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Google Map didn't fete the road name of its CEO’s megacity, Meme Viral

Google Map didn't fete the road name of its CEO’s megacity, Meme Viral



The pronunciation of Chennai’s major road names is showing up wrong on Google Charts.


The name of LB Road is showing ‘ Pound Road ’ on Google Charts.


‘ LB ’ is used for pound, so Google got confused.


With Google Map, life of all of us has come veritably easy. Now while going on a new route, we don't have to ask for the way intermittently. This is because now we reach our destination using Google Map in our mobile phone. Google Charts has made exchanging anywhere readily. But this time Google Map is being combed and not in discussion for any of its features or graces.


Actually, lately a road name was showing wrong on Google Map. But it's worth noting that this road is from the birthplace megacity of Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Yes, then we're talking about a road in Chennai. lately, a original occupant of Chennai posted about this on Twitter, after which it has been a content of discussion.


A occupant of Chennai twittered how Google Charts has mispronounced the name of a major road in Adyar on the outskirts of the megacity by mapping it. Lattice Bridge Road is a popular road in Chennai.


Original people call it LB Road in short and due to this Google got confused about its name. According to the Twitter post, the name of LB Road is appearing on Google Charts as ‘ Pound Road ’. Actually the pound is a way of measuring weight in European countries, especially Britain.


The condensation of Pound is used as ‘ LB ’ and Google got confused by this, and Google mistook LB Road as Pound Road.


 People said such a thing to ‘ Map ’!

Druggies named Chenthil Nathan wrote, ‘ Dear Google Charts, Chennai is your CEO’s birthplace. There's a popular road in the Adyar area then, named Lattice Bridge Road or LB Road. That’s where you're reading its name ‘ Pound Road ’. Please correct it. ’ This mistake of Google caught the attention of numerous people and they talked about fixing it by tagging Sundar Pichai and tagging Google at the bottom of this tweet.

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