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These 9 issues are going to change from october 2020

These 9 issues are going to change including health, vehicle, insurance, tax, gas, find out which change will benefit you, how and how much.

  • These 9 changes will take place from October 1.

No hassle of having a License-RC Book:

No need to carry a license and registration documents while driving. Their soft copy will also be considered valid. Under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1989, the vehicle documents will be maintained through the IT portal.

Mobile can be used while driving:

 Mobile phone can be used for route navigation while driving. The driver should not be distracted. 5 thousand for talking on mobile. Can be fined up to.

Expiry date must be written on open sweets: 

For open sweets sold in the market, the trader has to show the expiry date for its use. The Food Director FSSAI has made it mandatory.

Changes in health insurance policy: 

According to the new rules of insurance regulator IRDA, companies cannot reject a claim if the policyholder has paid premium for 8 consecutive years. More illnesses will also be covered. However, this may increase the premium.

5 per cent tax on remittances abroad: 

If you send money to children or relatives abroad or buy a property, you will have to pay 5 per cent TCS on that amount. According to the Finance Act, 2020, up to 2.5 2.5 million per annum can be sent abroad under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme. It has been brought under the purview of TCS.

Do not mix in fern:

 Now mustard oil (fern) will be refined. The FSSAI has banned the addition of other oils. Until now, it was mixed with rice bran oil or cheap oil.

Color TVs will become more expensive: 

The central government has reinstated a 5 per cent customs duty on imports of open cell components used in assembling color TVs. The government granted him a one-year reprieve.

Free meeting on Google Meet only 60 minutes:

 The use of Google Meet for online meeting will be limited. Free users will be able to have a maximum of 60 minutes of meeting. Paid users will be able to have longer meetings with it.

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Ujjawala gas connection not free: 

The process of getting LPG (cooking gas) connection for free is coming to an end on September 30. This date was extended due to Corona.

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