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Raing Falling Forecast For Gujarat All Dist

Raing Falling Forecast For Gujarat All Dist::

Saurashtra has received universal rainfall in the last 24 hours. In which Devbhoomi in Khambhaliya taluka of Dwarka district 487 mm. I.e. 19 eh, 355 mm in Kalayanpur. I.e. 14 inches, 272 mm in Dwarka. And 270 mm in Ranavav of Porbandar district. Found a total of 11 inches in two talukas and 269 mm in Porbandar taluka. That means more than 10 inches of rain is reported. While in Rajkot, one and a half inches of rain has been recorded since this morning.

8 inches in Kutiana, Mendarda and Visavadar::

According to the reports received by the State Emergency Operations Center, 208 mm of rain fell in Kutiana taluka and 201 mm in Visavadar during the 24 hours ending at 7 am today. And 195 mm in Mendrada. A total of 8 inches of rain has fallen in 3 talukas. 178 mm in Keshod, 178 mm in Sutrapad, 174 mm in Bhanvad. A total of 7 inches of rain has fallen in 3 talukas. 157 mm in Tankara, 154 mm in Manavadar. A total of 6 inches was found in two talukas and 123 mm in Vanthali. That means there are reports of as much as five inches of rain.

An NDRF team deployed in Rajkot::

For the last two days, the rainy weather has been seen in Rajkot city as well as in the district. In Rajkot district, the highest rainfall in the last 24 hours has been recorded in Jamkandora taluka. At that time a team of NDRF has been kept on stand by Rajkot District Collectorate. A contingent of 22 personnel is currently on stand-by in Rajkot. NDRF team will be sent to Rajkot district wherever needed
87 mm in Dhrol and Mangrol, 86 mm in Veraval, 85 mm in Lodhika, 84 mm in Girgarhda and Una, 76 mm in Bagasara, 75 mm in Lalpur, Kodinar and Mahuva. 72 mm in Jamkandora and Upleta, and 71 mm in Dhari. A total of 20 talukas received reports of three inches of rain. 69 mm in Wankaner and Gadha, 67 mm in Amreli, 63 mm in Gondal and Rajula, 62 mm in Jetpur, 59 mm in Lathi, 58 mm in Savarkundla, 53 mm in Kotdasangani. M. And Jafrabad received 52 mm of rainfall.

Saurashtra checkdams overflowed::

It has been raining heavily across Saurashtra since yesterday. In Amreli and Gir Somnath panth, small lakes, rivers and check dams have received heavy rains. Sutrapada received 3 inches of rain in 4 hours. Ghodapur has come into the Saraswati river following heavy rains. So the ancient Madhavraya temple has been submerged in 15 feet of water. Ghodapur has come in the Sangawadi river passing through Girgarhda and Kodinar due to rains in Gir Uparvas. It has been raining in Amreli panth since morning. In Rajkot, on the other hand, low-lying areas have been flooded due to rains.



Popatpara canal in Rajkot and Laxminagar underbridge were flooded

In Rajkot, low-lying areas were flooded following the overnight rains. The road was closed due to flooding in the city's Laxminagar underbridge. So that the motorists had to face great hardships. On the other hand, Popatpara canal was also submerged in water.

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