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back pain due to five mistakes

Worse back pain due to five mistakes

  • In how many days will this pain go away?
  • Should I consult a doctor for this or not?
  • Will this pain be completely eradicated?
  • Will an operation be needed? What is the reason for not having back pain?

Our lifestyle and living conditions often call for back and bone pain. In the same way, we often make unintentional mistakes that increase our pain. The following five common mistakes are commonly found in back pain. When back pain occurs for the first time, the following questions are usually confused:

Mistake-1. Prolonged disregard for back pain.

Usually the first time a man has back pain is to wait for a while, the pain will go away in a short time. But if the pain does not subside after waiting for some time, the patient should consult a doctor immediately. Housewives in particular avoid going to the doctor for back pain. Trying to cure the household. But if the back pain lasts for more than seven days, you should consult a physical therapist immediately. Knowing the root cause of pain, starting treatment and doing certain types of exercises. Prolonged neglect often puts patients in very big trouble.

All these questions confuse patients every time. In addition, the answers are different for each patient. Many times we also have misconceptions about back pain in our minds. So quite common mistakes are found to occur. This increases the pain. Have to suffer more.

Mistake: 2- Seek long term treatment from family doctor.

Patients often take painkillers when they are being treated for back pain by their family doctor. The patient feels better as long as he takes the medicine. The pain starts immediately after the medication is stopped. The family doctor does not have in-depth knowledge of lumbar spine problems and their pain. So if in a short time their treatment does not seem to benefit, consult a doctor who knows the exact pain of the vertebrae. Which will help you to get to the root cause of the pain and heal it very well.

Mistake: 3- To make a hasty decision to undergo surgery for back pain.

Usually people nowadays consult a spine surgeon directly without waiting for any kind of back pain and they advise them to undergo surgery (operation). The lumbar vertebrae, the spinal cord in it, the veins coming out of it are very sensitive. So surgery often proves to be a very hasty decision. The waist is also very low as the patient gets 100% relief after the surgery. That is why patients should wait for pain and back pain to be cured without surgery before consulting a spine surgeon. And some time should be given for non-surgical treatment of lumbar. Proper and good lumbar muscle exercises should be done for three to four months for back problems like lumbar puncture, vein compression, bead removal, which gives very good results to most patients. Surgery survives on a permanent basis.

Mistake: 4- Prolonged inactivity.

If you have a sudden back pain and you rest for a few days and use a waist belt, there is nothing wrong with that, but a lot of times people become quite inactive. This causes the muscles around the lumbar spine to become very stiff. The weaker and stiffer the core and abdominal muscles, the greater the back pain. So go to a physical therapist after a while. Learning specific waist exercises and making them a part of your daily life is just as beneficial.

કમરના દુખાવામાં જલ્દી રાહત મળશે! ડોક્ટર દ્વારા કહેવામાં આવેલા આ 6 ઘરેલું ઉપચારો અજમાવો

Mistake: 5- Treating by relying only on X-Ray, MRI & CT-Scan.

One thing that is considered in medical science is never to treat X-Ray, MRI, CT-Scan of a patient, to treat a patient's pain. That is why most people in today's society cannot get relief from low back pain, as they are only reported to be treated. Not of the original patient. X-Ray, MRI, CT-Scan are just one type of photos. There are beads in it, there is no pain in it. The patient is annoyed by the pain. The report often shows a general discomfort in the bead, while the patient is in excruciating pain, and often the cushion appears to be pressed out, but in reality the patient has very little pain. Don't rely too much on X-ray, MRI or CT-Scan. Your doctor will check you, look at the severity of the pain, determine your underlying disease and help you treat it correctly and well. That is why the patient's history and physical examination play a very important role in diagnosing the disease. The better the diagnosis, the better the treatment. The better the disease is treated, the better the chances of eradicating the disease. If the disease is cured, it is less likely to recur. Back pain is different for each patient. The better the patient understands the disease, the greater the chance of it being cured. .



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