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 Here we Put some Useful android Application to work properly and easy in your routine work.

so read All Application List Properly and Downlaod which is useful for you.

Old Telephone ringtone App

The ringtones on this website are in .mp3 format and is compatible with most mobile phones. Download ringtones and use them on Nokia Mobile phones, Samsung, Sony Ericsson phones, LG mobiles, Motorola phones etc...

A telephone, or phone, may be a telecommunications device that allows two or more users to conduct a conversation once they aren't within the same vicinity of every other to be heard directly. A telephone converts sound, typically and most efficiently the human voice, into electronic signals suitable for transmission via cables or other transmission media over long distances, and replays such signals simultaneously in audible form to its user. Old phone ringtones free download.

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Photo Editor App  collection

With filters & effects, you'll easy to reinforce your photos. you'll also edit photo with many editing tools like brightness, contrast, saturation, color, etc. it is the best photo editor pro. With blur effects, crop, text, sticker, draw, mosaic and far more tools, you'll easy to form your photos stand out. it is the best photo editor free. With photo collage maker, you'll combine several photos into beautiful collage. Choose layout you wish , edit grid, add filters & stickers, and share photo stories on Instagram. it is the best photo collage maker.

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Voice typing App Guide

Voice-to-text apps can be very useful for busy professionals. If you’re always on the go or you think faster than you can write, these special programs can increase efficiency and store your recordings safe and sound via the cloud. 

Factors that you should consider when looking at voice-to-text apps include accuracy, shortcuts, and available languages. Whether you want to take notes, send quick messages or translate on the fly, the apps below are ready to help.

It is a free voice to text app developed by Microsoft for Window users to control their devices with voice commands. Using this speech to text converter, they can draft emails, navigate apps and move the mouse cursor. With Voice finger free speech to text app, you can fully control your device without having to rely on a mouse and keyboard. Voice Finger is an upgraded version of Windows Speech Recognition and responds to shorter voice commands for typing numbers, letters, spacing between paragraphs, etc.

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Dictionary/ Translate App 

Download the amount one free dictionary app with English learning tools built for each level of learner.

With quite 2 million trusted definitions and synonyms, the English dictionary and thesaurus app for Android is optimized together with your mobile device in mind to assist you learn English or improve your English vocabulary. It even works offline! Install the offline dictionary for access to definitions and synonyms whenever and wherever you would like them — no bulky books necessary. In addition to the trusted reference content from and, this education app includes: Let’s say you spend tons of your time reading on the subway, and you don’t have tons of space left on your phone. during this case, you ought to get a dictionary app that's small and has an offline option.

See how easy that was?
Besides being convenient for looking up words, dictionary apps are often an excellent thanks to increase your vocabulary. a number of them even have special features that assist you learn.

Download Gujarati-English Administrative Dictionary pdf 

Spoken English App

 The Sampark Smart Shala Mobile App is developed by Sampark Foundation. It provides access to thousands of teaching-learning resources in Hindi, including Sampark Smart Shala animated video lessons, rhymes, stories, interactive and interesting games, and classroom activities, worksheets, quizzes, all mapped to state textbooks, and developed in accordance with the states’ syllabus.

Then this app is ideal for you. we offer many lessons designed to offer you excellent English conversation practise.

In order to enhance your English conversation, you would like to enhance your listening, understanding, and speaking. With the good features we added, you'll definitely improve your English conversation skills.

We have over 200 English conversation lessons, which incorporates the following:

- Listening exercises to enhance your listening

- Quizzes to assist you understand

- Conversation practise feature to enhance your speaking

- Conversation recording tool to trace your progress

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Calendar app 

Get the official Google Calendar app, a part of Google Workspace, for your Android phone and tablet to save lots of time and make the foremost of each day.

• alternative ways to look at your calendar - Quickly switch between month, week, and day view.
• Events from Gmail - Flight, hotel, concert, restaurant reservations, and more are added to your calendar automatically.
• Tasks - Create, manage, and consider your tasks alongside your events in Calendar
• all of your calendars in one place - Google Calendar works with all calendars on your phone, including Exchange.

It doesn't matter what your business does—time is your most precious resource. you would like to form sure you're spending that point wisely, and therefore the calendar is your budget. That's why it is so important you discover the simplest calendar app for the work .
 We considered and tested several dozen calendar apps, to uncover the simplest options. Here's what we found. Click on any app to find out more about why we chose it, or keep reading for more context on what makes an excellent calendar app.

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Online Learning App

 In the last 20 years, the Internet has grown from being nearly non-existent into the largest, most accessible database of information ever created. It has changed the way people communicate, shop, socialise, do business and think about knowledge and learning. Much more than just a new twist on distance learning, online schooling is changing the face of traditional classrooms and making education more accessible than ever before.

Online education is a form of education where students use their home computers through the internet. For many nontraditional students, among them all those who want to continue working full time or raising families, online graduations and courses have become popular in the past decade. Often online graduation and course programmes, some of which are conducted using digital technologies, are provided via the online learning portal of the host university. 

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Whatsapp  useful App

How to create stickers for WhatsApp
We provide sample apps and code for both Android and iOS, so you'll drop by your sticker art and build an app with minimal development or coding experience. Advanced developers also can make richer sticker apps using the set of APIs and interfaces that WhatsApp supports.

Read the wants below for designing stickers and ask the README files related to the sample apps for the entire list of requirements and tips to make your sticker app.
For Android users, ready to "> you'll publish your sticker app to the Google Play Store and users who download and install your app are going to be able to start sending those stickers directly from within WhatsApp. For iOS developers please read the IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT iOS APPS section.


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