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Gujarat Corona update date 21 august 2020

Gujarat Corona update date 21 august 2020

According to figures released by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation, 114 more positive cases of corona have been reported in Vadodara today. Thus far the number of positive cases has risen to 6876 and today the official death toll has risen to 127 with one patient dying. A further 82 patients have been discharged from the hospital in Vadodara today. So far a total of 5,479 people have beaten the corona. Out of 1270 active cases in Vadodara, 153 patients are on oxygen and 54 patients are on ventilator and 1063 patients are in stable condition.

Corona cases were reported in these areas of Vadodara today
City: Gotri, Manjalpur, Navapura, Karelibagh, Diwalipura, Atladara, Panigate, Rawapura, Harni Road, Fatehpura, Gorwa, Maneja, Wadi, Subhanpura, Tarsali, Chhani, Vaghodia Road, Pratapnagar, Warsia, Sama, Ajwa Road, Akshar , Mandvi, Danteshwar, New VIP Road, Ellorapark, Nizampura
Rural: Undera, Koyli, Padmala, Shinor, Dassar, Savli, Dabhoi, Karjan, Padra

There are currently 2738 people quarantined in Vadodara
Currently 2738 people have been quarantined in Vadodara city. Out of which 2688 people are home quarantine, 40 people are quarantine in private facility and 10 people are quarantine in government facility.

The highest number of 1829 cases in the northern zone of Vadodara city
So far 6429 positive cases of corona have been reported in Vadodara city. Out of which 1171 cases have been reported in East Zone, 1034 in West Zone, 1829 in North Zone, 1340 in South Zone, 1470 in Vadodara Rural and 32 cases have been reported from outside cities and states.

According to the corporation, the number of positive cases of corona in Surat city district has reached 18,457. The death toll from the corona in the city district has risen to 761. 303 people recovered and took leave last day. So far 14,938 people have been healed by beating the corona. Currently a total of 3062 people found in the city district are under the treatment of Corona.

14,599 cases in Surat City and a total of 3858 cases in the district
A total of 587 deaths have been reported in 14,599 positive cases in Surat city. While in Surat district out of total 3858, 174 have died. In Surat city-district, 761 deaths have been reported in 18,457 cases. A total of 11,982 patients have been discharged in Surat city so far. While a total of 14981 patients including 57 from rural areas have recovered today.

On a total of 22 patient ventilators in the city district
The condition of 116 out of 132 patients in New Civil is critical. 9 ventilators, 24 bipaps and 83 patients are on oxygen. 76 of the 108 patients at Schmeier Hospital are in critical condition. 13 ventilators, 17 bipaps and 46 patients are on oxygen.

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