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whatsapp screenshot block new feature: Now no one will be able to take screenshot of your photo or video on WhatsApp, this feature currently under testing

Whatsapp screenshot block new point Now no bone will be suitable to take screenshot of your print or videotape on WhatsApp, this point presently under testing 

WhatsApp point A banging point has come on WhatsApp, due to which the pressure of the people has ended. Now View Bones won't be suitable to take a printshot on transferring a print or videotape. Let us tell how it works 

WhatsApp New Feature According to WaBetaInfo, Mark Zuckerberg wants View Once dispatches to stop taking screenshots. The company is testing a new interpretation of the app, which will make it insolvable to take a screenshot after the communication arrives in the app. Those who install the rearmost beta from the Play Store have access to this point. before this time, WhatsApp released a point called View formerly. druggies can now shoot filmland and pictures to their connections that vanish from their exchanges after watching them. 

 વોટસઅપ નવા ફીચર બાબતે ડીટેઇલ ન્યુઝ રીપોર્ટ

screenshot will be black The update aims to give better obscurity to WhatsApp druggies. still, if the receiver screenshots the discussion, the entire point is annulled. druggies will no longer have the option to capture the communication once viewed through a screenshot. Whatever screenshot they take will only show black screen. Indeed if there's a communication in the converse that will end in a many seconds, the receiver can still capture a screenshot of the discussion. According to the composition, this is due to the fact that the new function can be used to watch pictures and prints only formerly. 


be alert Prints and pictures can be viewed only formerly without the option to partake, import or save. still, the receiver can still capture a picture using any other mobile device. As a result, you should always be alert while transferring a one- time communication. 


This feature will be released soon

In discrepancy, WhatsApp is now releasing polling capabilities for its druggies. WaBetaInfo claims that with the rearmost update of WhatsApp Beta for Android, interpretation, some beta druggies will be suitable to make choices within group exchanges. 

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