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Taiwan will support America to weaken China’s semiconductor industry

Taiwan will support America to weaken China’s semiconductor assiduity 

The new US import rules could have a big impact on China’s semiconductor assiduity. Taiwanese semiconductor companies have also agreed to abide by these rules. These rules blazoned by the US government also include separating China from special chips made in any country from American outfit. 

This may make it delicate for China to meet its technology and military requirements. Taiwan is called the mecca of the semiconductor assiduity and is the world’s largest contract chipmaker and iPhone maker. Apple Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company( TSMC) is also a major supplier of. After the advertisement of the new rules by the US, Taiwan’s frugality ministry said that their country’s enterprises follow the law. The ministry said, “ Taiwan’s semiconductor assiduity has served the requirements of global guests for numerous times and this assiduity considers law- abiding to be veritably important. Complying with the laws of the country as well as applicable in countries of transnational guests. ” Will follow the rules too. ” 


China and Taiwan have disputed for numerous times. Taiwan is also infuriated by Chinese companies ’ attempts to wrongfully acquire the semiconductor assiduity’s gift and technology from Taiwan. China has also increased its military exercises near Taiwan in the once many months. China’s thing is to addition Taiwan. Taiwan is supported internationally by the US. Taiwan also receives arms inventories from the US. lately, US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi also visited Taiwan despite China’s opposition. 

semiconductor Under the Chips and Science Act passed in the US to promote the assiduity,$ 52 billion in subventions and impulses will be given to semiconductor makers. Along with this, 25 percent duty credit will also be available for setting up shops in the US. A provision of about$ 200 billion has also been made in this act to help probe in the coming decade. 

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