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Gujarat corona update date 25 august 2020

Gujarat corona update date 25 august 2020

According to the data released by the corporation, a record 119 positive cases of corona have been reported in the city and district of Vadodara today. Thus, the total number of positive cases has increased to 7340. Corona's report from another dean of MS University has come positive today. The official death toll rose to 133 with 2 more patients dying today. A further 61 patients have been discharged from the hospital in Vadodara today. So far a total of 5705 people have beaten Corona. Out of 1502 active cases in Vadodara, 154 patients are on oxygen and 66 patients are on ventilator and 1282 patients are in stable condition.

Corona cases were reported in these areas of Vadodara today
City: Ajwa Road, Atladara, Chhani, Nagarwada, Karelibagh, Manjalpur, Waghodia Road, Kishanwadi, VIP Road, Makarpura, Tarsali, Sama, Gotri, Akota, Ellorapark, Warsia, Gorwa
Rural: Karjan, Savli, Jarod, Dabhoi, Bajwa, Siswa, Por, Ranoli, Sevasi, Beel, Padra

An old man from Manjalpur died during treatment
A 70-year-old woman from Manjalpur area of ​​Vadodara city has died while undergoing treatment for corona at Gotri Hospital. The final rites will be performed as per the guideline of the government.

There are currently 3415 people quarantined in Vadodara
Currently 3415 people have been quarantined in Vadodara city. Of these, 3360 are home quarantine, 44 are quarantine in private facility and 11 are quarantine in government facility.

The highest number of 1894 cases was in the northern zone of Vadodara city
So far 7340 positive cases of corona have been reported in Vadodara city. Out of which 1253 cases were reported in East Zone, 1119 in West Zone, 1894 in North Zone, 1442 in South Zone, 1598 in Vadodara Rural and 34 cases were reported from outside cities and states.

After Russia launched its first vaccine, it is now preparing to launch a second vaccine. Russia claims that no side effects have been reported since the new vaccine was introduced. However, his first vaccine, Sputnik-v, had some side effects. Russia's second vaccine is called EpiVacCorona.

The drugs for making the vaccine were ordered from the Soviet Biological Weapons Research Plant in Siberia. Russia's first vaccine is still in controversy. Russia has indicated it is ready to launch another vaccine.

No side effects from EpiVacCorona-claim
The first trial of Russia's second vaccine, EpiVacCorona, has been conducted on 57 volunteers. The volunteers were hospitalized for 23 days, scientists claim. His health was observed during the trial. No side effects have been reported in the trial so far.


Registration in October and preparation for production in November
The goal of the vaccine is to see an immune response. Volunteers were given 2 doses of the vaccine in 14 to 21 days. Russia hopes that the vaccine will be registered in October and production will begin in November.

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