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10 Highest Mountain Peaks in India

Top 10 Highest Peaks of India 


India is blessed not just with artistic diversity but also with different physical features like dry desert, evergreen timber, snowy mountains, long seacoast, and rich plain. In this composition, we've given details of the top 10 Highest peaks of India. 

The Mountain Peaks of India take pride in acting as the roof of the world. Not only the Himalayas but also there are other beautiful peaks and hills in the state like the notorious peaks of Western and the Eastern Ghats. In this composition, we've handed the detail of the highest peaks of India. The highest Himalaya Mountain Peaks in India are Kanchenjunga, Nanda Devi, and Kamet range. 

Top 10 highest Peaks Of India 


1. Kangchenjunga Peak

Height :- 8586 cadence 

Location :- Sikkim 

Facts :- Kangchenjunga is the third highest peak in the world and 1st in India. It stands altitudinous with an elevation of,586 measures(,169 ft). The nonfictional meaning of Kanchenjunga is “ The Five Treasures of Snows ”( videlicet gold, tableware, gems, grain, and holy books). Kangchenjunga section contains five peaks and the region has 12 further peaks over,000 m(,000 ft). Kangchenjunga is located at the border of India and Nepal in the great Himalayas range, Sikkim. 

2. Nanda Devi Peak 

Height :- 7816 cadence 

Location :- Uttarakhand 

Facts :- Nanda Devi is one of the highest mountains in the world and ranked second in India. This is the highest peak( entirely) in the country because Kanchenjunga lies on the border areas of India and Nepal. It was the highest known mountain in the world until 1808 when western surveyors discovered Dhaulagiri. 


3. Kamet Peak 


Height :- 7756 cadence 

Location :- Uttrakhand 

Facts :- The Kamet is the highest peak in the Zaskar Mountain Range of the Garhwal region in the Chamoli District of Uttarakhand. Kamet is the alternate highest mountain peak of the Garhwal Himalayas. Kamet mountain peak is girdled by three major neighboring peaks and falsehoods veritably near to Tibet. It's positioned north of the main range and is more remote and thus less accessible than some Himalayan peaks. 

4. Saltoro Kangri Peak 


Height :- 7742 cadence 

Location :- Jammu & Kashmir 

Facts :- The Saltoro Kangri is the highest peak of the Saltoro Mountain range, asub-range of Karakoram.( the biggest range of lesser Himalaya mountains). Saltoro Mountains are positioned at the center of great Karakoram and veritably near to the longest glaciers in the world, the Siachen Glacier. 


5. Saser Kangri Peak 


Height :- 672 metre 

Location :- Jammu & Kashmir 

Facts :- The Saser Kangri is a group of five majestic mountain peaks. It's the highest mountain peak among all five sisters with an elevation of,672 m(,171 ft) and Ranked 35th in the world. 

6. Mamostong Kangri Peak

Height :- 7516 cadence 

Location :- Jammu & Kashmir 

Facts :- Mamostong Kangri is the highest mountain ofsub-ranges Rimo Mustagh of the Great Karakoram range. Mamostong Kangri is located in the remote area of the Siachen Glacier. Mamostong Kangri is ranked 48th independent highest peak in the world. 


7. Rimo Peak 


Height :- 7385 cadence 

Location :- Jammu & Kashmir 

Facts :- The Rimo is positioned at the northern side of Rimo Muztagh in the notorious Karakoram ranges. Rimo mountain series consists of four peaks videlicet, the Rimo I is the highest peak among them. To the northeast lie the northeast Rimo Mountains and the Karakoram Pass, which is one of the most important trade routes in Central Asia. 


8. Hardeol Peak 

Height :- 7151 cadence 

Location :- Uttrakhand 

Facts :- Hardeol also called as Temple of God is one of the major mountain peaks of the Kumaon Himalaya located at the northern side of Sanctuary and guarding the Nanda Devi. It's located in the Milam vale of Pithoragarh quarter in Uttarakhand. 


9. Chaukamba Peak 


Height :- 7138 cadence 

Location :- Uttrakhand 

Facts :- The Chaukhamba peak is the highest peak in the group of the Gangotri located in the Garhwal Himalaya region of Uttarakhand. The Gangotri Group has a aggregate of four peaks and Chaukhamba I is the highest among them. Chaukhamba got its name due to the four big peaks along with each other. 

10. Trisul Peak 

Height :- 7120 cadence 

Location :- Uttrakhand 

Facts :- The highest peak of the group is Trisul. Its name is deduced from the Trishul armament of Lord Shiva. Trisul mountain peaks are near the Nanda Devi sanctuary. 

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