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Gujarat corona update 30 september 2020

 Gujarat corona update 30 september 2020

The country has registered 80,500 new cases of transition in 24 hours and 86061 people have recovered. It is a relief that this was the 7th consecutive day when less than 90,000 cases were reported in the country. Earlier on September 19, 92574 patients reported positive. In the meantime, there have been only two cases where the number of new cases has been higher than the number of recovered patients.

Active cases have also reached a 20-day low of 9.40 lakh. Out of which less active cases were 9 lakh 18 thousand 190 on 9th September. The highest number of active cases was 10 lakh 17 thousand 703 12 days ago on September 17. So far 62.23 lakh cases of transition have been reported in the country. 51.84 lakh have recovered. 1178 people died on Tuesday. The death toll has risen to 97,529. These figures are as per website.

Corona updates

10 lakh 86 thousand 688 tests have been done on Tuesday. 7.42 crore tests have been conducted in the country so far. Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have the highest number of 1.50 lakh investigations per day in the country.

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu's routine test has come back positive. They have been home quarantined. Naidu is 71 years old. However, his wife Usha Naidu's corona report has come negative. It is currently in self isolation.

The status of the five states

1. Madhya Pradesh

On Tuesday, 1877 new patients were registered and 2433 people recovered. Indore registered 482 new patients, the highest ever in a single day. The number of active patients in the city has now reached 4597. So far 24006 infections have been reported here. Of which 18844 have recovered. So far 565 people have died.

2. Rajasthan

2148 infections were reported on Tuesday. The government will launch a mass movement on October 2, the birthday of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, to protect itself and others from the Corona virus. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has taken this decision in a meeting. "Make the mass movement to wear masks a success and stay safe from transition," Gehlot said. Keep social distance, avoid crowds.

3. Bihar

Corona's case is declining. However, the number of tastings has crossed one lakh. Samples of 1 lakh 44 thousand 535 people have been examined on Tuesday. With this, 71.34 lakh tests have been done in the state so far. The positivity rate has dropped to 2.6%.

4. Maharashtra

The good news about Corona in the state is coming across. Speaking of the last 4 days, the number of patients who recovered was higher than the number of new patients on the rest of the day except Sunday. On Tuesday, 14 thousand 976 patients were admitted in Maharashtra and 19 thousand 212 people were also cured. At present 19 lakh 75 thousand 923 people are in home quarantine in the state. At the same time 29 thousand 922 people have been kept in the institutional quarantine.

5. Uttar Pradesh

Corona patients are increasing rapidly in Uttar Pradesh. More than 3.36 lakh have been infected so far. On Tuesday, 3981 patients were registered and 5711 recovered. At present there are 52 thousand 160 active cases. The recovery rate has reached 84.75%.

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