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Government Alert! Remove these apps from phone, responsible for suicide

Government Alert! Remove these apps from phone, responsible for self-murder

New Delhi. An alert has been issued by the central government regarding some apps. The Ministry of Home Affairs has linked a many named apps, which are responsible for self-murder. According to the government, there are numerous illegal digital lending apps in India. This digital loan app is responsible for the self-murder of numerous people. In such a situation, by writing a letter to the countries on behalf of the Ministry of Home Affairs, it has been blazoned to ban the online loan app. It has been said in the letter that online digital lending apps are responsible for the self-murders of the countrymen. This has been attributed to importunity, blackmailing and wrong practices of recovery.


Wrong practice being followed to the recover loan

The ministry said that there are numerous digital lending apps that don't follow the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). These apps use bulk messaging, digital advertising, converse and mobile app stores for loan recovery. These apps are needed to give access to connections, position and phone storehouse to online loan borrowers. After this, the borrower is blackmailed by these apps. For this, the wrong image of the person taking the loan is presented. Along with this many other types of wrong practices are followed. In such a situation, the use of third parties for the loan recovery was banned by the RBI. The same government had nominated these practices of digital lending apps as a trouble to public security, frugality and citizen safety.


Cancel these apps from phone

After the alert of the central government, druggies should remove digital lending apps from the phone. Especially the government is more conservative about China- grounded digital advancing apps. Let us tell you that several time ago Xiaomi has been discontinued its Mi Financial service in the India.

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