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If you also have Jan Dhan account, now you will get big benefit, the central government has given good news

JanDhan Account If you also have Jan Dhan account, now you'll get big benefit, the central government has given good news


Jan Dhan Account There's great news for Jan Dhan regard holders. If you have also opened this account also now you'll get 3000 rupees every month. Under whichever scheme the government deposits plutocrat directly into the public account, the plutocrat of all those schemes is first transferred to the Jan Dhan accounts. 

Account holders will get Rs 3000 

Moment we will tell you about such a scheme, under which the government transfers full 3000 rupees per month to the Jan Dhan regard holders. The name of this government scheme is Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana. The plutocrat entered under this scheme is given in the form of pension. Jan Dhan account holder also gets the benefit of this scheme. 

36000 rupees will be available annually 

Any person from 18 times to 40 times can share in the Central Government’s Maandhan scheme. When a person turns 60, also the plutocrat of this scheme is transferred to him. In this, 36000 rupees are transferred annually. 

Who gets the benefit? 

People working in the unorganized sector get the benefit of this scheme. Street merchandisers,mid-day mess workers, head payload, slipup kiln workers, cobblers, rag selectors, domestic workers, washermen, gharry scullers, landless sloggers can take advantage of this scheme. piecemeal from this, only if your yearly income is lower than Rs 15000, also you can take advantage of it. 

Which documents will be demanded 

To take advantage of this scheme, you must have an Aadhar card. piecemeal from this, it's also necessary to have your Jan Dhan account. You'll also have to submit your savings regard details. 

How important decoration will have to be paid 

Under this scheme, a donation of Rs 55 to Rs 200 has to be made every month according to differentages.However, also you'll have to pay 55 rupees every month, If you join this scheme at the age of 18. Those of 30 times will have to pay Rs 100 and those of 40 times will have to pay Rs 200. To register in this scheme, you'll need the IFS law of your savings bank account or Jan Dhan account. piecemeal from this, you must have Aadhar card and a valid mobile number. 

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