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Talk about work! If the phone is getting slow or hanging, then change the setting in such a pinch, there will be no problem

Talk about work! If the phone is getting slow or hanging, also change the setting in such a pinch, there will be no problem

If your mobile is getting slow or apps aren't working also don't take pressure. Follow the process for a many twinkles and the smartphone will start working like brand new. One of these ways is also to modernize the software.


New Delhi However, also it gets veritably angry, If it hangs while using the smartphone. piecemeal from this, it doesn't look good indeed when the phone is slow or when the important apps are closed. This problem is common in Android phones, because its apps are constantly streamlined. It's necessary to install new streamlined apps. still, another reason behind the slowness of the phone is that the software of the mobile becomes outdated. If you're also facing this problem also the result of this problem is veritably easy. Or rather say that it's in a pinch.


From time to time every company upgrades its software for better experience of its druggies. To modernize it, you have to follow some of your way and the features of your old phone will start working like new. So without detention let's understand that the result to this problem i.e. how can modernize the phone


Follow these simple way

 – First of all go to the settings of the smartphone.

still, also the option of Software Update will appear at the bottom, If you scroll down in the settings.

As soon as you tap on Software Update, you'll get the option of Download and Install.

 – By tapping on Download and Install, your phone will start searching whether the update is available or not?

- If a software update is available, it'll appear incontinently and download.

After downloading the software, you'll get the option to install.

Your phone will reboot as soon as it's installed. Then your work is over and as soon as the phone is turned on under the process, it'll be as presto as ahead.


Important effects

– To modernize the software, first of all your mobile should be completely charged or should be engaged in charging.

The alternate most important thing is that the internet speed is needed for software update.

If there's a Wi- Fi connection also there will be no problem of internet speed.

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