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when will opening schools in Gujarat today news report

 when will opening schools in Gujarat today news report

By banning festivals from Navratri to Diwali, the state government has also directed that it is not advisable to start schools.

The clear vote of the government and the administrators to open the primary school only after Koro came under complete control

Proposal to start some village schools at an early stage than big cities, a dilemma for cities

The central government has issued detailed guidelines for opening schools and colleges from October 15, but due to the rising number of corona cases in Gujarat, consideration is being given to start educational work only after Diwali, a high-level meeting chaired by the chief minister said. , In which the government is not ready to have any discussion about primary schools at present.

The Gujarat government has also made it clear by banning the celebration of festivals from Navratri to Diwali due to Corona that if the celebrations have been stopped, the government does not want to make any effort to start a school-college, so it can start only after Diwali.

The central government has given permission to start schools and colleges in Unlock-5 in phases. However, the final decision rests with the states. According to sources in the state education department, considering the current situation in Corona, schools and colleges will not be started from October 15. It is planned to open secondary-higher secondary and colleges only after Diwali vacation. The final decision will be taken after considering various aspects of the matter and holding meetings with experts and the Gujarat government will also issue guidelines based on it.

According to sources, the opening of school-colleges was also discussed in the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, especially in the village-small centers where online education is facing many hurdles, hence the discussion on opening schools in remote villages.


Sources in the education department said the matter was discussed with classes including school-administrators, who are also expressing their support to start schools only after Diwali. In the first phase, higher secondary schools will be opened and the time will be kept very short. The turn of secondary schools will be taken in the second phase and special vigilance will be provided for it. There is no consideration of opening primary schools. Elementary schools will reopen only after Corona is fully under control.

For doubts and understanding about education-curriculum in the guideline of Unlock-4 of Central Government. Students from 9 to 12 were allowed to go to school. The Gujarat government, however, avoided implementing it. For the last few times, the government has been discussing with school administrators, academics, parents, etc. about starting educational work.

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