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Google has rented land from Adani Group, the senses will fly away after hearing the rent!

Google has rented land from Adani Group, the senses will fly down after hearing the rent!

Indian industrialist Gautam Adani, one of the 10 richest men in the world, has rented his land to Google. You'll be stunned to hear the chow of this place. Google has been given this land in Adani’s data center in Noida. Out of the data centre,4.64 lakh square bases space has been given on rent. Raiden Infotech, a unit of Google itself, has taken it on rent. This Adani data center is located in Noida Sector 62. Part of the said land has been taken on parcel for 10 times.


Industrialist Gautam Adani is continuously expanding his business. DC Development Noida Limited is also a part of Adani Enterprises, which has given this land on rent to Google. You'll be surprised to know that Google This land has been given to him at a rent of Rs 11 crore per month. of CRE Matrix Report It has been bared in Not only this, this rent will also be increased by 1 every time. At Rs 11 crore per month, Raiden InfoTech will give Rs130.89 crore to Adani Enterprises in the first time. still, till now no sanctioned statement has been issued by Google and Adani Enterprises regarding this rent agreement.


Businessman Gautam Adani is continuously expanding his business. There's news in this regard that now he's going to increase the cement business as well. There's news that Adani can acquire numerous companies for this. In media reports, Ambuja Cement and ACC Cement companies are formerly in his plan and now he's looking to buy the cement unit of Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited. Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited has huge debt, and the company may vend its cement unit.


A many days ago it also came to the fore that Adani Group India Cement and Nuvoco lookouts may also be a part of it. As far as Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited is concerned, a deal can be done between the two parties soon. It's being said that this deal between Adani Group and Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited can be done for Rs 5 thousand crore. still, no sanctioned statement has been made by both the companies so far. Jaiprakash Power’s cement unit has a capacity of 2mtpa, while Adani Group wants to increase its cement grinding capacity to 140mtpa, for which it's looking to acquire several companies.

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