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Gujarati Garba 2022 Download Navratri special

 Gujarati Garba 2022 Download Navratri special

Garba is a Gujarati folk dance celebrated in Navratri, a celebration lasting nine nights. Garba songs typically revolve around the subjects of Lord Krishna or the nine goddesses. Garba styles vary from place to place in Gujarati.

Defining both the religious and cultural themes, Navratri celebrations are seeped in traditional music and dance. Gujarat is the focus of Navratri celebrations for nine consecutive days and nights. Navratri is the most celebrated Hindu festival devoted to Nine Goddess Durga symbolizing purity and power or shakti.

Garba is a devotional dance form that derives from the folklore of Lord Krishna singing and dancing with the gopis using slim wooden sticks known as dandiya. 'Raas Garba' has also evolved to include steps like Dodhiyu, Trikoniy', 'Lehree' and others. What's more, with time, Navratri festival has seen changes in celebrations with well-choreographed dance performances, high-end acoustics and people dressed in made-to-order, bright costumes. Tourists flock to Vadodara in Gujarat to enjoy a mix of high-energy band music performances, singing and dancing

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Download Gujarai Video Song Gujarati Garba Gujarati Bhajan

 Download Gujarai Video Song Gujarati Garba Gujarati Bhajan

Navratri Garba Ringtone - Biggest Garba collection of ringtone, wallpaper, video & status. Celebrate your Navratri with Navratri Garba collection.

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Navratri Jay Aadyashakti Aarti

 Navratri Jay Aadyashakti Aarti

Navratri Aarti - Durga Maa Stuti, Aarti and Songs::

જય આદ્યા શક્‍તિ આરતી
નવરાત્રી આરતી
  • Best Navratri Aarti, Songs, Durga mantra, Maa Ambe stuti and Wallpapers 2021.
  • Durga Maa is the mother of the universe and believed to be the power behind the work of creation, preservation, and destruction of the world.
  • Chanting of Durga Mata aarti removes all obstacles in our path to increased wisdom and spiritual growth and development.
  • With the use of this app you can listen Durga Maa Aarti every morning & make your day full of energetic & joyful. After listening Ambe Mata Aarti it will make your mind more peaceful.
  • Every Navratri lover should have this app on their android phone. This navratri app is collection of best aarti, garba, mantra for devi durga, Amba Maa aarti.
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❄ Smooth transitions & full of animations.
❄ Hindi & English Lyrics with auto smooth scrolling on playing aarti & Bhajan.
❄ Aarti lyrics in sync mode with the audio on bottom in two lines and auto change.
❄ You can use different flower for lord durga maa haar.
❄ Play/Pause/Stop options available for audio.
❄ Different durga maa songs audio tracks.
❄ Set durga maa wallpaper on background simple click on image.
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નવરાત્રી જય આદ્યાશક્તિ આરતી  વિડીયો સાંભળવા અહિં ક્લીક કરો

નવરાત્રી જય આદ્યાશક્તિ આરતી  MP3 સાંભળવા અહિં ક્લીક કરો

જય આદ્યાશક્તિ આરતી PDF DOWNLOAD

9 Days Navratri Devi Arti Song Stuti Pooja Mantra Mata Garba Audio Bhajan The word navaratri means 'nine nights' in sanskrit, nava meaning nine and ratri meaning nights, Navratri aarti bhajans is a festival dedicated to the worship of the hindu deity durga. navaratri songs on the auspicious occasion of navaratri to invoke divine blessings of goddess nava durga mantra.

જય આદ્યા શક્‍તિ મા જય આદ્યા શક્‍તિ,

અખંડ બ્રહ્માંડ દીપાવ્‍યા (2)પડવે પંડિતમા,

જ્‍યો જ્‍યો મા જગદંબે......

દ્વિતિયા બેય સ્‍વરૂપ શિવ શક્‍તિ જાણું મા શિવ (2)

બ્રહ્મા ગણપતિ ગાઉ (2) હર ગાવું હરમા, જયો જયો..............

તૃતીયા ત્રણસ્‍વરૂપ ત્રિભુવનમાં બેઠા મા,ત્રિભુવન (2)

દયા થકી તરવેણી (2) તમે તારૂણી માતા જયોજયો.......

ચોથે ચતુરા મહાલક્ષ્મી મા સચરાચર વ્‍યાપ્‍યાં, મા (2)

ચાર ભુજા ચૌદિશા, (2) પ્રગટયાં દક્ષિણમાં જયોજયો,

પંચમી પંચ ઋષિ, પંચમી ગુણ પદ્મા, મા પંચમી (2)

પંચ તત્‍વ ત્‍યાં સોહિયે (2)પંચે તત્‍વોમાં જયો જયો

ષષ્ઠિ તું નારાયણી મહિસાસુર માર્યો મા મહિસાસુર (2)

નર નારી ના રૂપે (2)વ્‍યાપ્‍યાં સર્વેમા જયો જયો...........

સપ્તમી સપ્ત પાતાળ સંધ્‍યા સાવિત્રી માં સંધ્‍યા (2)

ગૌ ગંગા ગાયત્રી (2) ગૌરી ગીતા મા જયો જયો...........

અષ્ટમી અષ્ટભુજા આવી આનંદા મા (2)

સુનીવર મુનીવર જનમ્‍યા (2) દેવ દૈત્‍યો મા જયો જયો..........

નવમી નવકુળ નાગ સૈવે નવદુર્ગા મા સેવે (2)

નવરાત્રીના પૂજન, શિવરાત્રીનાં અર્ચન,

કીધાં હર બ્રહ્મા મા જયો જયો................

દશમી દશ અવતાર જય વિજયા દશમી, મા જય (2)

રામે રામ રમાડયા, (2) રાવણ રોબ્‍યો મા જયો જયો

એકાદશી અગિયારસ કાત્‍યાયની કામા મા કાત્‍યાયની (2)

કામદુર્ગા કાળીકા (2) શ્‍યામાને રામા, જ્‍યો જ્‍યો

બારસે બાળારૂપ બહુચરી અંબા મા બહુચરી (2)

બટુક ભૈરવ સોહીએ કાળ ભૈરવ સોહીએ

ત્‍હારા છે તુજ મા, જ્‍યો જ્‍યો.

તેરશે તુળજા રૂપ તમે તારૂણી માતા, મા તમે (2)

બ્રહમાવિષ્‍ણુ સદાશિવ (2) ગુણતારા ગાતા જ્‍યો જ્‍યો...............

ચૌદશે ચૌદા સ્‍વરૂપ, ચંડી ચામુંડા મા ચંડી (2)

ભાવ ભક્‍તિ કાંઈ આપો, ચતુરાઈ કાંઈ આપો,

સિંહ વાહિની માતા, જ્‍યો જ્‍યો.................

પુનમે કુંભ ભર્યો સાંભળજો કરુણા મા સાંભળજો (2)

વસિષ્ઠ દેવે વખાણ્‍યાં માર્કુન્‍ડ દેવે વખાણ્‍યાં,

ગાઈ શુભ કવિતા જ્‍યો જ્‍યો..............

સવંત સોળસત્તાવન સોળસે બાવીસ મા (2)

સવંતસોળમાં પ્રગટયાં (2) રેવાને તીરે, મૈયા ગંગાને તીરે,

મૈયા જમુના ને તીરે (2) જ્‍યો જ્‍યો મા જગદંબે..................

ત્રાંબાવટી નગરી, આઈ રૂપાવટી નગરી માં મંછાવટી નગરી

સોળ સહસ્ત્ર ત્‍યાં સોહીએ (2) ક્ષમા કરો ગૌરી,

મા દયા કરો ગૌરી, જ્‍યો જ્‍યો મા જગદંબે..........

શિવ શક્‍તિની આરતી જે કોઈ ગાશે માં જે કોઈ ગાશે (2)

ભણે શિવાનંદ સ્‍વામી (2) સુખ સંપત્તિ થાશે.

હર કૈલાસે જાશે, મા અંબા દુઃખહરશે, મા બહુચર દુઃખ હરશે,

મા કાલી દુઃખ હરશે, મા લક્ષ્મી દુઃખ હરશે જ્‍યો જ્‍યો..................

ભાવન જાણુ ભક્‍તિ ન જાણું નવજાણું સેવા મા નવ (2)

વલ્લભ ભટ્ટ ને રાખ્‍યો (2) ચરણે સુખ દેવા જયો જયો..............

એકમ એક સ્‍વરૂપ અંતર નવધરશો માં અંતર (2)

ભોળા ભવાની ને ભજતાં (2)ભવ સાગર તરશો,

જ્‍યો જ્‍યો મા જગદંબે,

☀ 1st.Day Sailaputri navratri songs - शैलपुत्री,
☀ 2nd. Day Brahmachariṇi navratri songs - व्रह्मचारणी,
☀ 3rd. Day Candraghaṇṭa navratri songs - चन्द्रघन्टा,
☀ 4th. Day Kusamaṇḍa navratri songs - कुशमन्दा,
☀ 5th. Day Skandamata navratri songs - स्कन्दमाता,
☀ 6th. Day Katyayani navratri songs - कात्यायनी,
☀ 7th. Day Kalaratra navratri songs - कालरात्री,
☀ 8th. Day Mahagauri navratri songs - महागौरी,
☀ 9th. Day Siddhidatri navratri songs - सिद्धिदात्री.
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Gujarati Video Songs and Gujarati Garba, Bhajan and song.

Gujarati Video Songs and Gujarati Garba, Bhajan and song.

  • Gujarati Hit Garba Video Songs.
  • Gujarati Bhakti Devotional song And DJ Navratri garba songs.
  • Get Famous Dayro of Mayabhai ahir and Sairam Dave Best Jokes.
  • Gujarati Bewafa songs by famous gujarati singers.

All Popular Gujarati Video Song by Top Gujarati your Favourite Singer Kinjal Dave, Geeta Rabari, Top Geet.

Gujarati Love and Romentic Video Songs Singer Jignesh Kaviraj, Vijay suvada Best Songs.

Film Industry in Gujarati Actors Singer Vikram Thakor, Naresh Kanodia Film Songs.
Alpa Patel Dayro and Devotional Video Songs, Falguni Pathakold Hit Songs

Bhakti Devotional Songs Singer Hari Bharwad...

Gujarati Video Songs App Features:
Search unlimited video songs with Daily updated new gujarati songs.

Gujarati HD Video songs collection and Save your favorite.

Sound quality is too good and clear, Share with friends and family.
Latest Gujarati Movies and video song then you must have this app, Enjoy the best movies in HD quality.
Gujarati video app is the best Gujarati Video songs app, which has been serving an assortment of folk and tradition dance Video, Gujarati Culture, in a type of music and video songs.

Hit Gujarati Geet And Garba Video Songs list :-

Most Popular Non-stop Gujarati Love and Romantic Songs.

Navratri Special Gujarati Dandiya Songs and Garba Songs.

Garba is a Gujarati folk dance celebrated in Navratri, a celebration lasting nine nights.

ગીતા રબારીનુ ગરબા આલ્બમ ઝણકાર 2.0 જોવા અહિંં ક્લીક કર 

Garba is performed in a circle as a symbol of the Hindu. The rings of dancers revolve in cycles.

The dance is performed around a clay lantern with a light inside.

Navratri is biggest and longest music festival from Gujarat.
Also, Modern Garba is also heavily influenced by Dandiya Raas.

Beginning of the Navratri festival you will need Aarti and Garba we have given it in this application, you can read it with is lyrics of the Aarti and Garba.

This beautiful Gujarati Song - all gujarati Video app has largest & very beautiful collection of your favourite singers like kinjal dave ( કિંજલ દવે ),Geeta rabari ( ગીતા રબારી ),Vijay suvada ( વિજય સુવાડા ),Jignesh kaviraj ( જીગ્નેશ કવિરાજ ),Rakesh barot ( રાકેશ બારોટ  ) etc top  Geet, Video Song,Dj Song and much mor entertainment package as per your demand.

જીગરદાન ગઢવી નુ ગરબા આલ્બમ ખમકારો જોવા અહિં ક્લીક કરો

Gujarati Song - all gujarati Video is a musical application for those people who likes old Gujarati songs.

Gujarati Song : ગુજરાતી ગીત app is organized in different categories like Trending Song, item songs, love songs, favourite song and more category. each category contains top Gujarati songs collection. app contains more than 500+ songs.

Gujarati Song : ગુજરાતી ગીત  have features like add most liked song in to your favourite song list to listen later anytime anywhere. you can also share favourite song with your friends and family. set favourite song as your phone wallpaper.

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Javahar Navoday Vidyalay class 6 six VI admission 2020-21 Result


 Javahar Navoday Vidyalay class  6 six VI admission 2020-21 Result 

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas is a system of schools for talented students predominantly for the rural area in India. They are run by Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, New Delhi, an autonomous organization under the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Special Features 🤩 of EduGorilla's Jawahar Navodaya Entrance Mock Tests
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👉 20+ Mock Tests ⏳ with questions as per the latest exam pattern
👉 Smart user-interface that saves 40% of study time ⏱️
👉 Daily News 📖 provided for the latest issues
👉 Relevant Current Affairs 📖 for the exams
👉 Reminders for Regular Exam Updates 📖
👉 Daily Quiz ⏳ to test your preparation
👉 Detailed analysis 💡 and performance comparison 🤟 on All-India & State-Level basis
👉 Accessible in Hindi, English Language ✍️
👉 The best online exam preparation app available at modest price 🤩

Jawahar Navodaya Entrance App Details
EduGorilla is an online learning platform that curates online learning apps and online mock tests to create a space where interested individuals can learn skills, practice for tests and exams, and ensure overall development. The Jawahar Navodaya Entrance mock test app is one of the online learning apps designed to help prepare aspirants for highly competitive exams. Jawahar Navodaya Entrance mock test app and Jawahar Navodaya Entrance practice exam app have been designed by a team of experts that are designed following the exam pattern and syllabus. The Jawahar Navodaya Entrance exam preparation app helps our aspirants reach beyond their abilities. With the help of our Jawahar Navodaya Entrance exam preparation app candidates can have a clear understanding of the fundamentals necessary for the exam and can tackle the exam with utmost easiness.

Subjects Covered in Jawahar Navodaya Entrance
👉 Mental Ability Test: Figure Matching, Triangle, Figure Series Completion, Geometrical Figure Completion, Odd-Man Out, Square, Analogy, Circle, Mirror Imaging, Punched Hold Pattern, Folding/Unfolding, Space Visualization, Embedded Figure, and Pattern Completion
👉 Arithmetic Test: Number and Numeric System, Fractional Number, and Four Fundamental Operations on them, LCM and HCF, Four Fundamental Operations on the Whole Number, etc.
👉 Language Test: Reading Comprehension, Understanding the given Passages and Selecting the Appropriate Answer.

Procedure to register online for JNV Selection Test 2021

  • (i) The process for submission of application for JNV Selection Test has been simplified through online process. Registration can be done free of cost through the admission portal of NVS linked through and Verification of proofs for residence, age, eligibility etc. will be done for selected candidates through the laid down procedure after the declaration of results.
  • (ii) The eligible candidates have to fill up the online form and upload the certificate with the photograph along with signatures of both candidate and his/her parent/guardian. The attachments should be uploaded in jpg format of the size between10-100 kb only.

What is a mock test? Mock tests are basically practice papers which are prepared entirely based on the latest examination methods and syllabus of the respective exams. These are simulations of real tests that allow aspirants to measure their true potential.

The JNV selection test for the sixth standard admission in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, is arranged every academic session.

Features of our mock-test series:
1. Advanced & robust technology by Mock-Test.In pioneer in JNV Entrance Exams Mock Tests series across all over India.
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Procedure to register online for JNV Selection Test 2021

  • (i) the method for submission of application for JNV Selection Test has been simplified through online process. Registration are often done freed from cost through the admission portal of NVS linked through Verification of proofs for residence, age, eligibility etc. are going to be finished selected candidates through the laid down procedure after the declaration of results.
  • (ii) The eligible candidates need to refill the web form and upload the certificate with the photograph along side signatures of both candidate and his/her parent/guardian. The attachments should be uploaded in jpg format of the dimensions between10-100 kb only.
  • (iii) just in case of candidates from NIOS, candidates should obtain `B’ certificate and residence should be within the same district where he/she is seeking admission.
  • (iv) Online platform is in open source and freed from cost. Application could also be submitted from any source like desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet etc.
  • (v) altogether JNVs a help desk are going to be available to help the candidates/parents to upload application freed from cost. Parents can also approach the assistance desk in JNV along side candidate and required documents like certificate with photograph along side signature of both candidate and his/her parent/guardian and a mobile with valid mobile number for receiving the license number and password through SMS for registration
  • process.

 OFFICIAL NAVODAY WEBSITE પર સૂચનાઓ વાંચવા અહિં ક્લીક કરો

Result of the Navodaya Entrance Test

The results of JNV Selection Test 2021 is predicted to be announced by June 2021. Candidates can get the result from the admission portal. The result will also be displayed within the offices of the concerned:


  • i. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya
  • ii. District Education Officer
  • iii. District Magistrate

  • Deputy Commissioner, Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti of the Region.
  • v. the web site of the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

    The Principal, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya concerned, also will inform the selected candidates through SMS on the registered mobile number followed by a speed post.

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    HD Camera For Android | HD Professional Camera

    HD Camera For Android | HD Professional Camera


    An easy and faster HD camera for Android to catch moments, panorama, quick snap & filters. Moreover, this is a native android system camera app. HD professional Camera utilized all advantages of your phone or tablet. Let you snaps quick and straightforward photos and videos.

    Key Features Of HD Camera For Android:

    HD Camera For Android | HD Professional Camera
    • camera and video features.
    • Moreover, 3D camera, video recorder & panorama.
    • As well as pinch to zoom
    • Smart panorama shooting.
    • Moreover, countdown timer.
    • As well as a dynamic user interface (phone/tablet)
    • Moreover, widescreen pictures.
    • As well as picture quality setting.
    • White stability settings are likewise Incandescent, Fluorescent, Auto, Daylight and Cloudy.
    • Moreover, Screen mode settings(Action, Night, Sunset, Play)
    • Exposure.
    • Location targeting.
    • Moreover, Configurable volume keys.
    • Photo Collage.
    • Moreover, Photo crop and photo editing.
    HD Camera For Android | HD Professional Camera

    Although within the current market, there are have many sorts of camera applications. Moreover, we still think this android native application is that the most effective and ready to meet a user needs. Here only as a complement for those devices that are not installed android native system provides an additional option.


    The special permissions for use

    દુનિયા નું પ્રથમ, અહીંથી જુઓ સંપૂર્ણ ફોટો PDF

    1, android. permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION

    HD Professional Camera can remember your photos and videos location if you would like. Moreover, other apps can access this information alongside your saved images.

    2, android. permission.READ_CONTACTS

    After you’re taking a photograph, you’ll share it with others. Moreover, HD Camera wants to browse the contacts information and assist you to share photos via email, SMS, or other apps.


    HD Camera For Android is based on aboriginal android camera code and licensed under the Apache License.


    Apache License:

    Download HD Camera From Here



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    The description of Hotstar APK Live IPL 2022

    The description of the Hotstar APK Live IPL 2022 

     IPL 2022 Schedule, IPL Live Score, Points Table app permit you can be watch IPL 2022 live score, schedule for the IPL 2022, and much further. We've information about the every IPL 2022 team and their players for you. You can be watch any player's stats and information anytime. In the IPL 2022 Schedule app, you will obtain all the records and achievements of players in the Indian Premier League in one place. After the every match, the IPL 2022 points table will be streamlined. You can be also see the formerly IPL winners and their performance. The Schedule for the IPL 2022 will be displayed in a truly voguish manner for you. 

     All the bottommost updates in the IPL 2022 will be in your hand. noway miss any event or fleeting moment in the league with the IPL 2022 Schedule, IPL Live Score, Points Table app. 

    Feature Of The IPL 2022 Schedule App, IPL Live Score, Points Table operation 

     ✓ Schedule for IPL 2022. 

     ✓ IPL 2022 Live Score. 

     ✓ IPL 2022 Schedule App. 

    ✓ Team List. 

     ✓ Points Table. 

     ✓ IPL 2022 Match Schedule/ Institutions. 

     ✓ conjure 11 prophecy . 

    ✓ conjure platoon prognostications for IPL 2022. 

    All updates about the IPL 2022 matches will be accessible in the Schedule for the IPL App for you for free. bottommost events and updates will be handed to you directly. You can be read around the events and catch up with all the action in IPL just by using the IPL 2022 Schedule App. noway miss the single thing around your favorite IPL series. 

    IPL is the biggest sports festival in the India. You can enjoy this festival with IPL 2022 Schedule, IPL Live Score, Points Table, and noway miss out on any action. 

    Get all the details about IPL 2022 involving Live Scores, Match Information, IPL Schedules and Institutions, every Team's Details, and numerous farther goods. In IPL 2022 Schedule App you can be check IPL schedules or matches of your favorite team or you can be check the IPL schedule timing of any match, as well as the IPL live score of any match in just one stopcock. This Is an unofficial App for IPL T20 2022 Player list. 

    There are 8 armies partake in IPL 2022 event. Information about every team and their players are accessible in the app. Also, the schedule for IPL 2022 contains your favorite team's IPL schedule as well.

    ક્રિકેટમાં નવા બોલ અને જૂનાં બોલનું મહત્વ શું છે? જાણવા જેવી માહિતી

     armies participating in IPL 2022 are 

    - Chennai Super lords. 

    - Mumbai Indians. 

    - Rajasthan Royals. 

    -Royal contenders Bangalore. 

    - Sunrisers Hyderabad. 

    - lords XI Punjab. 

    - Delhi Devils. 

    - Kolkata Knight Riders. 

    IPL 2022 Schedule, IPL Live Score, Points Table App Contains detailed information about all IPL outfits and IPL armies. You can check IPL live match and list of every team with details including player profile and statistics. We also give you with IPL news & updates. You can gain every single IPL live score update in just one swipe. We'll also notify you about the bottommost news, scores, and any action that happens during the IPL 2022. IPL live score will be handed in this app as soon as the season's first bowl is thrown. Till also you can read the schedule for IPL 2022, armies, player list, and old series or winner history of IPL. We also have provocative papers about IPL 2022 for you in the app which you can indulge in any time you want to. 

    Hotstar APK train for Android4.0 and over. Hotstar is a free Entertainment app. It's easy to download and install to your mobile phone. 

    Please be alive that mytechnogeek only partake the original and free pure apk installer for Hotstar12.1.8 APK without any variations 

    The average standing is3.90 out of 5 stars on playstore. If you want to know further about Hotstar also you may visit Novi Digital Entertainment Pvt Ltd support center for farther information 

     All the apps & games also are for home or particularuseonly.However, please communicate us, If any apk download infringes your brand. Hotstar is the property and trademark from the innovator Novi Digital Entertainment PvtLtd. 

     VIVO IPL 2021 Score Vivo Indian Premier League 2021( VIVO IPL 2021 Score) quotidian schedule announced by Board of Control for Cricket in India( BCCI). IPL will be played in UAE from19-09-2021 to15-10-2021. The IPL is set to be played in the IPL in view of the growing cases of nimbus in India. A total of 31 matches playing in which Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah. 

     Watch the bottommost TV journals, filmland and LIVE sports on your Android device for free! Watch full circumstances of your favourite shows, full Hindi/ Bollywood, English, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu and Bengali filmland in addition to live justice. 

    On Hotstar, you can watch full circumstances of your favourite TV journals from popular channels like Star Plus, Life OK, Channel V, Star Vijay, Asianet, Suvarna, Star Jalsha, Star Pravah, Asianet Plus, Star Utsav, Star World, MAA TV and others 

     Hotstar also has full circumstances of your favourite TV Shows from the times gone by – Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kasautii Zindagi Ke, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Mahabharat, Khichdi, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. 

     bottommost Bollywood Blockbusters We also contemporize our movie canon regularly with the biggest Bollywood blockbusters from Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn, Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif and others – full filmland, available to aqueduct online for free 


    Hotstar App Download APK for Android Mobile 

     Hotstar apk is available for Android mobile device for free. Please read also for farther details about Hotstar app download for Android Mobile. The free goods which were available on the internet are earning capitalist, and it will be open material presently by the coming times. Making a content company began with YouTube, and this has now broadened to every channel on the earth.

     Important Link 






    •  Great new Hunt Our all new hunt point will help you find exactly what you ’re looking for, in an moment! 
    •  Choose your videotape quality Choose the bitrate of your streaming videotape as per your relish. 
    •  Great videotape experience on any bandwidth indeed on 2G! 
    •  Resume Hotstar will flash back where you stopped watching and can pick up exactly at the point where you left off – across bias! 


     Please note that the ‘ download ’ point has been temporarily taken off the app. We ’re giving this point a facelift and it'll be back on the app veritably soon, better than ever ahead. Kindly bear with us for a many days 

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    Live English learning, English speaking, Penguin Readers, Upskill Assessment

    Live English literacy, English speaking, Penguin compendiums, Upskill Assessment 


     Learning English is all around rehearsing to speak trustfully and fluently. 

     The enguru Live English Learning app helps you meliorate your spoken and written English through online live classes with expert instructors, special florilegium performances of bestselling novels, and a free tone- knowledge course. Now you can also prove your position of English for implicit employers with a instrument of global leader in English language tests, Cambridge Upskill 

     With PalFish, youths can browse innumerable well- known picture books and enjoy screen time with knowledge and fun. 

     Exercise English over video discourse with a native speaker! 


     • Live English Classes with English Speaking Practice Our live classes are led by the Cambridge good instructors and are filled with speaking exertion where you get to exercise English speaking. 

     • Your first day of the live classes is completely FREE – take as numerous classes as you like in your free plan. 

     • After the your free classes, elect a subscription plan Gold( 8 scholars/ class), tableware( 12 scholars/ class) or Citation( 25 scholars/ class) 

    ધો.૧૨ HSC પેપરસેટ ડાઉનલોડ

     • We offer UNLIMITED classes for the subscription period you elect 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 time. 

     • Live Classes for the people of all situations – beginner, Medium or Hard. We also supply separate classes for the youths! 

     • Penguin albums Subscription – access the swish contemporary fabrication, essentialnon- fabrication and popular classic novels written for learners of English. 

     • Prove your English chops to the world with the Revolutionary Upskill from the Cambridge test. Cambridge English’s first mobile predicated assessment. simply accessible on enguru. 

     • Engage albums Subscription- Learn wisdom & social studies through pleasurable stories & prints, written at different reading situations. Tied to your child's class! 

     • Practice perfecting your English with our FREE tone- knowledge course. 600 situations of the vocabulary and ABC. 


     We resolved all these issues by developing a speaking mate with multitudinous functionalities. Most important bones 




     1. Asuper-intelligent VoiceBot speaker that will be available on your phone24/ 7 to exercise and learn, which will make knowledge fun and will help in perfecting your vocabulary efficiently. 


     2. She can speak, she can hear, she can understand you, she will hail for you when you are correct and most importantly, she will correct your pronunciations whenever you will make one while rehearsing, in anon- protrusive manner and she'll not judge you ever on your knowledge. 

     prsonalized material for each user- She will communicate with you as if you are having a discussion with your friend on motifs starting from your quotidian conditions to your interview needs. 

     You just need to exercise with our Speaker and you gradually learn to converse. You need not worry about Grammar. 

     By simply listening and rehearsing, one can meliorate their knowledge of vocabulary and judgment conformation and can have super easy access to these assignments anytime and anywhere indeed if your phone is in offline mode. 


     Don't study anything- Comes with Audio- illustrations so that you don't have to study anything on a quotidian base. 

     Instant results feedback that will help you in the improvement of your vocabulary with pronunciation chops. 

    The app itself makes your effectiveness certain about your knowledge by tracking your progress as you practice. The position of difficulty will increase with your progress over time and it will help you increase your communication and pronunciation. 

     Our app provides you a platform where you can meliorate your speaking chops using only words you formerly know. Offline or online that is over to you. 

     About 30 days of tone- practice with our Voice Isbot will take down all your hesitancy, boost your confidence and you will have all the munitions( words, rulings, quotidian use English) in your belt. 

     Time to go live to master your communication chops and ignorance. 

     To master your speaking ignorance & communication chops, you need an English speaking mate to exercise with, without breaking your bank( or loan EMIs). 

     Drink to Speako Club( designedforB.Tech & MBA scholars) 

     1. practice English live 11 under expert guidance 

     2. new motifs & new mates quotidian 

     3. misapprehensions explained by experts after every session 

     4. private network, members only 

     5. swish for lot placement/ job contenders

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    GPSC Deputy Mamlatdar/ Dy.S.o. PROVISIONAL RESULT Result Declared

    GPSC Deputy Mamlatdar/ Dy.S.o.  PROVISIONAL RESULT Result Declared

    The following 4942 candidates are declared provisionally qualified in the Combined Competitive (Preliminary) Exam conducted by the Gujarat Public Service Commission on 01.08.2021 for the Advt. No. 27/2020‐21, Deputy Section Officer, Class‐3. The candidates are declared provisionally qualified for appearing in the Main Written Examination, subject to their fulfilling all conditions of eligibility of Advt. No. 27/2020-21.





    2. NEWS & EVENTS











    GPSC Online is a single stop platform where you can start preparation yourself and crack any exams , We are running our own mobile application where you can find video lectures of all the subjects as well as we provide daily tests, So you can examine your knowledge. Here you can find:

    (1) Video Lectures :

    - We provide video lectures of all the subjects with very easy explanations.You can watch the videos online as well as you can download it and watch it further in your free time. By watching our video lectures you will be able to make good notes for revisions.

    (2) Daily Test :

    - This is the necessary step, but most of the students don’t give it much importance.The knowledge gained by watching videos and reading books must be examined.We provide Daily Test, So you can practice for upcoming exams and can be able to do time management in examination hall.Time Table of daily test can be found at notification section in our app. 

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    Download Photo Editor App : Best Fro photo Editing

    There are three types of photo editors on Android. There are some that try to rival desktop photo editors in power like Adobe Lightroom CC. The second type is a lighter editor like Snapseed that does the basics and tries to do the work for you. Finally, we have the social media filter photo editors that don’t do much but add some fun effects. There are enough of all three of those options to make one’s head spin so we made a list of the best photo editors for Android. Please note, none of these have the power that something like Gimp, Lightroom, or Photoshop has. For more serious photo editing, you’ll still need a computer and one of the best photo editors on those platforms as well!...

    * Color : exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint and hue
    * Curves & Levels : fine-tuning of colors
    * Effects : gamma correction, auto contrast, auto tone, vibrance, blur, sharpen, oil paint, sketch, black & white high contrast, sepia, and more
    * Adding text, images or shapes
    * Frame, Denoise, Drawing, Pixel, Clone, Cut Out
    * Rotation, Straighten, Crop, Resize
    * Corrections : perspective, lens, red-eye, white balance and backlight
    * Easily edit with the touch and pinch-to-zoom interface
    * Save images in JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP and PDF
    * View, edit, or delete Metadata (EXIF, IPTC, XMP)
    * Save your final result to your gallery, as wallpaper, or on your SD card
    * Share photos with e-mail, SNS and more
    * Batch, Crop(Puzzle), Compress to ZIP, Create PDF, Animated GIF
    * Webpage Capture, Video Capture, PDF Capture(Lollipop+)
    * Ad-free option is available (Settings > Purchase Items)

    Photo Backgrounds Eraser & AI Cutout Tool

    - Cut out the subject of a photo and decorate it with a fun new background;
    - Use photo backgrounds as a green screen for your images;
    - Add cut-out pictures to stickers.

    👓60+ Filters for Pictures

    - Lomo, PINK, Vignette, Natural, Warm, Dew, Dark, Cocoa...
    - Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, warmth etc.

    Glitch Effects & Blur Background

    - GB, RG, Neon, Negative, Swirl, Pixel, Fisheye and more;
    - Blur photo background to get DSLR Blur Effect.

    👑Photo Blender & Light FX

    - Mix and blend two images to make stunning artworks;
    - Bokeh, Lens, Splash and dozens of light leaks effects.


    💃Body Retouch
    - Slim body and face to get a perfect figure;
    - Elongate legs to make your proportion better;
    - Multiple hairstyle, muscles and tattoos stickers.


    🎨Photo Collage Maker
    - Remix up to 18 picture into a photo collage instantly;
    - 100+ grids, massive backgrounds, frames, filters to choose from;
    - Halloween, Aesthetic, Cartoon, Emoji, Doodles and more photo stickers for BABY.


    + Powerful and easy photo editing tools;
    + Hundreds of filters for pictures and photo effects;
    + Glitch and light leaks effects;
    + Photo editor background change;
    + Body editor for slimming body & face;


    + Collage maker with 100+ layouts and backgrounds;

    + Blur photo editor with DSLR blur effect;
    + Massive fun stickers;
    + Draw and add text with various art fonts;
    + Crop, rotate, vertical and horizon;
    + Adjust brightness, contrast, warmth and saturation etc;
    + Highlight and shadow;
    + Insta 1:1 square & blur background for Instagram.
    + Share pictures of high resolution to Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

    100+ Photo Effect

    Highlight your photo with charming photo effect. Sparkle, art, old, aesthetic, vintage filters, glitter, overlay, glitch, angel wings photo effect… There are so many interesting features wait for your discovering.


    Aesthetic Photo Editor
    Aesthetic Photo Editor allows you add cool aesthetic glitch effects to your photos. Start your psychedelic journey with glitch effects. If you are a fan of Aesthetic style, you can not skip this Aesthetic photo editor.

    Blur Photo Editor

    A must-have blur photo editor with advanced blur image brush. It is used to blur parts of your photo to get DSLR blur effect. You can also unblur the image with eraser and adjust its blur strength as well.
    મદુરાઇ મિનાક્ષી મંદિર WEST TOWER GIGAPIXEL ફોટો જોવા અહિં ક્લીક કરો




    These free photo editing apps will help make the photos you take on your mobile device or tablet even more amazing than they already are. In fact, you might love them so much that you won't find much of a need for free online photo editors or free photo editing software.

    You'll find a ton of features in each of these free photo editing apps that include options to adjust colors, change orientation, crop, add effects, frame a photo, add stickers, remove red-eye, add fonts, and so much more.

    If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you'll be pleased to know that nearly every one of these apps is available on your phone and completely free to download and use.  
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    Socratic by Google APK

    Need to get unstuck? Socratic can help! This learning app, powered by Google AI, helps you understand your schoolwork at a high school and university level. Ask Socratic a question and the app will find the best online resources for you to learn the concepts. Socratic supports most high school subjects.

    Socratic by Google APK

    *** KEY FEATURES ***

    Use your voice or camera to connect to online resources and understand any problem.

    Find videos, step-by-step explanations, and more to learn subjects at your own pace.

    Socratic partnered with teachers and experts to bring you visual explanations in each subject, so you can learn the concepts behind any problem.

    Currently includes Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and Literature. More to come!

    અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

    Socratic is an education tech company that offers a mobile app for students. The app uses AI technology to help students with their homework by providing educational resources like videos, definitions, Q&A, links and more.

    Socratic was first launched as a web product in 2013 by Chris Pedregal and Shreyans Bhansali, in New York City, United States. They launched their app under the same name in 2016.

    In March 2018, Socratic was acquired by Google for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition was kept secret from the public until August 2019, when the Founder and CTO (now engineering manager) Shreyans Bhansali announced that the company had joined Google. The wake of news was accompanied by a redesigned iOS app.

    Starting from August 2018, Socratic became no longer available for user contributions; past contributions were kept, but it was no longer possible to ask, answer, or edit questions

    The Socratic app utilizes artificial intelligence to accurately predict which concepts will help a student solve their question. Over months, millions of real student questions were analyzed and classified. Then the app uses that data to guess on future questions and provide specific education content.

    The app works by letting students take a photo of a homework question, a feature that was later added to Google Lens. Using Optical character recognition (OCR), the app is able to read their photo and classify it using the technology described above. Students receive various "cards" in the app with different learning resources such as definitions, YouTube videos, Q&A, and original content and illustrations written by the web community.

    In January 2017, Socratic added additional Math features to the app, including step-by-step equation help and graphs.

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