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Twitter Paid Verification: Elon Musk Will Take Big Money For Blue Tick! Every month it will cost so much money

Twitter Paid Verification Elon Musk Will Take Big plutocrat For Blue Tick! Every month it'll bring so important plutocrat


New Delhi. Twitter has been witnessing major changes since Elon Musk came the Twitter Chief. After the redundancy of numerous big workers from Twitter, Elon Musk has been ordered to meet the deadline of Paid Verification, giving an claim to the rest of the Twitter workers. Elon Musk says that if officers don't meet their deadline, they will be fired.


Rs 1,647 will be charged every month

According to Twitter officers, the company is presently going to charge$ 20 per month for the new Blue subscription. At present, druggies have to come to the subscription model within 90 days of verification from Twitter or differently their blue crack will be removed. The workers have been given time till November 7 to complete this work. Although the rule of charging$ 20 for Blue Tick has been enforced in countries like India, no information is presently available about this. According to a report, Twitter is planning to charge a charge for verification. still, there has been no response from the Twitter prophet on these reports.


Twitter Blue subscription service was started a time ago

Let us tell you that Twitter Blue subscription was launched about a time ago. This is called the decoration service of Twitter. In this service, some redundant features are offered to the druggies, which are locked for common Twitter druggies. It also includes a variety of home color screen icons. In fact, Twitter wants to increase its profit through Twitter Blue subscription and paid verification. As part of this trouble, advertising has been started from Twitter.

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