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All information about Civil rights letter and service 

  • To keep people informed through continuous reciprocal advertising campaigns
  • To bring about a behavioral change in people's opinion through advertising programs.
  • To create a referendum for the smooth implementation of welfare and developmental programs.


We want to make people aware and empowered by raising awareness about the policies and programs of the Central Government.

Our goal:

We aim to work as a facilitator to create awareness about the plans, programs and achievements of the government in coordination with the departments or institutions of the state or central government. Our goal is to empower the weaker sections of the society, especially the lower strata, by making them aware of the schemes devised for their well-being, encouraging them to take advantage of those schemes. Which includes these functions.

  • Receive feedback and send a report to the development organization in a way that can be measured, analyzed and acted upon.
  • To plan in a way that is most beneficial to the common man and to assist the Consumer Ministry in formulating policies
  • To create a referendum for the smooth implementation of welfare and developmental programs.

Goal and Objective:

The Directorate of Regional Publicity, as a sector-based organization, is playing a role in gaining public participation for the benefit of the people in various developmental schemes and programs devised by the government for the common man. Attempts have been made by the Regional Publicity Directorate to bring about a change in the attitude of the people through communication of behavior change by informing the people about the schemes of the government. The Regional Publicity Directorate focuses on people from different sections of the society, especially those living in the hinterland of rural and semi-urban areas of the country. The regional units of the Regional Advertising Regulator, equipped with people and tools that can deliver the message directly to the doorsteps of the people, reach out to people of economic, social and cultural diversity in the country and encourage them to work together as citizens of the world's largest democracy. In detail, the Director's goal and objective are as follows.

In addition to presenting the policies and programs of the government to the people, to inform the people about the various plans and schemes made by the government for the benefit of the people.

Awareness of basic national values ​​such as democracy, socialism and secularism and inculcating faith in these values ​​through continuous personal contact.

Establish mutual relations with the general public for active public participation in developmental activities and create a conducive referendum for the implementation of welfare and developmental programs.

Obtaining feedback from the people on government schemes and their implementation and forwarding it to the concerned ministry or department as well as seeing to it that steps are taken for improvement. In this way, the director acts as a chain of bilateral communication between the government and the people.

Standards of service:

Name and Contact of Public Grievance (Prevention) Officer - Shri Surendra Kumar, Director, DFP, East Block-4, Level-3, RK Puram, New Delhi, 110066 Phone no. 26104321 (s)

  • Helpline Number - 011 - 26175896 E-mail Address dir.dfp
  • Expect a response from the complainant - timely redressal of grievances upon receipt of a complaint
  • Grievance Redressal Deadline - Delivery within 15 days of receipt of complaint - Remediation of complaint within 60 days.
  • Any complaint should be lodged with the concerned field officer first
  • If it is not remedied in a timely manner, take it to the right of public grievance (redressal).

If the complaint is not redressed even there, the complaint should be taken to the Joint Secretary (P&A), Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, 6th Floor, Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi-110001.

Partners - Customers:

  • Ministry of Central Government - Departments
  • State Governments - Union Territories
  • Autonomous units, voluntary organizations and national as well as international organizations.
  • Accountability Center and affiliated organizations:

The Director has 22 Regional Offices (as follows), in each of which Additional Director General - Director level officers oversee the units of advertising (propaganda) activities under their jurisdiction. At present there are 207 field advertising units under the leadership of the Regional Publicity Officer and these units are equipped with audio-visual equipment, publicity literature, display kits and vehicles to carry out publicity activities of government policies and programs.

As part of advertising activities, our field units conduct film shows, song and drama programs, sports gatherings, discussions, competitions, quizzes, seminars, talks, group discussions, shows for healthy children, rallies, etc.

Indicative expectations from service recipients:

Our service is available to the citizens totally free of cost. We do not charge our customers for providing assistance in promoting various national issues. However, at the request of the consumer ministry or organization, we organize special programs focusing on specific issues and these programs are conducted with the help of funds made available to the DFP (Regional Publicity Directorate) by the concerned ministry or organization.


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