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Twitter Blue Tick Now you have to pay for Blue Tick subscription on Twitter

Twitter Blue Tick Now you have to pay for Blue Tick subscription on Twitter

Twitter Blue Tick Ever since Elon Musk Twitter The master has come the politics is a bit hot. Now Twitter’s new proprietor Elon Musk has said that the verification process on the platform, which adds a blue crack to the profile name, is being revamped. Elon Musk blazoned the plan in a tweet after a stoner said that he wasn't given a blue crack despite having a large number of followers. The Verge reports that the company will soon start taking plutocrat from druggies for Blue Tick.


Twitter Blue Tick Have to pay this important

As per the report, Blue Tick will be limited to Twitter Blue members – a subscription to Twitter that brings fresh cool and unique features like edit and undo tweets. The company is also reportedly planning to increase the blue figure to$19.99(roughly Rs 1,600). In addition, druggies who are formerly vindicated will get 90 days to subscribe to Twitter Blue to have a blue crack on their profile.


The brand is hanging on Twitter masterminds

The report also mentioned that Twitter masterminds have been given a deadline to ameliorate the Twitter verification process or they will lose their jobs. It’s not been a week since Musk formally took over as Twitter master, although he has formerly fired some crucial players. The report said that workers working on the new verification process will have to meet the November 7 deadline.


Meanwhile, a separate report said that Musk is planning to cut Twitter’s pool in the coming days, but nothing is clear yet.

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  1. That's so disappointing! I understand that Twitter has to make money, but it's sad to see them charging users for this featurein jobs in Pakistan. I hope that they keep the service affordable for everyone.