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Fit India to Hit India, 10 Namo Mantra of Fit India

The Modi government has now taken a unique initiative to keep the people of the country physically healthy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched the "Fit India To Hit India" mission. Under which this movement will be run as a mission at every level in schools, colleges, districts. Initiating this in New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also chanted a number of mantras, such as using a ladder instead of a lift or a body fit or a mind hit.

These are PM Modi's new mantras to keep people fit

  • Health is not a word but an essential condition of a healthy and prosperous life.
  • We can cure lifestyle disorders by making lifestyle changes.
  • Success and fitness are synonymous. Heroes of sports, movies and every field remain fit.
  • Successful people have one mantra - and that is their fitness
  • A person in any field must be physically fit.
  • You are also a hit with the mind if the body is fit.
  • This campaign has been started by the government but people will increase it in future. The investment in this campaign is zero, but the return is unlimited.
  • People should use simple ladders instead of electric ladders for body health. But this is only possible when you are fit.
  • Health is not just a word, but a key to living a healthy life.
  • A few decades ago a normal person used to do something for fitness, but today due to technology we are realizing how many steps we have taken.

Do you know how fit the people of India are?

The Union Ministry of Health released documents for the 2018 National Health Profile, according to which the incidence of the disease in the country has increased compared to other countries. Between 1990 and 2016, the incidence of non-communicable diseases increased from 30 to 55 percent. Different statistics have been found in each state.

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated by 48 to 75 per cent and infectious diseases by 14 to 43 per cent. According to the WHO, the statistics on malnutrition in India are still serious, although campaigns have been going on for years. However the results are still disappointing.

The report by the health watchdog said that the level of physical activity of Indians was 44 per cent of men who burned less than 50 per cent of their daily calories through physical activity.


Reebok India conducted the Fit India survey for the second time this year, according to which 95 per cent of the urban population believe that doing at least one physical activity is helpful in the direction of health, such as jogging, walking or running.

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