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How to save whatsapp chat in GMAIL

 How to save whatsapp chat in GMAIL

WhatsApp often comes up with many features for its users. This is why this app is the most used chatting app in the world. In WhatsApp, you can save chats of a special friend or relationship to Gmail. Alternatively, you can delete chat media files at once. Many times we use WhatsApp but it does not have the information about the present feature or trick. Today we are going to tell you about some of these special tricks.

Here's how to save WhatsApp chats to Gmail

  • You can send WhatsApp personal chats to anyone by mail.
  • You can also save this chat to Gmail.
  • To send a chat go to WhatsApp settings and go to the export chat provided within the chat history.
  • Then select the contact whose chat you want to save to email.
  • Here in the app you will find the option to export chats with and without media files.

Read any chat without going online

If you want to go online and read someone's text on Whatsapp and not let anyone know that you were online, you have to put your phone in airplane mode. Then go to WhatsApp. Now you can do whatever you want to read the text. Then come back out and delete the airplane mode. Doing so will not let anyone know that you were online.

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Hide Secret WhatsApp Chats

The Archieve Chats feature deletes your WhatsApp chats without deleting them from the chat screen. The thing to note here is, you can also take back this secret chat whenever you want. This feature allows both group and personal chats to be hidden. Open the WhatsApp app in the phone and hold down any chat you want to hide for a while. You will see some options at the top and you will find one of them. Tap on Archive.

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