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How to Hide whatsapp DP

 How to Hide whatsapp DP 

  • Your WhatsApp profile photo can be easily viewed by all users
  • If it is not hidden, other users can take a screenshot and save it

Some people are very careful about their privacy on social media and keep their profile locked on their account. So no anonymous users can see their account information. Most people are aware of the features found on Facebook and Instagram. But you can also keep your life private on WhatsApp. If you want to use display photo but don't want to show it to other users then we have come up with one such trick for you. Let's get started ...

WhatsApp profile picture can be hidden by following these steps

  • First open WhatsApp and go to Settings.
  • Click on Account and click on Privacy.
  • Now tap on the profile photo.
  • The default setting on WhatsApp is to allow everyone or everyone to see your profile photo.
  • If you want your photo to be the only number that is saved in your phone, you can go to settings and change it to My Contact.
  • If you do not show the profile photo to anyone, select the No One option.
  • Once your profile photo is hidden, you will see a gray color in the DP when other people send you a message.

Why hide a WhatsApp profile photo?

All users will be able to easily see your WhatsApp profile photo. If it is not hidden, it can be saved by taking a screenshot and it can be misused. Apart from family and friends, there are some people with whom you have talked on WhatsApp but they are not in your contact list. It's a good idea to keep your profile photo hidden from such people. If you wish, you can use this trick to show your profile photo only to users in your contact list.

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