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make your own online mock test, set multiple choice questions & share with ease.

make your own online mock test, set multiple choice questions & share with ease. 

 Test Easy is a web class test maker operation that permits you to make, publish and partake examinations. Creating an test has noway been easier. what you would like to try to to is simply prisoner, crop, edit and upload the paper, that's it. 

 Test Easy are frequently employed by preceptors, coaches,non-profits, businesses and other professionals who need a simple thanks to snappily make examinations, tests, and quizzes online. you will produce and publish your first test during a many twinkles.

 The British Council's test and instrument of English for employability. 


 Discover your English position with a recognised English test 

 Looking to learn English? 


 Take a free English test with incontinently available results 

- Test your alphabet, vocabulary, harkening and reading chops and compare yourself to others 

- sword oneself against English examinations like IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC 

- Includes the choice to shop for a instrument to prove your English position to an employer 

- Get course recommendations to help you learn English 

 Why EnglishScore? 


 ★ EnglishScore is recognised. Our instrument is accepted by employers around the world, see some of them then 


 Why EnglishScore? 


 S pronounced English score. Our instrument is accepted by employers around the world, see some of them then 

 ★ The English score is believed. Every time, further than two million people take transnational English tests and qualifications at the British Council. 

 ★ English score is quick and accurate. Get to know your English position in 30 twinkles with a test designed by the British Council. 

 S English score free. Join millions of English learners and take a free test moment. Test your English chops and get your results in no time. 


 Discover your English position with a recognised English test 

  •  Take a free English test with incontinently available results 
  • - Test your alphabet, vocabulary, harkening and reading chops and compare yourself to others 
  •  - Prepare for English examinations similar as IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC 
  •  - Includes the option to buy a instrument to prove your English position to an employer 
  • - Get course recommendations to help you learn English 


 5. Check test Result & Calculate Marks incontinently 


 Test Easy allows to check pupil's score, review answer key and share score card incontinently at one click. Checking papers has noway been easier. 

 Once a pupil is done with their test, you as a schoolteacher will modernize your result exertion list, you can review the grade report and see which questions got it wrong. 


 6. Share score card 


 After calculating score, you'll have an option to partake score card and add fresh views to it. 

 so, save your precious time, make your own online mock test with ease, in a time effective way, try out Test Easy, the mock test maker app. 


ધોરણ ૬ થી ૮ વિજ્ઞાન MCQ પ્રશ્નો


 ■ English( Std- 3 to 8) તમામ ઉપયોગી માહિતી 

 ★ EnglishScore is trusted. per annum, over two million people take transnational English examinations and qualifications with British Council. 

 ★ EnglishScore is quick and accurate. Know your English position in as little as half- hour with a test designed by British Council. 

 ★ EnglishScore is free. Join numerous English learners and take the free test moment. Test your English chops and gain your results at no cost. 

 The British Council's test and instrument of English for employability. 


 About the English test 


 EnglishScore gives you a score between 0 and 599. This score aligns to A1- C1 on the CEFR scale. you will use your CEFR score to match results with tests like IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL. 

 You can still learn English with course recommendations supported your pretensions and test performance. 

 To guard against infidelity, EnglishScore takes security seriously. Every test is exclusive because it's made fresh from our expansive item bank whenever you begin. We use the camera to form sure that the test taker is performing alone, and limit reprise tests to make sure the score may be a fair representation of English capability. 

 About the English test 


 EnglishScore gives you a score between 0 and 599. This score aligns to A1- C1 on the CEFR scale. You can use your CEFR score to compare results with tests similar as IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL. 

 You can continue to learn English with course recommendations grounded on your pretensions and test performance. 

 To guard against infidelity, EnglishScore takes security seriously. Every test is unique as it's erected fresh from our expansive item bank each time you start. We use the camera to make sure that the test taker is working alone, and limit reprise tests to insure the score is a fair representation of English capability. 


The ePathshala, a joint initiative of Ministry of Education & NCERT.

ABREVIATION PDF અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

બાળવિકાસ અને શૈક્ષણિક સિધ્ધાંત અંગે મહત્વના પ્રશ્ન જવાબ ICE ACADEMY

શૈક્ષણિક મનિવિજ્ઞાન અંગે મહત્વના પ્રશ્ન જવાબ ICE ACADEMY

 શૈક્ષણિક અભિયોગ્યતા અગત્યના પ્રશ્ન જવાબ

 The Digital India Campaign has promoted the wide use of ICT in the literacy process. Ministry of Education( MoE), ePathshala a common action of the government. India and the National Council for Educational Research and Training( NCERT) have been developed for the demonstration and dispersion of all educationale-resources, including handbooks, audio, videotape, magazines and colorful other digital coffers. EPathshala Mobile App SDG thingno. 4 as well as that means indifferent, quality, inclusive education and barring lifelong literacy and digital peak for all. 



વિષયવસ્તુ ૩૨૦૦ પ્રશ્નોની મેગા PDF

૨૦૦૦ પ્રશ્નો ગુજરાતી,પ્રજ્ઞા,ગણિત,સામાજિક, અંગ્રેજી,હિન્દી,પર્યાવરણ વિષયવસ્તુ

૪૦૦૦ પ્રશ્નો ગુજરાતી,પ્રજ્ઞા,ગણિત,સામાજિક, અંગ્રેજી,હિન્દી,પર્યાવરણ વિષયવસ્તુ 

પર્યાવરણ ધો. ૩ થી ૫ ના પ્રશ્નો ની PDF અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

પ્રજ્ઞા અભિગમ પ્રશ્ન જવાબ ફાઇલ અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો


 scholars, preceptors, preceptors and Parents can pierce eBooks through multiple technology platform that's mobile phones and tablets( as epub) and from the web gate through laptops and desktops( as Flipbook). ePathshala also allows druggies to carry as numerous books as their device supports. Features of these books allow druggies to pinch, elect, zoom, bookmark, punctuate, navigate, partake, hear to textbook using textbook to speech( TTS) apps and make notes digitally. 




 નવી શિક્ષણનીતિ અહીંથી વાંચો

ગુણોત્સવ 2.0 વિશે અહીંથી વાંચો

નવી શિક્ષણ નીતિ PDF અહીંથી વાંચો 

ધોરણ વાઇઝ અદયયન નિષ્પતી ફાઇલ

HTAT મોડ્યુલ અહીથી વાંચો

અત્યાર સુધી લેવાયેલ એકમ કસોટી પ્રશ્નપત્રો

ભાષાદીપ બુક અહીંથી વાંચો

શિક્ષક આવૃત્તિ અહીંથી વાંચો 1 અને 2 માટે

શિક્ષણ પ્રશિક્ષણ સાહિત્ય

 1. Make online examinations easy 

 still, just drag and drop it, but you can still produce your own queries and set fresh images, If your questionnaire is in jpg/ png format. Easy testing allows you to overlook the paper, 

 Edit and remove or remove redundant textbook on the paper for better viewing. Examinations can be made offline until they're eventually ready to be published. By traveling, the test is easy to understand the simple format and add your own questions to yours 

 Set up a piece of paper. You're allowed to add as numerous papers as you need for a particular test. 


 2. Release Exams 

 After you produce a test, you can publish it, it'll make your test live for others on the garçon database to pierce the paper anytime, anywhere. 

 All that's needed to pierce the paper and give the test is the test ID which will be generated as soon as you publish it, you have to partake your test ID with those who want to take the test. 

 It's veritably easy to publish the paper and access it. You can mark the test as private if you suppose the paper should no longer be penetrated, just by clicking on the assigned button called' Finish prosecution'. 


 3. Share Ids 

 As a schoolteacher you can partake live tests to be penetrated by scholars. Anyone with IDS can pierce the paper, considering that he has formerly registered as a pupil in Test Easy. 

 Anyone can partake public examinations with others. Only you can partake your own public examinations with others unless they're live. 

 still, participating examinations is an indispensable way to assign schoolwork to your scholars, If you're a schoolteacher. 


 4. Organize your creations 

 Test papers are saved locally on your phone, you'll have a list of your rearmost creations. Test Easy allows you to fluently navigate through all your creations, you're allowed 

 Edit and copublish any of your creations with or without revision. You can also cancel a composition if you suppose it uses too long and clears some memory. 

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Create festival banner, all wishes & greeting cards, & social media banners

Produce jubilee banner, all wishes & greeting cards, & social media banners 

 “ How Do I Make Banner Images on my Phone just within no time ” 

 Making a banner for Social Media Marketing or your business purpose is no more a challenge. With quick and simple features, you can produce an announcement offer, Bill, Pamphlet, or a promotional post for your WhatsApp Business App. 

Friendship Day felicitations, Cards, Wishes, Stickers or dispatches to your musketeers.

Stay connected and in sync with your entire family and eliminate the multiple texts needed to coordinate your family events and daily life. Family Locator alerts you when your family members have checked in at a location and thanks to GPS sensors in your phone, family locator can also advise if someone is running late.
Finding Family

It's Friendship Day... The perfect day to reach out to all your friends with our warm and cute happy friendship day e-cards..

Friendship Day is enthusiastically celebrated every year by many countries. 
The traditional celebrations include meeting with friends and exchanging of cards, flowers and gifts.

Latest & new friendship greeting E-cards to impress your friend.

Start editing your pictures with InFrame Photo Editor.

A true friendship is one, where the individuals do not have to be formal and that the comfort level which each share with each other is of enormous quality...

Celebrate the special bond you share with your best friend with these cute and loving friendship greetings.

Send one of our greeting cards, stickers, quotes/messages  on friendship day to wish them.

Design your own friendship cards with friendship wishes. Personalize your message and add a photo for a personal touch. 

Friendship day greetings to make friendship day greeting cards using photo effects, wishes, stickers and messages. 

You can share greetings, stickers, wishes or messages with friends and family on social apps like Whatsapp, Twitter, G+, Facebook, Hike, Line, WeChat and others.
It works without internet too.
You can save or share the final photo.

Create Shri Ram AI 3D Image with Bing Image Creater

Step of Create Shri Ram AI 3D Image

  • Download This Application
  • Click On Apps
  • Click On Image Creator
  • Copy and Paste Below Text
  • Write your Name

Friendship day Greetings Cards has unique features:
1. All work in single screen.
2. Full view canvas.
3. Share Stickers to social apps.
4. Share Quotes to social apps.
5. Set Greeting as wallpaper.
6. Quotes to choose from.
7. Landscape and Portrait support.
8. Photo effects.

So, download the Digital Banner app, and start exploring your creativity by editing, cropping, adding effects and mixing it with the high quality picture. Yes, you can add wonderful stickers and customize the theme that would transform your regular post into a finely tuned professional post..

A few of the most popular features of Festival greeting card maker App are-
⦁ Customize the text, logo and theme – Crop and Rotate

⦁ Easy to download and easy to share
⦁ Over 100+ Categories are available like
⦁ Festivals
⦁ Greetings
⦁ Motivational
⦁ Business ethics

⦁ Devotional
⦁ Inspirational thoughts
⦁ Good Morning & Good Night
⦁ Happy Birthday and Anniversaries, Death Anniversaries Wishes and many more.
⦁ Full support on the editing tools – Redo/Undo Changes
⦁ Free graphical app with personalized offers and discount

Days & Festival's celebration like as Republic, Independence, April Fool, Blood Donor, Earth, Eid Milad, Fathers, Mothers, Women's, Friendship, Gujarat, Labor, Teachers, Technology, Valentine, Water, Cancer, Environment, Health, Wildlife, Nontobacco, AIDS, Doctors, Youth Day, Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Holi, Basant Panchami, Shivaratri, Baisakhi, Rama Navami, Ramadan, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Durga Ashtami, Karwa Chauth, Narak Chaturdashi, Diwali, Gudi Padwa, Pateti, Onam and many more. and also we provide Gods and Freedom fighters Birth Anniversaries

This is one of the best Festival banner maker app trusted by millions of users for Business Brand Promotion and creating status-specific posters. From professional to casual messages, you can use this ideal Best wishes app that gives you an opportunity to keep your brand updated and activated.

If you share its post on your WhatsApp status and other social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it will improve your networking and give a reason to expand your business across the globe. So, download this Business marketing post maker app and start connecting with your prospects or past clients. Show them how active you are and give a reason to start working on the next project.
Download now and explore this WhatsApp status maker app!

But, how do I create a banner?
⦁ Go to the Play Store and type ‘Digital Banner App’ and Download it
⦁ Select the 100+ categories from festivals to theme based
⦁ Start making your banner and explore similar options in the app
⦁ Save your poster and Start Downloading
⦁ Share to your Story or Status

Isn’t that so simple and quite user-friendly? Yes, this is one of the best Banner Making App for Social media application to increase your business and grow your community.

We know, Hiring a Graphic Designer for brochure and post, could be a costly affair. And therefore, we have designed this Best greeting card maker app especially for your designing requirement where you don’t require any specific skills or knowledge. Starting editing in our pre-built templates. Believe it or not you will love it, DEFINITELY!

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Online Education Daily Home Learning video std 12, English to hindi translate Live Class


Online Education Daily Home Learning video std 12,  English to hindi translate Live Class

⭐ How many levels are available in Spoken English classes?
There are 3 levels in Spoken English Classes - Basic written & Spoken English classes, intermediate English classes and advance Spoken English classes

⭐ What are the methods to improve Spoken English?

To improve Spoken English - talk to yourself, focus more on fluency than grammar, think in English, speak & record your voice, practice tongue twisters, read good books etc.
⭐ Which is the best online Spoken English coaching centre in India?
India is not only a centre for classical languages but also home to a large number of Spoken English institutes. You can scan through the reviews and ratings of different institutes available with UrbanPro to find the best one for yourself.

⭐ How to enhance Spoken English skills?

A few basic tips to enhance your Spoken English skills include; speaking regularly, improving grammar, listening and reading every day, recording your voice to analyse fluency etc.

Hindi English Translator - English Dictionary is the best translator for any language, including English to Hindi and Hindi to English dictionary. There are many features in this application including translator, dictionary, learning, lesson, game, and news. It also includes a translate photo functionality, so you don't have to write a sentence, only scan it and translate it. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this app will help you to grow your vocabulary with lessons and games. It contains dictionaries online, as well as offline. The lesson section allows daily learning of the English language. This app also features instant translation, enabling you to translate any word or sentence from another application. If your English is soft, use this powerful tool for learning English.

Features of Hindi English Translator - English Dictionary App:

# Scan any sentence and get meaning in Hindi as well as English
There are six features you can see which are: Translator, Dictionary, Learning, Lessons, Game, and News. You can see a camera icon on the top-left corner, it offers you the facility to translate any written sentence. There is a button placed on the right side for settings. You can enable/disable the "Easy Translate" option in the Settings area, which allows you to quickly convert into while using other applications. The tag "Switch Language" includes two App language options: English and Hindi. You can choose as per your choice. The total procedure appears as a video in the "How to use" section.

After that, the first tab is "Translator" on the main screen. In this section, you can see the English to Hindi translation free & offline. Write your sentence in the first text box and click on the execute button. In your second box, you will see your output translated sentence. By selecting languages from that section, you can translate any language into another language. The translator also allows you to copy, paste, and voice input facility for input and copy, share, and speaker features for output result.

Next, the Hindi English Translator - English Dictionary has the function "Dictionary." The Hindi dictionary available online as well as offline. This includes a voice input and output speaker facility. It also contains a spell checker, available at the top-right corner. The section called "Learning" contains options for word and sentence, conversation and language learning. 
તા.૩૦/૭/૨૦૨૧ CHEMESTRY વિડીયો

There are two options in the "Lesson" section: Day-wise and Vocabulary. You will learn English on a daily basis in that section and the vocabulary component includes several common terms spread in categories like vegetables, sports, colors, metal, etc.
The segment "Game" comprises six entertaining games that are classified as Bubble game, Scrabble game, Spot Error game, Jumble game, Word game, and Sentence game. The News section covers the current English-language news. From that if you can't understand any word, just click on that word, it will reveal the meaning of that word in Hindi below.
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Old Phone Ringtones and Alarms

Old Phone Ringtones and Alarms

Old Telephone Ringtones is a new retro ringtones app featuring best old classic ringtones for your device! Download loud retro phone ringtones and enjoy good old classic ringtones that never go out of fashion!

If you are someone who likes the sound of retro phone ringtones and prefers vintage ringtones and sounds, this Old Telephone Ringtones app is just the right thing for you. With the nostalgia behind the sounds of old office and home phones, these old telephone sounds will certainly help to remember good old times. Download classic ringtones now to search among various retro phone ringtones and alarm sounds and personalize your phone with the collection of the latest retro ringtones and old classic ringtones you prefer!


  • Set as ringtone for Android contact ringtone / alarm sound / SMS sound
  • Set timer to play the sound
  • Set widget button of favorite sounds on your phone home screen

With nice retro design and loud ringtones of old phones from the past, this Old Telephone Ringtones app will bring nice memories back. Easily customize your phone with best retro ringtones ever and enjoy the good old classic ringtones every time your phone rings

A telephone, or phone, is a telecommunications device that permits two or more users to conduct a conversation when they are not in the same vicinity of each other to be heard directly. A telephone converts sound, typically and most efficiently the human voice, into electronic signals suitable for transmission via cables or other transmission media over long distances, and replays such signals simultaneously in audible form to its user. Old phone ringtones download.

A ringtone or ring tone is the sound made by a telephone to indicate an incoming call or text message. Not literally a tone nor an actual (bell-like) ring anymore, the term is most often used today to refer to customizable sounds used on mobile phones.

OLD RINGTONE એપ અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

A video ringtone is a piece of video content used as a ringtone (typically on 3G phones). Any video may be used, but usually music video excerpts are used. The best examples of these use sound and video track that loops seamlessly. (old phone ringtones no ads)

An alarm clock is a clock that is designed to wake a person at a specific time. The primary use of these clocks is to awaken people from their night's sleep or short naps; they are sometimes used for other reminders as well. Some use sound, some use light, and some use sensors to identify when a person is in a light stage of sleep, in order to avoid waking someone when they're deeply asleep, which causes tiredness, even if the person has gotten adequate sleep. To stop the sound or light, a button or handle on the clock is pressed; but most clocks automatically stop the alarm if left unattended long enough.
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Photo Editor with Background Eraser-MagiCut

Photo Editor with Background Eraser-MagiCut

 This is the stylish background eraser which helps you automatically cut out filmland with AI tools, remove background and make a transparent PNG stamp in high quality. 

 With Background Eraser, your life will be easier. No complex print processing skill demanded, you can get an accurate stamp in one valve and use it for 

✅ Transparent background PNG picture 
 ✅ YouTube thumbnail 
 ✅ Sticker for WhatsApp 
 ✅ Gacha Life 
 ✅ Meme maker 
 ✅ JPEG print with white background 
 ✅ Change background for ID print 
 ✅ Nature print editor 


 💯 AI bus Mode 
- It recognizes filmland well with people, creatures, shops, anime 
 Just elect the print, advanced AI tool will cut out the object impeccably in 1 click 
 - No need to abolish complicate backgrounds awkwardly bit by bit with fritters 

 Manual Mode

- snappily figure the object on your print you want to cut 
- Erase and repair the cutout picture fluently 

Shape Mode

- Crop filmland into a forecourt, cube, heart, circle and numerous shapes as you like 
 - It's veritably suitable for make your own stickers or meme 

Background remover

 This is the easiest background way app that helps you to remove backgrounds from prints and make PNG in one second. Its advanced AI cutout tool will cut out your picture automatically. And it's completely for free! 

Background photo editor

 Want to change background for your print? Try this png maker to remove background from prints at first also you can change the background you like for it. 

Cutout photo editor

 Use this advanced cutout print editor, abolish background impeccably with this png maker. It's also a background print editor and nature print editor designed for you to make artworks fluently and snappily. 

About permissions:

- To remove background from prints and make transparent background, Background Eraser needs the “ Storage ” authorization to pierce prints and lines on your device. 
- To capture prints and abolish background, Background Eraser needs the “ Camera ” authorization to take filmland. 


 💥 Remove the Sky- Replace it with any background you want. 
 💥 AutoCut- Cut and bury your prints fluently. 
 💥 Remove Objects- Use the magic encounter to remove any objects you do n’t want in your print. 
 💥 Collage Maker- There are lots of grids and frames available to choose from. 
💥 Professional Adjustment- Repair old prints. 
💥 Special goods- produce cultural prints with goods like cartoon or blurring. 
💥 print Editor- give useful editing tools that meet all your requirements. 
💥 Text Editing- Choose any fountain you like or just fiddle on the screen. ose any font you like or just doodle on the screen.

બેકગ્રાઉન્ડ એડીટર એપ અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

== Smart CutOut ==

 With MagiCut, you can produce stunning filmland fluently. bus Cut and Paste will elect and prize objects through descry AI so that you can bury onto any background. Use montage editing ways, put yourself coming to any celebrity you like or teleport yourself to any corner of the world. For entertainment only. 
 ✅ * With this cutout editor, you can combine multiple prints into one background. 
 ✅ * We give AI technology to identify your prints, automatically cancel the original background and remove unwantedobjects.For entertainment only. 
 ✅ * Manually process the details of the picture to let you enjoy the fun of editing. 
 ✅ * Acclimate Picture- Acclimate discrepancy, exposure and brilliance manually by precise control. 
 ✅ * Crop- Crop the picture to any size you need to fit all social media impeccably. 
 ✅ * Fusion- Blend images with different light and murk to make eye- catching prints. 
✅ * Text- Add cultural mottoes to the image. Multiple styles and sources are handed. 
 ✅ * Graffiti- offers a variety of skirmishes for you to draw creative graffiti on the picture. 

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UMANG ; all government departments and their services on a single platform to provide better and easier services to citizens

UMANG ; all government departments and their services on a single platform to provide better and easier services to citizens

UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance) is envisaged to make e-governance 'mobile first'. It is developed by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and National e-Governance Division (NeGD).

It is an evolving platform designed for citizens of India to offer them access to the pan-India e-Gov services from the Central, State, Local Bodies, and Agencies of government on app, web, SMS, and IVR channels.

Key Features:

- Unified Platform: It brings together all government departments and their services on a single platform to provide better and easier services to citizens.
- Mobile First Strategy: It aligns all government services with the mobile first strategy to leverage mobile adoption trends.
- Integration with Digital India Services: It provides seamless integration with other Digital India Services like Aadhaar, DigiLocker, and PayGov. Any new such service will automatically be integrated with the platform.
- Uniform Experience: It is designed to enable citizens to discover, download, access, and use all government services easily.
- Secure and Scalable: It supports Aadhaar-based and other authentication mechanisms for service access. The sensitive profile data is saved in an encrypted format and no one can view this information.

Key Services:
UMANG provides easy access to a plethora of Indian government services ranging from – Healthcare, Finance, Education, Housing, Energy, Agriculture, Transport to even Utility and Employment and Skills.

Key Benefits for Citizens:

- Single-Point Ubiquitous Access: All government services are available for citizens on a unified platform for easy access through multiple online and offline channels (SMS, email, app, and web).
- More for Less: Only a single mobile app needs to be installed instead of each app of each department.
- Convenience: Citizens do not even need to install or update the app again to avail government services if more services are added to the platform.
- Saving of Time and Money: Citizens can anytime and anywhere avail these services through their mobile phones, desktops, and laptops without any need for visiting the department office and standing in queues.
- Uniform Experience: All the government services including payment-based transactions provide secure and uniform experience.

Umang, on the other hand, provides a completely seamless, digital and best-in-class experience for availing loans at very affordable interest rates and for long tenures so that customers can avail large loan amounts and repay comfortably.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ 


Umang Loans makes the whole lending process digital and automated with the following key steps:

1) One tap Sign up via Google and Facebook Login
2) Customer identity validation aka KYC as per RBI norms
3) Credit evaluation using analysis of your overall financial and demographic data.
4) Loan approval
5) E-Sign Loan Agreement via OTP
6) E-mandate for loan collections/repayments & bank statement verification via netbanking
7) Disbursement

As the user navigates through the process and on completing step 6 ☑ as outlined above, the loan is disbursed instantly 🤑 (maximum 48 hours) and is credited to the customer's designated bank account.

👇 Terms:
- Loan Amount (minimum to maximum): ₹20,000 to ₹2,50,000
- Loan Repayment Period (minimum to maximum): 6 months to 24 months. We do not provide any loans with less than 60 day repayment period.
- Annual Percentage Rate, APR (minimum to Maximum): 16% - 34%
- Processing Fee (including all other fees): 2 - 5% of loan amount

Note: % A sample APR (Annual Percentage Rate) calculation is as shared below:
- For a loan of Rs. 200,000 at 20% interest rate per annum for tenure of 12 months, one time processing fee (say @2% of loan amount) will be Rs. 4000 and monthly EMI will be Rs. 18526/-.
- The net amount credited to you will be Rs 196,000 (post processing fee deduction) and cumulative amount paid back by you will be Rs 2,22,322/- (=Rs 18526 x 12 EMIs), leading to an APR of 24%.

💯 What you’ll Love:
✔ Instant approval and disbursements, 24/7
✔ Responsible lending
✔ Affordable and flexible interest rates based on the customer profiling process
✔ Minimal Documentation
✔ Option to apply for multiple loans
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How to block Paytm Phone pay and Google pay Account

 How to block Paytm  Phone pay and Google pay Account

Payment has become easier in India with UPI (Unified Payments Interface). At the same time Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay and other services have become very necessary in routine life. However, if you lose your smartphone, the risk of misuse of payment apps increases. The only safe option is to block this payment app. So let's know the steps to block this payment app ...

Paytm blocking process

Paytm (पेटीएम),  Payment App, trusted by over 30 Crore Indians. Download Paytm app for bank to bank money transfer via BHIM UPI & instantly pay at shops & at online websites/apps like IRCTC, Flipkart, Uber, Zomato & Swiggy. Use Paytm for mobile recharge, Fastag recharge, DTH recharge, Movie Tickets, Postpaid bill payment, Utility bill payment such as Water, Gas & Electricity bill payment as well as Landline, Broadband & insurance payments. Invest in Mutual Funds, Digital gold & NPS, avail insurance, check free CIBIL credit score, buy now & pay later with Paytm postpaid. Make IRCTC train booking, book flights, & buses in just a few taps.

Bank to bank money transfer via BHIM UPI
● Send & receive money from any phone number or bank account directly in your bank account. Wallet KYC is not at all mandatory for using UPI.
● Check account balance, add beneficiaries & manage multiple bank accounts across banks - State Bank of India (SBI), HDFC bank, ICICI Bank & all other 140+ banks in India which support BHIM UPI.

  • Call Paytm Payment Bank Helpline number 01204456456.
  • Select the option that the phone is lost.
  • Go to the option to write another new number and type the lost number.
  • Select the option to log out of all devices.
  • Then go to the Paytm website, select the 24x7 helpline and scroll down.
  • Go to the Report Fraud option and select any category.
  • Then click on any issue and click on the ‘Message Us’ button at the bottom.

You must submit a certificate to prove that you are the original owner of this account. It may have to submit details including debit / credit card details. In addition to this, a confirmation email or SMS, a certificate of ownership of the phone number or an FIR copy of the lost phone must be submitted for the Paytm transaction.

Paytm will block your account after this process. You will then receive a confirmation message.

Steps to Block a Google Pay Account

Make UPI transfers or do mobile recharges, bills and payments to businesses with your bank account with Google Pay, a simple and secure payments app by Google.

Join crores of Indians who are using Google Pay for all their payment needs. Refer friends, get the latest offers and earn rewards as you pay.

+ Multiple layers of security from your bank and Google
Your hard-earned money is kept safely in your bank account and you have control over money leaving your bank account*. With a world-class security system that helps detect fraud and hacking, we are committed to keeping your money safe and we work with your bank to protect your payment information, wherever you shop online or offline.

Each transaction is secured with your UPI PIN, and you can safeguard your account with a device lock method such as your fingerprint.

  • Google Pay users can call the helpline number 18004190157. Can choose their preferred language.
  • Go to the option to talk to an expert and choose the option to block your Google Pay account.
  • In the option, Android users can remove the data of the lost phone so no one can access the Google account.

Phone Pay account can be blocked in this way

PhonePe is a payments app that allows you to use BHIM UPI, your credit card and debit card or wallet to recharge your mobile phone, pay all your utility bills and also make instant payments at your favourite offline and online stores. You can also invest in mutual funds and buy insurance plans on PhonePe.
Link your bank account on PhonePe and transfer money with BHIM UPI instantly! The PhonePe app is safe and secure, meets all your payment and banking needs, and is much better than Internet banking.
Things you can do on PhonePe App:
Money Transfer, UPI Payment, Bank Transfer
- Money Transfer with BHIM UPI
- Manage Multiple Bank Accounts – Check Account Balance, Save Beneficiaries across multiple bank accounts like SBI, HDFC, ICICI & 140+ banks.

  • Phone pay users will have to call 08068727374 and 02268727374.
  • After selecting the preferred language you will be asked if you want to report a problem with the phone pay account.
  • Submit the registered number then OTP will come to your number for confirmation.
  • Then select the option that did not receive the OTP.
  • You will have the option to report a lost SIM or device. Make a choice.
  • You will then need to connect with Customer Care and provide the phone number, email, last transaction, last transaction amount. It will help you to block your phone pay account.

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Voice recorder - Audio recorder. Free, full-featured and simply usable.

Voice recorder - Audio recorder. Free, full-featured and simply usable.

Automatic Call Recorder is a simple and smart auto telephone voice recorder for all android phones like Android Pie, Samsung S9, S10 to easily get phone recorded from both sides with clear voice anytime.
Our App is globally available helping thousands of users to record phone calls.


Automatic Call Recorder Features

✔Auto record any incoming & outgoing calls
✔Clear HD quality recording on both sides
✔Enable/Disable call recording to your needs
✔Play recorded calls anytime
✔Quick search recordings
✔Add numbers to the special list, set the “Default record” to “special list”
✔You will be able to only record calls between these numbers
✔ Share recording to anyone via social apps
✔ Delete, rename telephone recording
✔Get all caller detail from recordings
✔ Add important phone call recording to favorites
✔ Helpful for your business & life
✔ Supports AMR, WAV, AAC, MP3 to record
✔ Supports auto, own voice, opponent voice etc
✔ More phone recording formats coming soon
✔ Automatically back up your telephone recordings to the cloud
✔ Set your recordings to private mode
✔ Easy to find your passwords when forget
✔ Record voice notes and memos
✔ Edit, delete, backup, playback, share the voice recordings through social apps

More Special Features in Automatic Call Recorder

✔ Lighting fast speed with smooth experience
✔ Simple to operate and use
✔ Material Design User Interface
✔ Shows caller data on Home Page
✔ First phone call recorder with no restrictions on length of call recording
✔ Less RAM Consumption (Call Recorder works in background)
✔ Small APK Size
✔ Less Power Consumption

Voice recorder - Audio recorder

Voice Recorder is free, full-featured, beautifully designed and easy to use audio recording app for android.

Our sound recorder provides high quality recordings without limits of time (only limited by memory size).

You can use it as a regular dictaphone for record voice notes and memos, business meetings, interviews, lectures, speeches, concerts, sleep talking :) or anything else.

This audio recorder works well on smartphones and tablets, with and without external storage.

More features and details

• 4 Different audio formats: MP3,  high quality PCM (wav), good quality AAC (m4a/mp4) and AMR (3gp) to save space
• Adjustable sample rate from phone quality (8 kHz) up to CD quality (44 kHz)
• Changeable bitrate from 32 up to 320 kbps
• Support for stereo and mono recording
• Live audio spectrum analyzer
• Recording in background even when screen is off
• Customizable recordings folder
• Selectable audio source (microphones or phone call)

    NOTE: This app is not dedicated call recorder and may not work properly on some devices.

• Built-in user-friendly media player with volume control exactly like in a regular mp3 player
• Send and share via e-mail and other apps
• Rename and delete your recordings
• Set recording as ringtone, alarm or notification sound
• Open with option allows you to play and edit sounds in other apps
• Resizable widget displays your recordings and provides quick access to the app
• Control recorder and player from the status bar
• Blinking LED notification during recording and playing when screen is off (for devices with notifiation LED)
• Automatic stop when out of memory
• Stop recording or playing when active call
• Auto start recording
• Share and delete multiple files at the same time (long-click selection support)
• Sorting recordings by date, name, size and duration
• Saving sounds to android media library

Call Recorder is a free and easy to use automatic telephone 
call recorder app for all android phones like Android 7.0, Samsung Galaxy S8 that records phone calls 
from both sides with high quality anytime.™ 
It is the best recorder for sound recording with high quality.
Call Recording - Automatically record any incoming & outgoing calls - Record voice with good sound quality -
 Clear HD quality recording on both
 sides - Enable/Disable call recording options
 - Playback of recorded calls anytime - Quick search recordings
Call Recorder is a must have utility!
The number of saved calls is limited only by your device memory.
Being swiftly able to open Call Recorder and record your 
conversation with one person or a group of people is very valuable. 
 automatically be deleted when new calls fill up the inbox.
Never forget the details of a conversation again.

Call Recorder allows you to create a library of conversations that are stored in a list and calendar format

Call Recorder effectively records every detail of the conversation 
of both the sides and keeps your "recorded audio " files in your desired location in .caf format.
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call recording software for android
automatic call
auto call recording
automatic call record
grabadora de llamada
free phone calls recording
telephone recorder
calls recorder
call recording phone
You can enable a Call Summary Menu with options to appear immediately after a call.
Search for recordings by contact, record calls samsung galaxy s4 phone number, or note.
Call Recorder Features:
* Clear HD quality recording on both sides
* Enable/Disable call recording options
* Playback of recorded calls anytime 
* Quick search recordings
* Call Recording
* record calls samsung galaxy s4
* Automatically record any incoming & outgoing calls
* Record voice with good sound quality
* Save your record and upload record to Google Driver
* Auto delete unsaved records after 1 week, 2 week
* Record outgoing call - record incoming calls
* Record all telofonnyh conversations.
* Play audio recorded conversations.
* Delete recorded conversations.
* Record your calls automatically while calling.
* Organize your call records. You can view all your calls with options such as list by time,
 group by names or group by dates.
* You can play back, or save your call to mp3 files on your SD card.
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How to Know IMEI no In smartphone using USSD code

 How to Know IMEI no In smartphone using USSD code

When you're registering your phone, or trying to sell an old one online, you might be asked for your IMEI number. If you're drawing a blank and trying desperately to find out what this number is, don't worry. The IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) is a unique number assigned to every mobile phone sold via official channels. This number is very useful if you lose your phone, or if it is stolen. Police usually require you to mention the IMEI number when reporting your phone as stolen and, then, depending upon the local laws, your phone can be blocked from accessing networks or placing calls by blacklisting its IMEI.

અહીંથી જુઓ સંપૂર્ણ વિડિયો

Your phone is stolen?The Track a Phone by IMEI Number makes it easy for you to track and locate a robbed cell phone..

ગુંજ ઠક્કર નો વિડીયો જોવા અહિં ક્લીક કરો

Did you lose your cell phone? A lost phone may be very worrying. If you or a family member lost a cell phone, it is important to find it immediately. The Track a Phone by IMEI Number brings in an easy reading map the location of the phone and besides that, it provides assistance to navigation to make the recovery of the lost cell phone easier.

Have the security that you need. Install this app on your phone, activate the tracker and you’re ready to go!

Tracking your iPhone & Android has never been easier. Using this state-of-the-art GPS tracker, you can instantly:

• Find a lost, stolen or missing device whether it belongs to you, your spouse or your child

• Keep tabs on a lost or missing device with real time location updates. When the missing or stolen phone is moved, its position is updated instantly on the app’s map and Google website.

• You can even track & locate Android tablets, or an iPad

How to Check Phone's IMEI Number Using USSD code

This is the simplest method of finding your phone's IMEI number. The good thing about this method is that it is more or less universal. It works on almost all feature phones and smartphones, so try this before you go hunting for the phone's bill.

Dial *#06# on your phone.

The IMEI number will now be displayed on the screen. You should note it down somewhere safe or you can always take a screenshot.

How to use USSD codes?

It's easy to use. By dialing this cord and entering, information about the phone can be obtained immediately.

* # * # 4636 # * # *

This code lets you know the status of the phone's battery. It can be used to find out the temperature of the battery, how the battery is being used.

* # 06 #

The phone's IMEI number can be checked by dialing this code. The MEID of the phone along with the number can also be known.

USSD code of Samsung phone

Samsung's secret code is * # 0 * #. It is used to know the hardware information in Samsung's phone. This code will not work for any other brand. Also, by dialing * # 0228 # number, you can know the display and battery status of the phone.

Xiaomi phone's USSD code

* # * # 64663 # * # * The code can be used by Xiaomi users. Hardware information will be displayed on the display using this code.

Realme phone's USSD code

* # 800 # This code works on realmy phones. By dialing it, Realm users can open their factory mode and feedback menu.

Your phone is stolen? Phone finder by Number makes it easy for you to find and locate a robbed cell phone.

Did you lose your cell phone? A lost phone may be very worrying. If you or a family member lost a cell phone, it is important to find it immediately. Mobile Locator by Number brings in an easy reading map the location of the phone and besides that, it provides assistance to navigation to make the recovery of the lost cell phone easier.

Have the security that you need. Install this app on your phone, activate the finder tool and you’re ready to go!

Finding your Android has never been easier. Using this state-of-the-art GPS tracker, you can instantly:

• Find a lost, stolen or missing device whether it belongs to you, your spouse or your child

• Keep tabs on a lost or missing device with real time location updates. When the missing or stolen phone is moved, its position is updated instantly on the app’s map and our website.

* When the Android phone get stolen/lost and When the new SIM card is inserted in the mobile, this Mobile Finder for Android app begins and automatically sends SMS from the SIM card which is inserted.

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