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Indian Antarctic Bill 2022 passed by Lok Sabha- Know Key Features, Penalties

Indian Antarctic Bill 2022 passed by Lok Sabha- Know Key Features, Penalties 

Indian Antarctic Bill 2022 UPSC The Indian Antarctic Bill 2022 seeks to cover the Antarctic terrain and regulate conditioning in the region. Know Key Features then. 

Indian Antarctic Bill 2022 Lok Sabha on July 22, 2022 passed the Indian Antarctic Bill, 2022. The bill aims to bring Indian exploration stations in the Antarctic region under domestic laws of the country. 


The Indian Antarctica Bill 2022 was taken up for discussion after the House reassembled in the autumn following the alternate adjournment. The bill was tabled for consideration by Union Earth Sciences Minister Jitendra Singh. 

India has two active exploration station in the Antarctic region- Bharti and Maitri. The exploration stations are bases for scientists doing exploration in the region. The bill seeks to extend the operation of domestic laws to these exploration stations as well, as they don't fall under its dimension presently. 

What's Indian Antarctic Bill 2022? 


The Indian Antarctic Bill 2022 seeks to extend the governance of Indian courts to Antarctica. The bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha on April 1, 2022 and has come the first bill to be cleared by the house during the ongoing thunderstorm session of the Parliament. 

Indian Antarctic Bill 2022 UPSC 10 Important Features 


1. The Indian Antarctic Bill 2022 seeks to cover the Antarctic terrain and regulate conditioning in the region. 

2. The bill will apply to any person, vessel or aircraft that's a part of an Indian passage to Antarctica. 

3. Under the bill's vittles, the unborn Indian peregrinations to Antarctica will bear a permit from the centre's commission on Antarctic Governance and Environmental Protection. 

4. Following conditioning will bear permit from the commission- 

  • An Indian passage to enter or remain in Antarctica 
  • An Individual entering or remaining in the Indian station in Antarctica, 
  • An Indian registered vessel or aircraft entering or remaining in Antarctica. 
  • An individual or vessel to drill, comb or shovel for mineral coffers or collect mineral samples 
  • Conditioning that may harm native species 
  • Waste disposal by a person, vessel or aircraft in Antarctica region. 


5. The Indian Antarctic Bill 2022 prohibits following conditioning in Antarctica- 

- Nuclear explosion or disposal of radioactive wastes 

- preface of non-sterile soil 

- Discharge of plastic, waste, scrap or other substance into the ocean that's dangerous to the marine terrain 




The Indian Antarctic Bill 2022 includes penalties for violation of its vittles similar as following- 


Imprisonment for 20 times that may extend to life imprisonment and a forfeiture of at least Rs 50 crore for conducting a nuclear explosion in Antarctica. 

Imprisonment up to 7 times and a forfeiture between Rs 10- 50 lakh for driilling for mineral coffers and introducingnon-native creatures or shops in Antarctica without a permit. 

The central government may notify Sessions Courts to be the Designated Court under the Bill and specify its territorial governance to try offences punishable under the Bill. 

Indian Research Stations at Antarctica 

India has set up three exploration stations at Antarctica- 

Dakshin Gangotri- 1983- 84 It's located at a distance of,500 kilometres from the South Pole. 


Maitri- 1988 It's located in an ice-free, rocky area on the Schirmacher Oasis. 

Bharati- 2015 It's located beside Larsmann Hill, between Thala Fjord & Quilty bay, about 3000 km east of Maitri. 

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