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Best 5 Oxymeter

 Best 5 Oxymeter

This is a personal health management service for measuring oxygen saturation (SpO2). It would help if you used it with a Bluetooth pulse oximeter.

The app allows you to measure blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR), and perfusion index (PI) noninvasively; it is free, and you can use the app to display, record, and view your measured data. You can also click any point in the historical trend to learn more about your measurement data and manage your health status.

Check your oxygen saturation and heart rate anytime, anywhere with Pulse Monitor app and your built-in sensor - at your home or your office - when you wake up, relax, before and after exercise.

This app only works with built-in sensor on these Samsung devices: Galaxy Note4/Edge/5/7/8/9 and Galaxy S6/7/8/9/10 include plus variant.

App used advance algorithm to calculate oxygen saturation from the raw IR (Infrared) and Red signal output by the sensor.

Instant and excellent for monitoring your fitness.

- Fast or continuous measurement.
- Save result for access later.
- Real time pulse graph.
- Reminder: Automatic reminds you to measure your oxygen saturation and heartbeat everyday.
- Measure range for SPO2: 70%-100%, for heart rate: 30-190 BPM.
- Backup/restore app data, export history to CSV file (paid feature).

This app is a diary to log your heart rate and blood oxygen level (SpO2).

Log your oxygen saturation and monitor your changes.

Disclaimer: App measurements are just recommendations and can’t be used for diagnostics or medical purpose. Always seek a doctor's advice before making any medical decisions.

This app link pulse oximeter produced by Biolight through Bluetooth, which display real time blood oxygen waveform, SpO2, PR, PI, etc, and their trend chart.

Combined with oximeter, this software is for daily maintenance of people with blood vessels dieases or respiratory disease, and for seniors of over 60, people who often have extreme sports or worklive in oxygen-deficient environment. The data trend can be used for sleep state analysis.


(1) One step connection to Bluetooth pulse oximeter

(2) Fast measurement and real-time display

(3) Track and trend your measurement history

SpO2%--Percentage of functional arterial oxygen saturation

Pulse Rate-- Beats per minute (BPM)

Perfusion Index--Pulsating blood flow(PI%)

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