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The eagle never closes its eyes, watch this wonderful video

The eagle never closes its eyes, watch this wonderful video

 Everyone will know about the God of Garuda. It is the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. Lord Garuda is also known by the names Vinayaka, Garumatta, Tarkshya, Vainateya, Nagantaka, Vishnurth, Khageswar, Suparna and Pannagashan. Garuda is considered an important bird in Hinduism as well as Buddhism. According to Buddhist texts, Garuda is called Suparna (good winged). There are many stories about Garuda in Jataka tales too.

અમદાવાદ વાવાઝોડા નો વિડીયો

It is believed that there was such a species of Garuda, which was considered intelligent and its job was to carry messages and individuals from here and there. It is said that it used to be such a giant bird that would fly an elephant with its beak.


Just like Garuda, there were two birds in the Ramayana period which were called Jatayu and Sampati. Both of them also used to live in Dandakaranya region. Distance was of no importance to them. According to local belief, there was a battle between Ravana and Jatayu in the sky of Dandakaranya and some parts of Jatayu fell in Dandakaranya, hence there is a temple here.


Garuda is considered the best among birds. It has the ability to fly at high speed along with being sensible and intelligent. There is a difference between a vulture and an eagle. It is important to know why Garuda is much publicized and spread throughout India. Numerous stories are found in the Puranas about Garuda. Garuda is the most important part in Ramayana.


After all, what is the secret of Garuda, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu? Why they are given special importance in Hindu. What is the secret of his birth and how he became a god from a bird.

Bird Shrine: 60 km from Chennai is a pilgrimage site called 'Bird Shrine'. This pilgrimage place is atop Vedagiri mountain. For many centuries, the Garuda pair descend from the distant sky at noon and then return to the sky after consuming the food given to them by the temple priest.

અહીંથી જુઓ ગરુડ નો વિડીયો

Hundreds of people are already present there to see him. According to the priest there, in the Satyuga, 8 Mansaputras of Brahma became Garuda by the curse of Shiva. 2 of them have been freed from the curse at the end of Satyuga, 2 at the end of Treta, 2 at the end of Dwapara. It is said that the 2 who are left now will be free at the end of the Kali Yuga.

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