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Unit Test Question Paper 8th Standard Science Subject

Unit Test Question Paper 8th Standard Science Subject 

  • The question papers of the unit test to be held on 27th august 2020 and 28th august 2020

The unit test for students of Std-9 to 12 will also be held on 27th august 2020 and 28th august 2020. Unit test of two subjects will be taken in Std-9 to 12. The unit test paper will be of 3 marks. Arrangements will be made for the students to get the paper in hard copy or soft copy only on the day of examination i.e. on 5th August. Students have to write this paper as per their convenience and submit it to the school by September 10. When the answer book is submitted to the school, it should be kept in a separate box and evaluated after three days. After the evaluation, instructions will be given for the operation of mark upload.


Planning of unit test by the education department of the state government
By the state government's education department next date. A unit test has been organized for all the students of 27th august 2020 and 28th august 2020. Was done and some concessions have been made in the planning of the unit test keeping in view the local situation. As not every student can be given a print out of the unit test, it can also be delivered through social media. Every student has textbooks.

The question paper will be seen on the website

The unit test question paper can also be viewed by scanning the QR Code given in the first lesson of standard 6 to 8 language and mathematics textbook. Question papers can also be viewed on the websites of GCERT and GSHSB. Thus, other facilities have been provided to deliver unit tests to the students.



Delivery of print out of these tests, writing of answers to the questions by the student, return of the written notebook of the student to the school etc. can be completed by 10th August instead of 31st July keeping in view the local situation.

As Gujarat is lagging behind in primary education in the National Assessment Survey, the government has tried one more experiment to improve the quality of primary education and according to which it has now announced to conduct unit test every week in Std. 6 to 8.

The government has decided to conduct periodical assessment test, i.e. weekly assessment test, under Sarva Siksha Shiksha Abhiyan for students of Std. 6 to 8 in all government and corporation run government schools under all district panchayats under the state government. The test will be taken. In which one subject has to be taken every week. This test includes subjects like Gujarati, Mathematics, Environment, English, Hindi, Social Science and Sanskrit. This unit test will start from 9th December.


 Under this project, 1.5 lakh teachers of government schools will have to take tests in schools and evaluate students on a weekly basis. This unit test question paper will be prepared by GCERT and delivered to schools every week through CRC, BRC. The question paper will be given to the teacher of each standard and the teacher will have to print it and write the questions on the board. The answers will have to be written by the student in the notebook. The unit test will cover 4,11,21 students in the state.


It is important to note that since Gujarat is lagging behind in the National Assessment Survey, the government has conducted several new experiments this year to improve primary education, including the introduction of the TAS system in Std. It remains to be seen how successful the government's experiment of taking this weekly test will be after the system was made mandatory.

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