the video mashups with effects using two or more videos. Use videos from the your gallery or shoot new ones. Ab Takatak banao changa content!

Play with the sizes and fit in anywhere you like. Be as little as an ant or as tall as the Eiffel tower. It is time to amp up the josh. 

Want to go viral? FILMI karo! Make Bollywood-style video clips with this video maker and share them with your friends via Insta stories, WhatsApp status video, Snapchat, or Instagram Reels! favour tour  your new FILMI avatar! Tiktok on the clock, but the party not all time stops!


Create glamorous photo or videos with the snazzy video templates and transitions! You can be use these video editing quality to produce breathtaking wedding video clips and happy birthday status videos. It is also lets you add jazzy intro music. Aao thodi mast moj kare.
Video Editing Tools
You can been cut video in parts, merge video from the gallery, collage photos and compress video without losing feature. You can also use the fast motion or slow motion to adjust the speed of your video.
Ready-Made Templates
Pelicut offers tons of templates with the spectacular music, effects and transitions. Many high-quality templates will meet your needs and imagination.
Popular Themes
We give many themes that fit every occasion. It is only takes one tap to create an awesome music video. 
Background Music
We offer fully licensed music and sound effects. You can be add local songs from your device as well. Or use voice-over and dub your video. 
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Mirror and control your Android phone on any TV using the Castto app!

Mirror and control your Android phone on any TV using the Castto app!

Screen Mirroring is a technique, which allows you to mirror your smartphone on the TV screen. You can easily access all of your games, photos, videos and other application on a big screen using this Screen Stream Mirroring (Castto) App.  

If your eyes are drained from looking at your small cellular phone, you will get a great big screen phone experience by connecting your phone to a TV screen via This Cast To TV app!

Mirroring your mobile screen on your TV can be useful when you're showing off photos from a recent trip, playing a game or giving a demonstration. With this Screen Mirroring App, you'll be able to duplicate your Android phone's screen on TV screen. 

This Screen Mirroring App allows you to easily connect your device and your TV. It provides you a secure connection to protect your data, files and applications. Castto is simple, easy to use and most importantly a free app!

With this Connect Phone To TV App, you can stream to TV from phone without limitation. It helps you instantly stream movies, music and photos to your TV! This is one of the best screen mirroring app for android users.

Cast To TV is useful for streaming movies, videos, access photos and apps on the TV screen. You can easily connect your smartphone with your TV wirelessly. You can search your favorite TV shows and series and easily stream them anytime on your TV screen. 

Watching videos on your TV or tablet is great, Streaming those movies on your big TV screen? Better yet. This’s the best Screen Stream Mirroring app to view your phone on your TV. If you are searching for How to Connect Phone to TV Without Hdmi then this is the best app, you will find!

Little smartphone and tablet screens are good on the run, but when you’re in your family area then why not use your TV’s much larger screen instead? Sharing your phone screen With the Television now is easier with this Connect Phone To TV App. 

If you are tired of searching the greatest Apps for casting your small screens into larger screens to get awesome experiences, here is the best and most user-friendly Screen Mirroring App. All you need is to make sure that your smartphone/tablet and your TV are connected to the same WIFI network in order for Castto to work successfully.

Please follow the steps bellow to display your mobile screen on your TV:

1- Make sure your TV and your Phone are Connected to the same wifi network
2- Enable Miracast Display on your TV
3- Enable Wireless Dispaly option on your phone
4- Click Select button and choose your TV
5- Enjoy!
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Zodiac Horoscopes, Tarot Card Reader, Daily Horoscopes & Astrology

Zodiac Horoscopes, Tarot Card Reader, Daily Horoscopes & Astrology 

 Explore what the future holds for you and get quotidian perceptivity with our free Daily Zodiac Horoscopes, Tarot, Fortune Cookie tips, Zodiac subscribe harmony and Secret Numerology readings. Get horoscopes for moment, henceforth or the week with our free quotidian horoscopes app. .

Do you wish to count all your confusions, uncertainties and misgivings in life? wheel makes this possible for you with our instant psychic tarot card readings and quotidian horoscopes. 


Start your day with intention and guidance using the quotidian tarot a tarot card just for you, with a loving, supportive communication for your day. Reveal unlimited catches of wisdom hidden in our fortune babes and inspirational quotidian citations. Know your fortunes moment with the our Fortune Tarot. 


wheel Horoscopes n 

 Do you love to read your quotidian horoscope? Tarot Zodiac will meet your free quotidian horoscope and diurnal horoscope needs as well. We cover quotidian horoscopes for all wheel sign Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. View horoscope for moment, henceforth or the entire week. You can set quotidian monuments for quotidian horoscopes. 

 Tarot Card Reader 

 Using the magical power of the 78 Tarot cards take the cosmic trip into your heart and psyche to bring back the spectacular treasures that are formerly within you. Read your Daily Tarot, Love Tarot, Question Tarot, Fortune Tarot and One Card Reading. The Oracle of the Tarot speaks eloquently by the our sundeck. Tarot reading is not about foreknowing a fixed future, but a system to help you produce a future that is farther aligned to you. 

આજનું રાશિફળ અહીંથી વાંચો 
વિક્રમ સંવત ૨૦૮૦ ના વર્ષનું રાશિફળ અહિંથી જુઓ

 Fortune eyefuls 

 Scratch the fortune babes to reveal tips and suggestions to companion you through your day. Fortune babes are constantly used as a form of a horoscope, pointing you towards the right path or letting you avoid problems during your day. What great knowledge detainments for you in these friable fortune babes


 Find out your quotidian lucky numbers, colours and love harmony with our all revealing prognostications. 

અહીંથી જાણો તમારું આજનું રાશિ ભવિષ્ય

 Zodiac subscribe comity 

 MARRIAGE OBSTACLES If you are concerned about your marriage or wedded life, our astrologers can help you out. 

- When will I get wedded? 

- I am Manglik. What should I do? 

- Will our marriage survive or go to the divorce? 


 EDUCATION Not sure about which aqueduct is better for you amongst Engineering, Commerce, Humanities, Medical, trades etc; our diviner can help you choose the right direction. 

- Will I clear my examinations? 

- Which aqueduct is the swish for me? 


 CHILD NAME SUGGESTION Agitated to name your child as per the nakshatras? 

- What is the swish name for my reanimated child? 

- Which is the auspicious day and time to have a picking form? 

- Is this name lucky for my child? 

- COMMODITY TRADING CONSULTANCY Wan na be a dealer but unfit to acclimate to the shifting commodity request? Let us help you 


મેષ રાશી નુ આજનુ રાશી ફળ
વૃષભ રાશી નુ આજનુ રાશી ફળ
મિથુન રાશી નુ આજનુ રાશી ફળ

 Key features

 Caller ID
❋ Show who is calling.
❋ Identify unknown phone calls.
❋ Detailed call summary after every call.

❋ Call announcer.
❋ SMS announcer.
❋ WhatsApp announcer.
❋ Many more are coming soon 

🔊 Announcement Settings
❋ Turn off the announcement for specific contacts.
❋ Option to announce fake name instead of real name.
❋ Works in all modes (Ring, Silent, Vibrate).
❋ Works with any TTS (Text to Speech) engine.
❋ Announces in various languages (TTS supported).
❋ Set different volumes for calls, SMS, and WhatsApp.

- Should I invest capitalist in the request? 

- Can I make capitalist in trading? 

- MATCH- MAKING Looking out for some lives but are doubtful about which one would be right for you? We will match the Kundlis from all aspects and give a detailed report. 


- Are we compatible? 

- Is he the right person for me? 

- Then agreement Frustrated about not getting any occasion to work in a foreign land? 

- Can I settle abroad? 

- Will I find a job outside India? 

- REMEDIAL CONSULTANCY Feeling commodity is wrong with you? Know the remedy, but don't know how to do it? Let us help you. 


- I have a weak Saturn, what should I do? 

- I am not getting the results of my trouble, what should I do?

- GEMSTONES CONSULTANCY Because augury is not about precious jewels 

 rather you should be understand the value of gems that bring good luck to you. 


- Which gemstone 

 should I wear for success in business?

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Benefits of Yogasana: To get slim and reduce belly fat, do only 20 minutes every day.


 Benefits of Yogasana: To get slim and reduce belly fat, do only 20 minutes every day.

Our eating habits have become so casual that we cannot control them. We have also forgotten about the healthy food habit. Whatever the reason, everyone is worried about their growing weight.

Yoga trainer Sumit Sharma talks about three such yogasanas, which if done for 20 minutes every day, will reduce the accumulated fat in the abdomen and make the abdomen look very slim.

1. Bhekasan: Effective in reducing tummy

If you want to reduce tummy tuck quickly, Bhekasana is the most beneficial asana. To do this, lie down on a mat with stomach burns. Now slowly lift the head using the wrist of the hand. Now bend the right knee slowly and hold the left leg with both hands and bring it to the floor. Now slowly lift the chest up and take a deep breath and stay in this pose for 45 to 60 seconds. Do this asana 2 to 3 times daily.

  • Do not practice this asana if you have a knee injury or any problem associated with it
  • Do not practice this asana if you have a knee injury or any problem associated with it

2. Bhajungasana: Abdominal fat will be reduced easily

Practicing this asana strengthens the abdominal muscles so that the fat accumulated around the abdomen is easily reduced. To do this asana, lie down on your stomach and keep your palms down on the mat. Take a deep breath and lift the front of the body up and stay in this position for about 10 to 20 seconds. Do this asana 6 to 7 times daily.

  • If you practice this asana daily, your shoulders and arms will become stronger.
  • If you practice this asana daily, your shoulders and arms will become stronger.

3. Malasan: Get rid of gas and constipation

Constant practice of this asana causes pain in the abdominal and lumbar muscles. It relieves gas and constipation. To do this, bend your knees and sit down. Now rest the elbows of both hands on the knees and salute with the palms. Then slowly inhale and exhale. Do this asana three to four times for at least 10 minutes.

Doing malasana daily increases the capacity of your body

Diet needs to be improved

If you want to reduce your growing belly fast then you need to improve your diet.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી માહિતી 


You should consume green vegetables every day. You can consume vegetables like milk, broccoli, beans, peas without butter and cream by boiling or mixing them in soup. If you are doing this asana every day then you should consume salad. You can mix cheese in salads if you want, as cheese has a high protein content. Wake up every morning and drink lukewarm water first. Have dinner between 8 and 9 pm and try to have a low calorie meal at dinner.

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Professional photo edit with advanced editing tools.

EPIK is the stylish All- In- One editor for retouching, conforming, decorating prints. 

અહીંથી જુઓ માધવપુર નો મેળો
 Main features 

● Professional editing features 
 For color HSL, Angles, Split tone, Lux, Grain, picture 
For excellence Crop, Rotate, Mirror, Flip, Perspective 

● Perfect pictures 
 Retouch to remove mars, natural Face, trendy Makeup 
Touch up, Body, Paint, Hair 

● Cultural print baptizing 
 Trendy Goods, Stickers, Text, Brush 

( Creative tools) 
 ● Templates streamlined daily 
 Use customizable templates for easy editing 
 ● Unique style made by you 
 Add Prints, produce stickers using Cutout, use Brushes in your own way, and produce my own sludge that's unique 
 ● Background, Color frame, Border 

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Shop, dine, travel, pay and earn rewards, on the incredible super app, Tata Neu.

Protect, dine, travel, pay and earn prices, on the inconceivable super app, Tata Neu. 
 Drink to Tata Neu, the Super App that guarantees the ultimate shopping experience. gain the exclusive offers, boons, and rewards 
  • Get a test from 1 mg 
  • Bespeak a stay at an IHCL hostel 
  •  Buy electronics from Croma 
  •  Order a mess on Qmin. 
  •  Style up your wardrobe with the Tata CLiQ and Westside 
  • Bespeak a flight on Air Asia 

  It’s your one- stop shop for a indefectible shopping and payments experience. Pay directly for any of your online and in- store purchases, avail bills & further, using Tata Pay. 

Earn NeuCoins every time you make a purchase, which can be redeemed for an equal amount of INR the coming time you cover. This guarantees you unlimited freedom to earn anywhere, spend far and wide and maximize your savings. 

 every time you 
 • Order groceries from BigBasket 

 Read each about the bottommost trends in fashion, tech, trip, and food in our digital magazine – Stories. Make payments, manage your finances, system your coming holiday

 Neu effects you can do with Tata Pay

 • dealer checkouts Make payments across multiple Tata brand apps, websites and in- store using NeuCoins, cards, UPI, EMI and farther 
 • QR Payments overlook and pay via QR law at any dealer of your choice. Be it original stores, theatres, apothecaries or any store, scan every QR law and distribute with the Tata Pay UPI 
 • All bills in one go Track and conveniently pay your electricity, mobile, DTH, broadband bills, recharges and further, all in one go 
• Instant payments shoot capitalist to a friend, family member or any of your connections directly to their bank account from your bank account, using Tata Pay UPI
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Which are most spoken language in the world and how to translate it

Which are most spoken language in the world and how to translate it

The 10 Most Spoken Languages In The World

1. Chinese —1.3 Billion Native Speakers 

 Figures vary extensively — put the number of native speakers  billion native speakers, roughly 1.1 billion of whom speak Mandarin — but there’s no it’s the most spoken language  the world.However, this is the one for you, If you wish  learn  language that one in six people in the world speak. Seeing  Chinese is a tonal language that uses thousands of colophons, it'll clearly keep you busy. 

2. Spanish — 471 Million Native Speaker

Chart pressing Spanish-speaking countries Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela, El Salvador, Panama 

Still, Spanish has its nose in front of English with about 471 million speakers, If we were only to look at , Spanish is your stylish bet, If you want a language that will open up whole mainlands to you.  with all the languages on this list, the politics of language and associated identity are largely disputed ask Catalan  Quechua speakers if Spanish is their original lingo and you'll get a veritably different answer. But it's clearly primary language of utmost of South and Central America, Spain, and, ahem, large swathes of the US. 

3. English — 370 Million Native  

Chart pressing English- speaking countries UK,  Canada, Australia, New Zealand 

Still, you may be one of the 370 million-odd native  speakers, or one of the 978 million people who speak it as a alternate language, If you ’re reading this composition.  indicates the remarkable success of English as the of business, trip and transnational relation. The relative ease with  English can be picked up ( especially compared with Chinese) and the pervasive soft power of US culture mean that English will continue to dominate the world stage for the foreseeable future. For some, English  still  with occasion and a better quality of life. 

4. Hindi — 342 Million Native Speaker 

 Chart of India, pressing regions where Hindi is spoken 

India has 23 sanctioned languages, with Hindi/ Urdu chief among them. Whether  one language — Hindustani — or two cants is still fiercely batted. Spoken substantially in northern India and corridor of Pakistan, Hindi uses script, while Urdu uses Persian memorandum. At the time of jotting, the debate about its part in Indian education and society has formerly again burned up Prime Minister, a Hindu chauvinist, is seeking to have Hindi displace English in the southern Indian countries as the primary language of sanctioned communication and education, a strategy has been met with resistance.However, a little Hindi will get you a long way, If you ever travel in the Indian key.  this is the language that gave us soap, jungle, jodhpurs and bungalow — what’s not to love? 

5. Arabic — 315 Million Native Speaker 

Chart of countries in the Middle East and North Africa where Arabic is spoken 

Recent figure put Arabic at around 315 million  speaker. But this  another case of figures not telling the full tale Arabic, like Chinese, is so extensively different in its separate cants as to effectively a number of languages, grouped as one for the sake  convenience. Modern Standard Arabic is a primarily written affiliated to the Classical Arabic of the . Still, the spoken forms of Arabic in, say, Oman and Morocco are so different couple of gospel professors from these countries might be suitable to bandy the finer points of the ancient textbooks while  floundering to order lunch. 

 6. Portuguese — 232 Million Native Speakers 

Chart pressing countries where Portuguese is spoken Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique 

This is another language whose reach owes important to its social history. Starting in the 15th century, avaricious Portuguese dealers and trimmers brought their language to Africa, Asia and the Americas. The spread of Portuguese may have originally been tied to European , but the settled countries developed their own vibrant societies that converted the language ever. Moment, Portuguese is spoken by 232 million native speakers in countries like Brazil, Goa, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bo  and Macau.  also the language of Nova, Mia , Fernando 

7. Bengali — 229 Million Native Speakers 

Utmost spoken languages — Bengali 
Admit it you did n’t anticipate Bengali  be on the list of utmost spoken languages. The Partition of Bengal by the British in 1947 divided ( substantially Hindu) West Bengal, now part of India, from its ( substantially Muslim) counterpart East Bengal, now Bangladesh. It's language of Kolkata, the Andaman Islets, fabulous sweets, and 130-odd million Bangladeshis — numerous of whom are extremely vulnerable to climate change.  coming century, the population is projected to double while 15 percent of the land area is anticipated to vanish below rising swell. 
 8. Russian — 154 Million Native Speakers 

With roughly 154 million native speakers, Russian is the eighth most spoken language in the world. Famed for its inscrutable alphabet and relatively lovely Cyrillic script, it remains one of the six languages spoken in the United Nations, and produced the erudite likes of , Nabokov, Chekhov, Gogol, Tolstoy and Pushkin. 

9. Japanese — 126 Million Native Speakers 

Nearly all of the 126 million native Japanese speaker live in Japan — clearly the most largely geographically concentrated of all the languages on this list. Japanese boast two distinct jotting systems, hiragana and katakana, as well making expansive use of Chinese Kanji characters.  largest groups of Japanese speakers living outside Japan can be plant in the United States, the Philippines and Brazil.
10. (Western Punjabi) — 118 Million Native Speakers 

Chart of India and Pakistan, pressing the region where Punjabi is spoken 
With varying estimate of around 118 million native speaker, the last spot on the list goes  …, a Pakistani that primarily includes Western Punjabi! (Sorry, German — you got ditched top world languages a many times back.) That does n’t indeed include Eastern Punjabi, which is spoken  India.  Punjab was sliced in two by the British when they left, and millions of people were forced  abandon their home, businesses and families. they ’re sluggishly taking their vengeance, Bollywood- style Punjabi song now regard for 50 percent of map- . That’s a comeback we ever seen one. 

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