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What is the new rules of Opening theaters in Gujarat

 What is the new rules of Opening theaters in Gujarat

  • The multiplex will start on October 16 or 17 in Surat-Ahmedabad
  • Single screen theaters will be launched from Friday

Multiplexes and single screen theaters have been sanctioned by the central government in the state from October 15 as per Corona's guideline but multiplexes and theaters will not start in Ahmedabad-Surat and other small towns from tomorrow i.e. Thursday. When the single screen will be launched from Friday. Only four shows will be shown in single screen. It has also been decided to show only Gujarati films. Thus, for the first time after 7 months of lockdown, multiplex and single screen theaters will be started in Gujarat. But instead of Hindi films, only Gujarati films will be shown. Theaters including PVR, BIG Cinema in Himalaya Mall, Cinepolis will not start.

Decision after deliberation on whether to show Hindi films at present

The Wide Wide Angle Multiplex will be launched from Friday. In which currently Gujarati films will be shown in single screen. Rakeshbhai Patel, owner of Wide Angle, said in a conversation with DivyaBhaskar that from tomorrow, Friday, according to the SOP, 6 different Gujarati films will be shown in single screen in different shows. Not yet decided in Hindi films. Apart from downloading films, other costs are getting very expensive so there is a debate going on whether to show Hindi films at present.

Multiplexes may start on Friday or Saturday in most cities of the state

In a conversation with DivyaBhaskar, Area Manager, PVR Cinemas, he said that preparations are being made for cleaning, sanitization and SOP of the multiplex. Due to which the multiplex will not be started from tomorrow. Maybe start on Friday or Saturday.

Films like 'Let's Live', 'Brother of Love' and 'Last Day' will be shown

From 16th October, Gujarati films like 'Chaal Jivi Laiye', 'Loveni Bhavai', 'Gol-Keri', 'Chhelo Diwas', 'Karshandas Pay and Use', 'Chasni' will be screened in Wide Angle. Sanitization and social distance marking system has been introduced in multiplexes from today. Everyone will be admitted to the theater as per SOP. Only online booking will be arranged.

In Rajkot's Inox, all three of them go 'Let's win the mind'

Speaking of Rajkot, the show will start at Inox (Reliance Mall) at 3 pm. In which Gujarati film Chaal Man Jitwa Jaiye will be shown This will be the only cinema in the city.

A half hour break between the two shows will be necessary

The new guidelines announced by the central government show that there is hardly any time between the two shows or five or 10 minutes, instead of now at least half an hour. Sanitizing the entire cinema between the two shows has been made mandatory. In addition, after the completion of a show, people sitting in each row will be allowed to go out according to the order and thus the time after the completion of the cinema show will be increased.

Audience mobile number mandatory for booking

The samosas and cold drinks that used to be served can no longer be served. Like railways, it will be mandatory to take the mobile number of the spectator in every booking, which will also increase the booking time. Single screen theaters are likely to have to open more windows for bookings. The AC can be kept at 24 to 30 degrees.


The temperature of the AC will be kept at 24 to 30 degrees, previously kept at 22 degrees

The AC temperature will be kept at 24 to 30 degrees as per government guidelines. Earlier, the AC temperature in cinema halls was kept at 22 degrees. The air filtration system will also be improved. A dustbin will be placed to dispose of masks and gloves. Mask purchases will also be made available to spectators who are not wearing masks.

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