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31st December 2020 Sunset of India most of cities

 31st December 2020 Sunset of India most of cities

The year 2020 will be over in a few hours. People in New Zealand also welcomed the year 2021. Even in India, everyone is looking forward to celebrating the New Year. Today is the last day of 2020. In this we are going to show you the last sunset of 2020. See in the pictures how the day ended on the last day of the year from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Assam to Gujarat.

The world is going to step into a new year after a few hours. Though the passing year was marred with concerns due to the coronavirus pandemic, its was neither less important nor forgetable. It ushers us to hope for days with positive changes and inspires to move forward.

A man is cycling toward home at the sunset on Thursday leaving behind the passing year. This picture was taken from historical place Nigrodharam in Kapilvastu district, Lumbini province, Nepal. 

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