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Flipcart and amazone offering big discount in diffrent product

 Flipcart and amazone offering big discount in diffrent product, find out which platform is getting the most discount

  • Flipkart offers no cost EMI on many bank cards including SBI, ICICI, HDFC
  • Mintra is offering Easy Return, Free Home Delivery and Cashback with up to 80% discount on clothing

The sale is set to launch on other e-commerce platforms including Flipkart, Amazon, Tata Click in the coming days. During the sale the companies will sell gadgets, home appliances and clothes at big discounts. Discounts will also vary by category on different platforms. If you are looking forward to these sales but are confused due to the different offers on the platform and can't decide where to buy, we are offering all the offers in one place to reduce your confusion. So you can easily decide where to buy. Find out where and how much discount you will get ...

This offer is available on e-commerce sites

Different e-commerce companies are offering no-cost EMI, instant cashback and exchange to entice customers. Bajaj Finserv, along with many other big banks including SBI, ICICI, HDFC on Flipkart, is also getting no-cost EMI facility, even without any extra charge. EMI facility is also available on debit cards. It is not even necessary to maintain a minimum balance.

Amazon is also offering instant discounts especially to HDFC cardholders. Bajaj Finserv's debit-credit card also comes with a no-cost EMI and a credit limit of up to Rs 1 lakh. The company is also offering free-home delivery on many products.

1. Flipkart is giving a big discount on this product

2. Amazon is giving a big discount on this product

3. Mintra is giving a big discount on this product

4. Tata Click is offering a big discount on this product

Mintra, ICICI is offering instant discounts to credit-debit cardholders. It is also offering cashback on referral codes, easy returns and free home delivery on some products.

Tata Click has partnered with Axis and ICICI Bank. The company is offering instant discounts on Axis Bank debit-credit cards, ICICI Bank cards and EMIs. Instant discount of up to 10% on all platforms.

How much discount on which product::

E-commerce companies are offering different types of discounts on the same product category. As you can see in the table, in some places the biggest discounts are being offered on large appliances and in some places clothes can be bought. 

However, it is not necessary that you get the same discount on the brand of product you prefer. The amount of brand-to-brand discount may vary. Large appliances like TV-fridge-washing missions and AC on Amazon will benefit up to 75% while clothing is being discounted up to 80%.


That means Amazon can be chosen if you want to buy clothes and large appliances. (Note: These discount figures may vary by product model and brand)

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