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Gujarat corona update 23 august 2020

Gujarat corona update 23 august 2020

The number of cases is increasing in Saurashtra including Rajkot. The number of positive cases in Rajkot has crossed 2550 and reached 2592. 1067 patients are under treatment in Rajkot. 60 to 65 cases are being reported daily in Rajkot city. As many as 35 cases are being registered daily in rural areas as well. In Rajkot today, 28 more cases and 16 patients died from corona. Today, 76 cases have been reported in Jamnagar and 17 in Gondal.

The positive score of Bhavnagar district reached 2382
The positive score in Bhavnagar district has reached 2382. A total of 1472 positive cases have been reported in Bhavnagar city. Out of which 27 deaths, 1167 patients have been discharged free of disease and 278 patients are under treatment. A total of 910 positive cases have been reported in rural areas. Of these, 14 have died, 679 have been discharged and 210 patients are under treatment.

Tedros Adhanom, director of the World Health Organization (WHO), has made a big statement about the epidemic. According to Tedros, the epidemic could end within two years. It took two years to eradicate the Spanish flu in 1918. Currently the technology has advanced a lot, so the Corona could be stopped soon.

We have both technology and knowledge to prevent epidemics
According to Tedros during a virtual press conference in Geneva, we also have the technology and knowledge to prevent epidemics. If we look at history, we can see that epidemics cause changes in the economy and society.

Corruption in PPE, crime like murder
In response to a question, Tedros said that corruption related to PPE is a crime like murder. It can never be accepted because, if the health workers are working without PPE, they are risking their lives for us. Corruption in PPE is like putting the lives of health workers at risk.

The WHO praised India
The World Health Organization (WHO) has praised India's efforts to prevent coronary heart disease. According to the WHO, the transition to India is not spreading fast, but the risk remains. That is why we need to be careful.


More risk in densely populated countries: WHO
According to Dr. Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO's health disaster program on Friday, coronary heart disease cases in India are doubling in three weeks, but are steadily rising. Not only in India but also in the densely populated countries of Bangladesh, Pakistan and South Asia, the epidemic situation is not explosive, but there is a risk of it happening. Ryan warned that if the transition starts at the community level it will spread very quickly.

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