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Unlock 4 guideline Detail Know what changes become

Unlock 4 guideline Detail  Know what changes become

Corona will now be able to invite as many people as it wants to weddings with a limit of 50 people due to the epidemic. But the condition is that you have to find a wedding venue with double the capacity of the guests, as now only guests with 50 per cent capacity of any hall or wedding venue can be invited to the wedding. Social, cultural, political events that have been closed for 5 months can also be started in this way. The Central Government may include these matters in the next guideline of Unlock-4. These activities were banned after the lockdown took effect on March 23. Following this news, a wave of happiness has returned among the party plot managers. Following which DivyaBhaskar had a conversation with the party plot managers of Ahmedabad and Rajkot. In which he was happy and said that if the wedding ceremony continues, the expenses will go up. From today, customer calls have started coming.

At present it is difficult to deduct maintenance, salary, house expenses. '
"I am running the party plot on a contract basis," said Ashok Patel, a contractor for a marriage party plot on Sindhu Bhavan Road in Ahmedabad, about the central government's plans to allow as many guests as possible at the wedding. To date, no phone or face-to-face inquiries have been made about Corona. People who had bookings have also taken refunds. It is difficult to calculate maintenance, salary, house expenses. This year's season is over. We have a capacity of 2000 people there if the government pays the wages now. If we keep 50 per cent margin, 1000 people can be involved. If everything goes on, our costs will go up. There has been a lot of trouble this year.

Mandatory sanitization and wearing of masks will change the rules: party plot administrator
Nikunj Piplia, administrator of the Golden Party Plot, said that while the wedding occasions are now going to be unlocked, there is a feeling of joy and exhilaration among the people somewhere. According to the government's guideline, there are going to be some changes in the rules now. For example, up to 50 per cent of the people who have the capacity of community and party plots can get concessions. There will also be some changes in the rules. Such as sanitizing and wearing a mask will be mandatory. So far everything has been closed for 5 months. Businesses with DJs, events, party plots and community halls were closed. There was a feeling of despair in everyone. But as per the guideline in Unlock-4, everyone is feeling happy.

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