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LML company is making a comeback in India, is going to launch electric bike this month

LML company is making a comeback in India, is going to launch electric bike this month 

LML’s three electric products include a hyperbike, an electric scooter and a performance motorcycle. The company had revealed its plans to make a comeback in the request only last time, but the company is yet to partake the details of these vehicles. 

According to information entered from sources, Yogesh Bhatia, CEO of LML Electric is planning to make LML one of the top electric two wheeler companies in India by the time 2025. The company will launch its vehicles in the decoratione-vehicle member, which will contend with electric vehicles from Ola, Ather, Simple, TVS and Bajaj in the request. 


LML Electric has banded with German electric two- wheeler company eROCKIT to develop the technology and design of its electric vehicles. The company will give specialized support and platform for LML’s products in India. 

Yogesh Bhatia, still, has assured that these products will bere-engineered and developed specifically for Indian conditions, rather than simply rebasing the products from eRockit. 

In its forthcoming list of products, LML will first launch thee-hyperbike which will be equipped with pedal- help technology. At present, not important information is available about this motorcycle. However, thise-bike grounded on the German product can offer a range of 120 km on a full charge, If reports are to be believed. At the same time, its electric motor will induce power of 20 bhp. The maximum speed of this bike can be 90 km/h. 

The deliveries of thee-hyperbike will begin in January 2023. After this, the company will launch thee-scooter and its delivery will start from August 2023. The electric scooter will contend with the Ola S1 Pro, Ather 450X and Simple One electric scooter. 


Yogesh Bhatia has verified in an interview that the company’s performance motorcycle will be launched in 2024. He has told that this bike can be launched at a competitive price and its performance will be relatively thrilling. In addition, all three products will also be equipped with swappable battery technology. 

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