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This dangerous virus appeared on Google Play Store! Delete these apps from your phone at the first time

This dangerous Virus appeared on Google Play Store! cancel these apps from your phone at the first time 

SharkBot Malware Dangerous SharkBot malware is back on the Google Play Store in the form of fake antivirus apps and cleaner apps. Malware is allegedly stealing banking data of druggies. These dangerous apps includeMr. Phone Cleanser and Kilhavi Mobile Security and the bad news is that these apps formerly have over 60,000 installations. According to Fox- IT of NCC Group, the malware is designed to target druggies in Spain, Australia, Poland, Germany, the US and Austria. He said that these apps also don't bear availability warrants to automatically perform the installation of the Dropper Sharkbot malware, rather, they ask the victim to install the malware in the form of fake updates for antivirus apps. 

Fox- IT’s Alberto Segura said “ This new interpretation asks the victim to install malware as a fake update to stay safe from antivirus pitfalls. Two SharkbotDopper apps have been set up active in the Google Play Store, of which Each has 10K and 50K installs. The malware can allegedly steal logging keystrokes, block SMS dispatches and perform fraudulent fund transfers using Automated Transfer Systems( ATS). Fox- IT’s trouble Intelligence The platoon detected a new Sharkbot sample with interpretation2.25 on August 22, 2022. 


The new Sharkbot interpretation has a new point that steals session eyefuls from victims who log into their bank accounts. Although Google has banned these apps, anyone who has formerly downloaded them will have to remove them incontinently. Also, check your bank account for any strange deals. 

What's SharkBot Malware? 

Sharkbot is a banking Trojan that was first discovered in 2018. The vicious app was targeting crypto apps, with a specific focus on exchanges and trading services. The malware is able of stealing the victim’s login information, allowing hackers to use their account for vicious conditioning. Sharkbot has since evolved and is using advanced technologies to make it more dangerous than ever. 

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