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Planning to go on long passages by electric cars? Know what problems may have to be faced

Planning to go on long passages by electric cars? Know what problems may have to be faced

Yet charging an electric auto is a big problem. And because of this numerous people wince down from travelling long distances by electric car. However, also you must know what problems you may face related to electric car on the trip, If you also drive an electric car and want to go on a trip on the weekend. Let’s know.


Will always get less range


Actually, the range that auto companies claim in electric cars, in real conditions, the range isn't available. The range of electric car is determined by the ideal driving parameters, but in reality the range of an electric car varies according to the weight of the car, the number of passengers and road conditions.

Let’s say an electric car has a range of 450 km. So in such a situation, its factual range will be only from 370 to 400 km. So if you're going out of city where there's a deficit of charging stations, also before leaving on the trip, estimate the remaining charge to return and plan your trip consequently.


charging problem

Charging stations for electric vehicles have started getting available in numerous big metropolises of India, but indeed now their vacuity isn't like petrol pumps. It may also be that the place where you're planning to go on the trip may not have a charging station available hard. In such a situation, you may have to face the problem when the charge is over.


Will have to wait for hours for charging

still, the trip time may be longer, If you want to charge your electric auto during the trip. It generally takes 3- 4 hours for an electric car to be completely charged. In such a situation, other people travelling in the auto with you'll also have to stay. It isn't necessary that you get a fast bowl during the trip or that the charging station is empty. Thus, plan it before leaving on the trip.


The charger or charging station may be bad

Electric car consists of numerous electric deceive. In such a situation, if you're careless in using it, they can also get damaged. Numerous times the charging stations are also not completely ready or some points in them are lying bad due to lack of form. piecemeal from this, occasionally it's delicate to detect the charging stations on the chart.


There may be a problem in repairing

Corridor of popular petrol- diesel car models are generally available everywhere. However, you can get it repaired yourself or indeed take it to a near handyperson, if there's a minor glitch in the car during the trip.


Still, this isn't the case with electric cars. Due to new technology and design, corridor and relief corridor for electric cars aren't fluently available. In such a situation, if there's a problem in your electric cars, also you can be in trouble. Still, numerous companies dealing electric cars these days are offering the option of towing or roadside backing service, which has reduced the problem of electric car guests a bit.


Still, also make a decision keeping in mind your requirements, If you're allowing of buying an electric car. However, also electric car isn’t for you, if you're used to going on weekend passages or always want to travel long distances by auto. At present, there's a lack of charging stations in small metropolises, due to which you may have to deal with the problem of charging.

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