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Be Aware From Pink Whatsapp Link How to Recover Deleted msg in whatsapp

 How to Recover Deleted msg in whatsapp

WhatsApp is the most used language for communication these days. WhatsApp has become the easiest medium for communication for every class of people. People in every sector around the world are meeting on whatsapp. People also send greetings to each other on Bird Day, New Year and good occasion through whatsapp. WhatsApp has become an instant messaging app for everyone. WhatsApp is a medium that has made messaging very easy. And WhatsApp is constantly updating its users. However, it does not yet have a feature that allows you to re-read a deleted message. Today we will tell you how you can get deleted message on WhatsApp and read it.

The third party app must be downloaded to the phone

Until now you could not re-read a deleted message on Whatsapp. But now with one trick you will be able to re-read the deleted message. For that you have to download third party app in your mobile. This app is not from WhatsApp. You can also download a third party app by going to the Google Play Store.

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Retrieve old deleted messages this way

First you need to download the WhatsRemoved + app from the Google Play Store to your phone. Once the app is installed, save its settings and grant the required permissions. Then go to the app and select the app option, whose notification you want to save. Select WhatsApp to save the notification. Then click the Next option. Then a lot of new screens will open in front of you in the app. In which you have to save by clicking on YES. After doing all this you will be able to use this app. Note that you must download the third party app at your own risk. Because, third party app is not the official feature of whatsapp.

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