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World Health Day 2022: How to Be the Healthiest You Can Be

World Health Day 2022 Tips for optimum well being in a post epidemic world 

World Health Day 2022 Covid- 19 has been a traumatic global event which had massive impacts on our mind and body and living in the epidemic has created multiple emotional challenges for all of us. Mental health experts partake tips for optimum well being in a post epidemic world 

From compromising overall health to diving brain fog( the feeling of being spaced out, making it delicate to concentrate), job precariousness, presto paced work routines, lowered energy situations, particular losses and Post Traumatic Stress Pattern( the epidemic has small and large trauma goods), the Covid- 19 epidemic has directly impacted our internal health and as the lockdowns lift across the world with openings tore-connect with associates or set out on a trip adventure, it's essential to make our adaptability and prepare our mind and body to embrace the chaos. All our internal and emotional stresses are endured in the body so, taking care of our body is essential to internal health well being. 

Living in a epidemic has created multiple emotional challenges for all of us and also led to dysregulation of nervous system which directly impacted our internal health. Covid- 19 has been a traumatic global event which had massive impacts on our mind and body hence, in an interview with HT life ahead of World Health Day 2022, we got a many internal health experts on board to partake tips for optimum well being in a post epidemic world in order to support ourselves 

1. Eat healthy and hydrate sufficiently- According to Daniel Lobo, CEO and Author, BecauseYOU, “ Eating original, seasonal food and heeding the wisdom of our ancestral nutrition, pays off in the long term! For illustration, the benefits of millets, not mixing inharmonious foods, eating at the right times and numerous other practices that our grandmothers supported for- all have a direct impact on our physical and internal health. ” 

nutritional food and a healthy hydration routine supports our nervous system, impunity and maintains a good fluid rotation and ph balance. Include original, seasonal foods, salads, smoothies, authorities and lots of seasonal fruits for a vitamin rich nutrition. 

2. Slow it down- Zia Nath, Author, Centre for Healing and Sacred trades, advised, “ Do n’t overschedule. Do n’t multitask. Take transition time between conditioning. harkening to our body and seeing ourselves gives time for our nervous system to regulate and help overwhelm. ” 

When our bodies are in balance, we can manage our stress and respond calmly and withcompassion.However, we can feel hyperactive- aroused i, Ifnot.e. anxious, angry, restless or we can feel hypo- aroused i.e. veritably laggardly, exhausted, numb, zoning out. By regularly harkening and seeing ourselves, exercising grounding, compassion and tone- care, we make our adaptability. 

3. Sleep, movement and exercise- BecauseYOU's trauma informed Psychotherapist and Facilitator, Binita Modi, highlights, “ Our feelings move in our bodies in the form of energy constantly. Rest, release of stress and loss are abecedarian requirements of our mind and body to maintain an inner healthy state. This can be achieved with simple movements, exercise and acceptable sleep. ” 

 Acceptable quantities( without overstressing your body) of all three are needed every single day. This helps the circulatory system as our blood rotation is the carrier of essential hormones from the brain to body and body to brain. 

4. honor and admit the presence of Post Traumatic Stress Pattern- Zia Nath points out, “ Love and compassion are the stylish ways to recover from trauma. Nurturing connections( also calledco-regulation) is great for regulating your own energy. Nurture and make healthy intimate bonds with musketeers, family and mates. We're all going through a traumatic global event which has massive impacts on our mind and body, some of which we may not honor. Admitting this is a good first step. 

5. There's no tableware pellet- Zia Nath asserts, “ Conflicts produce stress and anxiety. Every conflict does n’t need to be resolved. Some can just simply dissolve. So take time to breathe deeply and breathe sluggishly. Bring your attention to the pause between your breaths. Flash back to flash back yourself and your body will self correct. ” 

Taking care of our bodies and minds needs multiple interventions. Each of us is unique and we all respond else. Trying multiple styles and paying attention to what's working, being gentle with the process and arising with a ‘ toolkit ’ is what will help you maintain optimum good. 

In addition to the below guidelines, a many other suggestions by health experts include 


● Accupunture/ accupressure, 

● Craniosacral remedy 

● Counselling with trauma informed therapists 

● Group remedy with internal health experts 

● Essential/ energy drug like homoeopathy, lodge flower remedy, essential canvases remedy 

● Yoga remedy 

● Breath remedy/ awareness 

Eventually, the most important aspect of maintaining optimum good is to embrace the chaos, give it space and time, breathe, stay, break and let the conflicts dissolve. 

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