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SOS Indian Women Safety App helps to protect Women from emergency situations.

SOS Indian Women Safety App helps to protect Women from emergency situations.

Indian Women Safety app is developed for protecting lives of people in any emergency situations. In case of any unsafe situation, just TAP the SOS button to raise a emergency SOS alert to the trusted contacts saved in the application. The SOS alert will be in the form of SMS informing that you are unsafe and need help. The SMS includes accurate current GPS location with address of the the user along with google maps link. The trusted contacts can use this google maps link to get directions and navigate to the exact location of the distressed person. The app can be used for your personal safety, women safety and children safety.

Women Safety app also provides tips for women safety, tips to escape from threat, Indian penal code sections related to women and videos that helps for self defence.

In order to send the SOS alert to the trusted contacts, user should accept few permissions that prompts with in the application. These granted permissions allows application to get the location details, read contacts, perform calls and send sms.

• SOS Emergency Alert
• Women Safety Tips
• Tips to Escape from Threats
• Self-defence Videos
• IPC Sections Related to Women Safety

Why this App?
• Works without Internet
• SMS based
• Works even in low network signals
• No User Data is collected in the background
• Very light weight

Women safety application is meant for SOS alerts in case of any emergencies. So developer is not responsible for any misuse of the application.

How do you know if you are a victim of cyber stalking?

When you have some weird activities like -

Someone visits your profile more often during the day or week

Someone has made a bad comment on your post or photo or used abusive language.

Someone has asked about your personal and sensitive information on social media.

Someone asks for your photos and videos.

If you see such activities, do not ignore them and take immediate action.

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Cyberstacking is difficult to beat because the stalker may be in another state or sitting three cubic miles away from the victim. In the unknown world of the internet, it is difficult to verify the identity of a stalker, gather the evidence needed for an arrest and then trace the cyberstaker in a physical location. Therefore, resources to stay safe are always advised, without compromising the risks to online resources effectively.

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