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Transport of cars through railways increased by 68%, new private wagons being run

Transport of Cars through railroads increased by 68%, new private carts being run

A Railway Ministry statement said that,206 rakes have been loaded for the same purpose till August this fiscal time. Whereas in the fiscal time 2021- 22,344 rakes were loaded. therefore, the transport of passenger vehicles through railroads has increased from1.5 in 2013- 14 to 16 in 2021- 22.


Railroads, being a good mode of transport, not only helps the machine assiduity to transport bulk amounts over long distances. This growth in machine business is the result of colorful enterprise. This includes the vacuity of exclusive intimately possessed carts.


Grounded on the issues raised by stakeholders in the machine assiduity, including the Society for Indian Automobile Manufacturers( SIAM), the Automobile Freight Train Operator( AFTO) policy has been simplified from time to time, according to a statement from the Ministry of Railroads. This allows machine manufacturers to enjoy

special carts for their requirements.


Maruti dispatches 2.33 lakh cars  


To give space to SUV vehicles, the ministry added a new design of bus- carrier carts, which is being perfected. Presently, Indian Railroads has a line of 90 recently modified freight rakes. In addition, 43 BCACBM rakes have been instated by approved train drivers under the machine Freight Train Operator Scheme.


In addition, further outstations are being opened for machine business as per the demands of the assiduity.


Maruti dispatches 2.33 lakh Cars


Maruti Suzuki India has dispatched2.33 lakh Cars in the last fiscal time( 2021- 22) with the help of Indian Railroads network. The company has been using the freight service of Indian Railroads for dispatch of its vehicles since last 8 times.


According to the company, if it had dispatched so numerous Cars by truck, the exchanges would have made further than 1.56 lakh passages. At the same time,17.40 crore liters of diesel would have been consumed during this period. Maruti said that it's also reducing the emigration of hothouse feasts by the service of railroads. According to a PTI report, Maruti Suzuki has dispatched 11 lakh Cars from the railroads in the last 8 times, reducing carbon dioxide emigrations by 4,800 million tonnes.


Auto transporting by train isn't a new trend, it has been passing for decades. It's easier to transport a auto in a train than a truck. Also, MPV can also be transported in large amounts by a single train. Whereas the highways grease the transport of only small vehicles. Also, it gives some relief from the pollution caused by diesel.

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