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Tar Fencing Yojana Gujarat 2023

Tar Fencing Yojana Gujarat: The Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperatives, Government of Gujarat has introduced Tar Fencing Yojana to the local farmers to prevent the negative impact of wild animals and cattle on crops.

In an effort to protect the agricultural produce of local farmers from the harmful effects of wild animals and cattle, the Tar Fencing Yojana Gujarat has been implemented by the Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation, Government of Gujarat. The scheme, which has undergone significant changes since its inception in 2005, aims to increase its effectiveness and expand its reach to support more farmers. With a target of increasing farmers' income by 2022, the Gujarat government is actively involved in achieving this target.

Tar Fencing Yojana Gujarat Detail

Name of the schemeTar Fencing Yojana Gujarat
BeneficiaryFarmers of Gujarat State
AssistanceRs. 100/meter or 50% of cost, whichever is less.
Type of applicationOnline

Purpose of Tar Fencing Yojana Gujarat

  • The aim of Tar Fencing Yojana Gujarat is to protect farmers' crops from wild boars and deer, so as to minimize damage to standing crops by these animals.
  • Specification for wire fencing scheme
  • Excavation dimensions for pile installation are as follows: 0.40 m in length, 0.40 m in width and 0.40 m in depth.
  • The dimensions of cement concrete piers approved for use are 2.40 m in length and 0.10 m in width and height. These poles have a minimum of four strands and a minimum diameter of 3.50 mm.
  • A minimum distance of 3 meters must be maintained between two pillars.
  • The supporting piers should be located at an interval of 15 meters on both sides, and their dimensions should match those of the original pier.
  • To build the foundation of the pier, a mixture containing cement, sand and black raw material in the ratio of 1:5:10 must be used.
  • Barbed wire requires a minimum diameter of 2.50 mm for both line wire and point wire, with a plus-minus ratio of 0.08 mm. Barbed wire shall be double wire marked ISS, galvanized and coated with GI.

Documents required for Tar Fencing Yojana Gujarat

  • Information regarding financial account in bank.
  • A copy of your Aadhaar card with details of class 7/12 and class 8A is required. Requirements: Class 7/12 details, Class 8A details and a copy of your Aadhaar card.
  • Statement of Payment to Youth Leader
  • Farmers have agreed to work together as a group.
  • Banehghari's note shows that Juth's farmers have failed to use the wire fencing scheme in advance.

Benefits of Tar Fencing Yojana

  • The backing outstanding under this scheme will be paid in two instalments.
  • In the first phase, 50 backing will be paid(Rs. 100 per running cadence or 50 of the cost incurred whichever is lower) after vindicating that the pillars have been erected by the growers.
  • 50 backing outstanding in the alternate phase(Rs. 100 per running cadence or 50 of the cost incurred whichever is lower) after completion of the entire work to Gujarat Agro diligence Corporation Ltd. Third party GPS employed by Payment will be made after damage of examination report including position.

Important Link for Tar Fencing Yojana Gujarat

Apply OnlineClick Here

Tar Fencing Yojana Gujarat How to apply online?

To avail the benefit of Kantali Wad scheme you have to apply online through i khedut portal.

  • 1.  Open from i khedut portal
  • 2. Its site will open, tick the box that says “plan”.
  • 3. A menu will open that says “close”.
  • 4. It will open all the schemes in which you have to tick “Click here for details” in the box with “Gujarat Agro Industries Corporate Ltd”.
  • 5. Tick ​​the 6 numbered box below that says “Apply”.
  • 6. On the page that opens, tick the box that says “Click to Apply New”.
  • 7. A form will open in Gujarati, write all your required details. After filling in the form, tick “Save Application” at the bottom of the form.
  • 8. In the page that will open, write your application number in a note and if you are working from a mobile, take a screenshot of it.

The Tar Fencing Yojana 2023, launched by the Government of Gujarat, provides invaluable assistance to farmers to protect their crops from wild animals and cattle. With the provision of financial assistance and adherence to specific guidelines for installation of wire fences, the scheme aims to reduce agricultural losses and promote the prosperity of farmers across the state. By implementing such initiatives, the government is working to realize the vision of increasing farmers' income and securing their livelihood.

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