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You can secretly see anyone’s WhatsApp status, even the friend sitting next to you will not know

You can secretly see anyone’s WhatsApp status, even the friend sitting next to you will not know

The status can be fluently seen intimately in the WhatsApp operation of Android. 


By turning on Airplane Mode in the smartphone, you can see the WhatsApp status stealthily. 

To see the status intimately, some way have to be followed, which can be done fluently. 


New Delhi. WhatsApp has made a huge stoner base in India. This Android app has introduced numerous features, one of which is posting status. You can post ‘ status ’ for your connections for 24 hours. Every time you see someone’s WhatsApp status, the other person knows that you have seen it. But there are also numerous similar ways, by which you'll be suitable to see someone’s WhatsApp status without anyone knowing. That is, anyone’s WhatsApp status can be seen intimately. 


The first way to see the WhatsApp status intimately is to use the WhatsApp app. For this, you first open WhatsApp, also valve on the three- fleck icon on the top-right corner of the screen. Click on the Settings menu option from the drop- down menu. 

In the Settings menu, go to ‘ Account-> sequestration ’. 


Under sequestration, valve ‘ Read bills ’ and disable it. 

This will allow you to hide the WhatsApp status of your connections, and your name will noway appear in your connections list. still, this system also has disadvantages. Once you make these settings, you won’t indeed be suitable to see who has viewed your statuses. 

Another way- by using train director 

You need to have a train director operation installed on your smartphone to see the WhatsApp status intimately. There are numerous train director apps in the Play Store that you can install. Then we're telling how to use the train director app of OnePlus device. 


First of all open train director and go to Storage. 


Find the WhatsApp brochure in it, also go to the ‘ Media ’ brochure. 


Then valve on the three- fleck icon and go to Settings. Inside the Settings menu, you'll see the option of ‘ Show retired lines ’. Enable it. 

By doing this, you'll see a new brochure in the WhatsApp brochure – ‘ Statuses ’, then you'll find all thepre-loaded or WhatsApp statuses that you have formerly seen. 

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