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Save more money on doctor consults and medicines. Get deals from medical stores!

Save more money on doctor consults and medicines. Get deals from medical stores!

Aayu App: India’s #1 Healthcare App

Online doctors on Aayu app which is India’s best health app offering its services to more than 3.5 million families across India. Aayu provides 24x7 online doctor consultation with 5000+ specialist doctors on Call  privately and securely without appointment. Patients are able to take doctor consultation at anywhere, anytime within minutes. 

Online Pharmacy

Aayu is India’s best online medicine App. In online pharmacies, Aayu have different approaches to deliver medicines online. It gives you the option to buy medicine from a nearby medical store. Which is a 100%  trustable medical store.

Getting your medicines online not only saves you time and money but also ensures you get it delivered to your doorstep with our 2 hours express delivery in India.

Benefits Of Aayu App 

💊 Get amazing deals with Nearby medical stores. 
💊 Fastest medicine delivery app 
💊 Order medicine at Best prices. 
💊 Free delivery at your doorstep
💊 No minimum Order Value. 

Get online doctor consultation

👨‍⚕️ Get E-Consultation from Specialist Doctors
👨‍⚕️ Choose your problem category With 5000+ Specialist Doctors across 35 Specialties available.
👨‍⚕️  Online consultation starts on call within 30 mints 
👨‍⚕️ Get a online prescription & saved your records  
👨‍⚕️ Hindi & English speaking Specialist doctors are available

Get Free Doctor Consultations across the year with AAYU CARD

👉 Purchase Aayu card subscription plan based on your family size 
👉 Get Amazing Discounts & Enjoy the Aayu card Membership benefits 
👉 Reduce your Family’s medical health expenses with aayu card 

How to Order Medicine Online? 

Ordering medicine online is now simple, affordable and accessible. It saves your time & money. 

💊 Download Aayu App.
💊 Sign in to Aayu OR if you already have an account Log In
💊 Click ‘Upload Prescription’ & then click ‘Proceed'
💊 Medicines will be delivered at your doorstep

Tracker Health vitals 

In tracker Health vitals you can track your 

👉 Blood pressure 
👉 Blood sugar 
👉 smoking   
👉 Alcohol 
👉 Tobacco 

Sehat ki Baat

✅  Get Daily Health Tips on Your Phone
✅ Read Health Blogs for better lifestyle
✅ Watch Youtube Video Sehat Ki Baat by Specialist Doctors 

Take online doctor consultation with 5000+ specialist doctors available on Aayu 

👉Suffering from Cough/Cold, Fever, Headache Consult general physician online 
👉Online Ophthalmologist 
👉Online ent doctors consultation 
👉Consult Pediatrician Online - Child Specialist 
👉Consult Gynecologist Online / Women Specialist 
👉For Hairfall & Skin problems Consult dermatologist online 
👉For High or Low Blood Pressure Online cardiologist consultation - Heart Specialist 
👉Suffering from acidity, stomach ache or gastric problem Consult Gastroenterologist Online 
👉For Diabetes take Online diabetologist consultation 
👉Consulate online general surgeon
👉Neurosurgeon consultation online 
👉Suffering from Joint Pain take Orthopaedic online consultation 
👉Consult nephrologist online 
👉For Stress relief or Mental Health problems Consult Psychiatrist online 
👉 For Sexual health related problems (women & Men’s sexual health) Consult Sexologists Online 

Get treatment from the best Doctors of India for all kinds of health-related problems

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