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How To Get Rid Of Notifications Without Deleting WhatsApp

How to Disable WhatsApp Without Deleting The App 

WhatsApp is the most habituated social media platform in India. Everyone currently wants to go unnoticeable On WhatsApp. As we know, in terms of figures, about 340 million people from India use WhatsApp, which is way further than any other country. As a matter of fact, this social media platform has come an thick part of the maturity of people living in India. Now, if you want to fall off the radar without actually deleting the app, there are ways to achieve ‘ How to disable WhatsApp ’. 

Still, not going unnoticeable On WhatsApp might have some disadvantages too. For case, you can not just log out of this operation, as you can do with the likes of Instagram andFacebook.However, there are just a many options that can help you as the app does n’t give you a chance to vanish, If you want to stop using it. So, for utmost druggies, the only option that remains is deleting WhatsApp. But removing from your phone also means that you wo n’t be suitable to admit any dispatches. 


What Can You Do? 

Uninstalling generally is the last resort, especially for operations like WhatsApp, as deleting and reinstalling an app with all that massive data is dispiriting. So, what’s an volition of completing going unnoticeable On WhatsApp or removing WhatsApp from your phone, or more importantly, do we've an volition or not. 

Yes, there are ways to fall off the radar without actually deleting WhatsApp from your phone. What you'll be doing is silencing it or temporarily disabling your WhatsApp rather of removing it entirely from your phone. 

In this piece, we've mentioned some ways that will help you go unnoticeable on WhatsApp. So, without any farther ado, let’s get started. 

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 How To Disable WhatsApp – Ways to go ‘ unnoticeable ’ 

 All the styles mentioned below are a notch above “ hiding last seen ” and disabling “ Read announcements ” to go unnoticeable On WhatsApp. But you can always turn back to a regular WhatsApp exertion when you feel like it with just a many clicks. 

1. Turning OFF announcement sounds for Whatsapp 

This might be the stylish result for the people that do n’t want WhatsApp’s announcement tone or to go unnoticeable On WhatsApp to not disturb them. Obviously, it isn't possible for you to keep your phone on silent always. Hence, the coming stylish thing to do is to silence the WhatsApp announcements. also, this system works well for both iPhone and Android druggies. 


  • Step 1 Go to WhatsApp and open the Settings. 
  • Step 2 Move to announcements 
  • Step 3 From the announcements, choose None. 


2. Disable announcements for WhatsApp to go unnoticeable On WhatsApp 

The alternate system is to disable your WhatsApp announcements. Stick to the following way to perform this system. 


  • Step 1 Go to your phone settings and open Apps. 
  • Step 2 From the list of Apps, elect WhatsApp. 
  • Step 3 Tap on the announcements and disable all announcements by turning off the toggle in front of Show announcements at the top. 

You can indeed disable particular announcements similar as Group announcements, communication announcements,etc. 

By performing the step mentioned over, you'll be suitable to disable WhatsApp announcements. still, disabling announcements does n’t mean that you won’t admit dispatches. 

On the negative, if you get a communication on WhatsApp, you won't admit any announcements about the communication. But you can always check on the announcements by opening the app at your convenience. 


3. Disabling announcement lights for WhatsApp announcements to go unnoticeable On WhatsApp 

It might be the case that your phone has a announcement LED light that blinks in case of a new communication or other announcements. Interestingly, it can be that the LED announcements might be turned ON for WhatsApp as well. In that case, you'll have to turn off LED announcements for WhatsApp, along with turning off regular announcements for WhatsApp. Then are the way to do it. 


  • Step 1 Open WhatsApp and move to settings 
  • Step 2 Click on announcements. 
  • Step 3 Choose the pick light option from colorful options available and also elect “ None. ” 

Other than turning off your announcements, you can also cancel the roadway for WhatsApp from your home screen. It's helpful if you want to see the cautions only when you open the main app runner. Indeed though you'll keep on entering dispatches but it'll be your choice when you want to check them. 


4. unnoticeable On WhatsApp – Force ending WhatsApp 


Force stopping WhatsApp is another excellent option to go unnoticeable on WhatsApp. Not only will it help you in getting unnoticeable, but this system will make sure you get no dispatches until you want. Below are the way to do it 


  • Step 1 Open the phone Settings and go to the apps. 
  • Step 2 From colorful operations, find and elect WhatsApp. 
  • Step 3 Click on Force Stop. 


What force stop will do is, it wo n’t allow WhatsApp service to run in the background. Hence, there will be no script of WhatsApp using your mobile data to pierce dispatches. still, there's a problem with this system, the coming time you start using the app again, everything will be back to normal. But we've formerly told you the ways to disable the announcements so you can combine that system with this system for the most optimum result. 

also, keep in mind, if you aren't willing to show the sender the double- crack, also do n’t open your WhatsApp after opting the Force Stop button. 

5. Disable background data for WhatsApp to go unnoticeable On WhatsApp 


You might formerly know this, but your WhatsApp keeps on working in the background. In fact, it's always running. That’s why you admit dispatches indeed when you aren't using your phone. The following way will help you to disable background data for WhatsApp. still, this system only works with Android phones. 

  • Step 1 Go to phone settings. 
  • Step 2 Go to data options.
  • Step 3 From the data options, elect disable background data and drop all warrants for WhatsApp. 


The way mentioned over will kill WhatsApp without actually deleting or uninstalling it. 

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