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Modular robotic prostheses for children and adults presented in Russia

Modular robotic prostheses for children and grown-ups presented in Russia 

Rostec presented at the BioTechMed forum a line of SmartLi modular bionic prostheses designed for both grown-ups and children. 

To configure their functions, a specialcross-platform operation is used that runs on computers and mobile phones running colorful operating systems. 


According to the inventors, similar bias give one of the most advanced types of hand prosthetics, which allows raising recuperation to a qualitatively new position. The peculiarity of these prostheses is that they're modular. 80 – 95 of the corridor used are unified, anyhow of the type of prosthesis, which makes it possible to manufacture it for any point of the case. 

The design of the artificial fritters makes it possible to perform colorful grips of objects with controlled force. The sensitive feedback system with tactile response facilitates the process of stoner commerce with the prosthesis. 


General Director of Techbionik Stanislav Muravyov said 

The presented product is extremely competitive. The average cost of such a prosthesis is about 900 thousand rubles, which is several times lower than the cost of imported analogues. This was achieved, including through innovative design results, the use of the modular principle of structure products. 

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