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Major change in LPG gas cylinder home delivery method, new system to be implemented from November 1

Major change in LPG gas cylinder home delivery method, new system to be implemented from November 1

The rule about LPG gas cylinders is about to change. The new rule could take effect from November one. The entire LPG Cylinder Home Delivery system is about to change. Government oil companies have made preparations. The new system will be implemented for delivery from next month. This information is necessary for you if you are ordering a gas cylinder at home.

Sources in said that the method of ordering LPG cylinders will be changed from November 1. This step is being implemented to prevent theft of gas from the cylinder, cylinder theft and to identify the right customer. Oil companies are to implement a new delivery system for LPG cylinders. Booking alone will no longer work in this system.

આ પણ વાંચો:- હાથી પર યોગ કરતા પડયા બાબા રામદેવવિડીયો થયો વાઇરલ

What will be the new system?

According to sources, the oil companies plan to link the new system to the Delivery Authentication Code (DAC). In which a code will come on your registered mobile number when you book the cylinder. This code must be given to the delivery boy at the time of delivery of the cylinder. Delivery will not be completed until the code is shown and the status will remain pending.

Mobile number will also be updated

If your mobile number is not registered with the gas seller agency or has been changed, you can update it at the time of delivery. For this, Delivery Boy will be given the facility of one app. At the time of delivery you can update your mobile number delivery boy using that app. The mobile number will be updated on a real time basis through the app. Then there will be a facility to generate code from that number as well.

The system will be implemented in Smart City

Oil companies will be the first to implement this new delivery system in 100 Smart Cities. 

અહીંથી વાંચો: ઓનલાઇનસેલ બમ્પર ડિસ્કાઉંટ લિસ્ટ

This will remain as a pilot project. Gradually the system will be extended to other parts of the country as well. The system currently operates as a pilot project in two cities. The new system will only apply to cooking gas cylinders. Commercial cylinders are excluded from it.

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